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編年紀上 1 Chronicles
1達味遂說:「這裡就是上主天主的殿,這裡就是以色列獻全燔祭的祭壇。1Then David said, "Here is where the Temple of Yahweh God will be; and this is where the people of Israel are to offer burnt offerings."
2達味下令招募在以色列境內的外方人,派石匠開鑿石頭,為建造天主的殿:2David gave orders to gather all the strangers living in the land of Israel and he set stonecutters to prepare stone blocks for building the Temple of God.
3達味準備了大量的鐵,做門扇的釘子和鉤子;又準備了大量的銅,無法衡量;3David furthermore stored up great quantities of iron to make nails for the wooden gates and for clamps, and more bronze than could be weighed;
4香柏木不可勝數,因為漆冬和提洛人給達味運來了無數的香柏木。4logs of cedar too, beyond number, the Sidonians and Tyrians having brought cedar logs to David in great quantities.
5達味曾想:「我兒撒羅滿年幼脆弱;為上主要建造的殿宇,必須極其輝煌,聲譽榮耀應傳遍萬邦,所以我必須為他預備一切。」因此,達味在未死以前,預備了許多建築材料。5Then David said, "My son Solomon is young and inexperienced, and the Temple to be built for Yahweh must be of great splendor, and famous for its magnificence in every country. I will make preparations for him." And so, before he died, David laid away large amounts of the materials needed.
6達味將兒子撒羅滿召來,囑咐他為上主以色列的天主建築殿宇。6He then sent for his son Solomon and instructed him to build a Temple for Yahweh, the God of Israel,
7達味對撒羅滿說:「我兒,我心裡原想為上主我的天主的名,建築一座殿宇;7"My son, my heart was set on building a temple for the name of Yahweh my God.
8無奈有上主的話傳於我說:你流了許多血,屢經大戰,你不可為我的名建造殿宇,因為你在我面前往地上流了許多血。8But Yahweh told me, 'You have shed much blood and fought great battles; it is not for you to build a temple for my name, since you have shed so much blood on the earth in my presence.
9看你將生一個兒子,他是一個和平的人,我要使他安寧,不受四周一切仇敵的侵擾,因為他的名字要叫撒羅滿;他在位時,我要將和平與安寧賜予以色列。9But now a son is born to you. He shall be a man of peace, and I will give him peace from all the enemies that surround him; for Solomon is his name, and in his days I will give Israel peace and quiet.
10他將為我名建造殿宇,他將做我的兒子,我將做他的父親。我必鞏固他的王位,治理以色列,直到永遠。10He shall build a temple for my name; he shall be a son to me and I a father to him. His dynasty will rule Israel forever.
11我兒,如今,願上主與你同在,使你成功,為上主你的天主建造殿宇,有如他論及你所說的話。11Now, my son, may Yahweh be with you and give you success in building a temple for Yahweh your God, as he has said concerning you.
12唯願上主賜給你智慧和聰明,使你治理以色列時,遵循上主你的天主的法律。12Yet may he give you insight and wisdom so that you may govern Israel according to his Law.
13如果你謹守遵行上主藉梅瑟吩咐以色列的法律和典章,你必會成功;要有膽量,有勇氣,不必畏懼,不必驚惶。13Success will be yours if you carefully observe the statutes and the ordinances that Yahweh has prescribed to Moses for Israel. Be strong and stand fast, be fearless, be confident.
14你看,我辛辛苦苦為上主的殿宇,預備了十萬『塔冷通』的金子,一百萬『塔冷通』的銀子,銅和鐵多得不可衡量;又預備了木料和石頭,你還可以補充。14Poor as I am, I have set aside for the Temple of Yahweh four thousand tons of gold, and nearly forty thousand tons of silver and more bronze and iron than can be weighed; I have stored up wood and stone too, to which you must add more.
15並且在你身邊還有許多工匠、鑿匠、石匠、木匠,以及各種工藝的技術工人。15You will have many workmen, stonecutters, masons, carpenters, skilled artisans of every kind,
16關於金銀銅鐵,多得無數。起來興工罷!「願上主與你同在!」16while your supply of gold and silver, bronze and iron, will be unlimited. Set to work, then, and may Yahweh be with you!"
17達味又吩咐以色列的領袖協助自己的兒子撒羅滿說:17David then commanded all the Israelite leaders to help his son Solomon,
18「上主,你們的天主不是與你們同在嗎?他不是使你們四周都安寧了嗎?他已將這地的居民交於我手中,這地已在上主和他的百姓面前歸服了;18"Is not Yahweh your God with you? He has given you peace on all sides, since he has let me conquer all the people who lived in this land, and the land has been subdued for Yahweh and for his people.
19所以現在你們要專心致志,尋求上主你們的天主。起來!興工建造上主天主的聖所,將上主的約櫃和天主的聖器,運入為上主的名所建造的殿宇內。」19So now devote heart and soul to the search for Yahweh your God. Begin to build the sanctuary of Yahweh your God, so that the ark of the covenant of Yahweh and the holy things of God may be brought to the Temple that is built for the name of Yahweh."
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