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編年紀上 1 Chronicles
1達味王又對全會眾說:「我的兒子撒羅滿,天主所特選的,尚年輕軟弱,而這工程又浩大,因為這殿宇不是為人,而是為上主天主;1Then King David said to the whole assembly, "Solomon my son, whom Yahweh has chosen, is still young and the work is great; this palace is not for men but for Yahweh God.
2為此,我竭盡力量為我天主的殿宇,預備了金子作金器,銀子作銀器,銅作銅器,鐵作鐵器,木作木器,且有紅瑪瑙、可鑲嵌的寶石、孔雀石、斑色石、各種玉石,以及很多大理石。2With all my means, I have provided for the house of my God, adding gold to gold, silver to silver, bronze to bronze, iron to iron, wood to wood, onyx, inlaid stones, colored and striped stones, precious stones of every kind, masses of alabaster.
3此外,因為我愛我天主的殿宇,除了我為建築聖殿所準備的以外,我還將我私蓄的金銀,獻給我天主的殿宇:3What is more, the gold and silver that I have in my own treasury I give out of love for the house of God, above what I have provided already for the Holy House -
4就是,敖非爾金子三千『塔冷通』,純銀七千『塔冷通』,為包殿內的牆壁;4115 tons of the finest gold, gold of Ophir, 265 tons of pure silver for plating the walls of the buildings.
5金子用來製造金器,銀子用來製造銀器,和匠人所應作的一切巧工。今天誰自願給上主捐獻呢?」5Whatever gold you have, whatever silver, or workmanship of the craftsman's hand, will each of you offer it to Yahweh today?"
6於是各族長、以色列各支派的首領、千夫長、百夫長以及掌管君王勞役的主管,都自願捐獻。6Then the heads of families, the officials for the tribes of Israel, the commanders of thousands and of hundreds, and those who managed the king's affairs,
7為了天主殿宇的用途,他們捐獻了五千『塔冷通』金子,一萬「達理克」,一萬『塔冷通』銀子,一萬八千『塔冷通』銅和十萬『塔冷通』鐵。7gave for the service of the house of God 190 tons of gold, 380 tons of silver, 675 tons of bronze, and 3,750 tons of iron.
8凡有寶石的,都交入上主殿內府庫裡,由革爾雄人耶希耳保管。8Those who had precious stones brought them to Jehiel, the Gershonite for the treasury of Yahweh's House.
9百姓都因這些人甘願捐獻而高興,因為他們都甘心情願向上主捐獻;達味君王也非常高興。9The people rejoiced at what had been given so readily, since their gifts to Yahweh had been made wholeheartedly. King David too was filled with joy.
10達味遂在全會眾面前讚頌上主說:「上主,我們的祖先以色列的天主應受讚美,從永遠直到永遠!10In sight of the whole assembly David blessed Yahweh and said: "May you be blessed, Yahweh God of Israel our ancestor, forever and ever!
11上主!偉大、能力、榮耀、壯麗和威嚴都歸於你,因為上天下地所有的一切都是你的。上主!王權屬於你,你應受舉揚為萬有的元首。11Yours, Yahweh, is the greatness, the power, splendor, length of days, glory, for all that is in the heavens and on the earth is yours. Yours is the sovereignty forever, O Yahweh; you are supreme ruler over all.
12富貴和光榮由你而來,你是一切的主宰;力量和權能在你手中;人強大,人昌盛,都出於你手。12Riches and honor go before you, you are ruler of all, in your hand lie strength and power; You are the one who gives greatness and strength to all.
13我們的天主,現在我們稱頌你,讚揚你榮耀的名。13At this time, our God, we give you thanks, we praise the splendor of your name.
14我算什麼?我的百姓又算什麼?竟有能力如此甘願捐獻?其實一切是由你而來,我們只是將由你手中得來的,再奉獻給你。14For who am I and what is my people to have received all that we give you back now? All comes from you; what we have received from your own hand we have given to you.
15我們在你面前是外方人,是旅居作客的,一如我們的祖先;我們在世上的時日有如陰影,不能持久。15For we are strangers before you, settlers only, as all our ancestors were; our days on earth pass like a shadow, and there is no hope beyond.
16上主,我們的天主!我們為建築敬拜你聖名的殿宇所預備的這一切財物,都是由你而來,也完全是你的。16Yahweh, our God, all this wealth that we have brought together to build a house for your holy Name, comes from your hand, all is yours.
17我的天主!我知道你考驗人心,你喜愛正直,我即以正直的心自願獻上這一切,並且我現在很喜歡看見你在這裡的百姓,都自願向你捐獻。17O my God, I know that you examine the heart and delight in honesty, and in honesty of heart I have willingly given all this; and now with joy I have seen your people here offer their gifts willingly.
18上主,我們祖先亞巴郎、依撒格、以色列的天主!求你永遠使你的人民保存這種心思意願,令他們的心靈堅定於你。18O Yahweh, God of our fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, keep such thoughts in the hearts and minds of your people forever, and direct their hearts toward you.
19求你賜給我兒撒羅滿一顆純全的心,遵守你的誡命、你的法律和你的典章,一一實行,用我所準備的來建築殿宇。」19Give Solomon my son a heart determined to keep your commandments, your decrees, your statutes; may he practice them all, and build this palace I have prepared for you."
20達味對全會眾說:「你們應該讚頌上主,你們的天主!」全會眾便讚頌了上主,他們祖先的天主,向上主,及君王俯首下拜。20Then David said to the whole assembly, "Bless now Yahweh your God!" And the whole assembly blessed Yahweh, the God of their ancestors, and went on their knees to give honor to Yahweh and to the king.
21次日,他們向上主獻了犧牲,向上主獻了全燔祭:牛犢一千,公山羊一千,羔羊一千,以及同獻的奠祭,並為以色列民眾獻了許多犧牲。21The following day, the Israelites offered sacrifices and burnt offerings to Yahweh: a thousand bulls, a thousand rams, a thousand lambs with their wine offerings, as well as many sacrifices for the whole of Israel.
22那天,他們在上主面前,歡天喜地地吃喝,以後,他們二次立達味的兒子撒羅滿為王,給他傅油,為上主作人君;又給匝多克傅油,立他為大司祭。22They ate and drank that day in Yahweh's presence with great joy. Then they made Solomon, son of David, their second king and anointed him to rule over them in the name of Yahweh, and anointed Zadok as priest.
23於是撒羅滿坐在上主的寶座上,代他父親達味為王;他非常順利,全以色列都服從他。23Solomon sat on the throne of Yahweh, in place of David his father. He prospered, and all Israel obeyed him.
24所有的首領、勇士以及達味王所有的兒子,都屬撒羅滿王權下。24All the officials, all the champions, and even all the sons of King David, swore fidelity to King Solomon.
25上主在全以色列民眾面前,特別高舉了撒羅滿,賜予他君王的威嚴,勝過以前所有的以色列君王。25Yahweh exalted Solomon greatly in the eyes of all Israel, and gave him a glorious reign such as had not been enjoyed by any king over Israel before him.
26葉瑟的兒子達味統治了全以色列,26David son of Jesse had reigned over the whole of Israel.
27統治以色列為時凡四十年:在赫貝龍為王七年,在耶路撒冷為王三十三年。27His reign over Israel had lasted forty years; he had reigned in Hebron for seven years, and in Jerusalem for thirty-three.
28他死時年紀很大,享了高壽和榮華富貴;他的兒子撒羅滿繼位為王。28He died at a good old age, with his fill of days, of riches, of honor. Then his son Solomon succeeded him.
29達味王的前後事蹟,都記載在先見者撒慕爾言行錄、先知納堂言行錄和先見者加得言行錄上。29The history of King David, from first to last, can be found in the records of Samuel, the prophet, the records of Nathan the prophet, and the records of Gad, the prophet.
30他與國家有關的大事、他的武功,以及他與以色列和四鄰各國所經歷的史事,全都記載在這些書上。30These records tell how he ruled, how powerful he was, and all the things that happened to him, to Israel, and to the surrounding kingdoms.
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