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匝加利亞 Zechariah
1達理阿二年八月,上主的話傳給依多的孫子,貝勒基雅的兒子匝加利亞先知說: 1In the eighth month of the second year of Darius, the word of Yahweh came to the prophet Zechariah son of Berechiah, the son of Iddo:
2「上主曾對你們的祖先大發忿怒; 2"Yahweh was very angry with your ancestors.
3但是如今你應對他們說:萬軍的上主這樣說:你們歸向我罷!──萬軍上主的斷語──我必轉向你們,萬軍的上主說。 3Then you will tell them these words of Yahweh Sabaoth: 'Return to me and I will return to you.'
4你們不要如同你們的祖先;以前的先知曾對你們宣告說:萬軍的上主這樣說:你們轉身離開你們的邪道,和你們的惡行罷!但是他們不聽,也不理會我──上主的斷語。 4Do not be like your ancestors whom the earlier prophets warned, reiterating to them Yahweh Sabaoth's words: 'Turn from your evil ways and your wicked deeds.' But they would not listen or pay attention to me. Yahweh asks you,
5你們的祖先在哪裡﹖先知難道能永遠生存﹖ 5"Where are your ancestors now? Those prophets also died
6但是我吩咐我的僕人先知們所傳的話和定案,豈不是臨到你們的祖先身上了嗎﹖致使他們翻悔說:萬軍的上主真按照他的決定,並按照我們的行徑和作為對待了我們。」 6but my words and decrees entrusted to my servants, the prophets, overtook your ancestors. They repented and confessed: "Yahweh Sabaoth has treated us just as he had determined to do, according to our ways and deeds."
7達理阿二年十一月,即「舍巴特」月二十四日,上主的話傳給依多的孫子,貝勒基雅的兒子匝加利亞先知說: 7On the twenty-fourth of Shebat, the eleventh month, in the second year of Darius, the word of Yahweh came to the prophet Zechariah son of Berechiah, the son of Iddo, in the following manner.
8夜間我看見一個人騎著栗色的馬,立在盆地的長春樹中間,他後面尚有栗色、雜色和白色的馬。 8In a vision at night, I saw a man riding a red horse. He was standing among the myrtle trees in a ravine, and behind him were red, brown and white horses.
9我遂問說:「我主,這是什麼意思﹖」那與我談話的使者對我說:「我要給你解釋這有什麼意義。」 9I asked, "What are these, my lord?" The angel with whom I was talking answered, "You will know."
10但那站在長春樹中間的人卻答說:「這些是上主派遣巡視大地的。」 10The man standing among the myrtle trees spoke, "They are those whom Yahweh sent to patrol the earth."
11他們答覆那站在長春樹中間的上主的使者說:「我們已經巡視了大地,見全地都安寧平靖。」 11These then reported to Yahweh's angel standing among the myrtle trees, "We have patrolled the whole earth and found it peaceful and tranquil."
12上主的使者說:「萬軍的上主!你拒絕憐恤耶路撒冷和猶大城邑,要到何時呢﹖你向他們發怒,至今已經七十年了!」 12The angel of Yahweh spoke, "O Yahweh of hosts, how long will you be without mercy for Jerusalem and the cities of Judah which you have afflicted in anger these seventy years?"
13上主就用鼓舞慰藉的話答覆了那與我談話的使者。 13Yahweh replied with comforting words to the angel who spoke to me.
14那與我談話的使者便對我說:「你要宣佈說:萬軍的上主這樣說:我仍要以極度的熱情愛耶路撒冷和熙雍; 14This angel then turned to me and said, "Proclaim this word which Yahweh Sabaoth speaks: 'I am very jealous for Jerusalem and Zion,
15但我極惱怒那些傲慢的異民,因為我對我的百姓稍一發怒,他們便大加虐待。 15but I am very angry with complacent nations. At first I was only a little angry with Jerusalem, but they made things worse.'
16為此上主這樣說:我再要以慈悲對待耶路撒冷,我的殿宇必要在其中重建起來──萬軍上主的斷語──繩墨必要再拉在耶路撒冷上。 16Therefore Yahweh says: 'I will turn again with mercy to Jerusalem, where my house will be rebuilt and the measuring line stretched.'" Then Yahweh Sabaoth said,
17你要再宣佈說:萬軍的上主這樣說:我的城邑必再充滿幸福,上主必再憐恤熙雍,再揀選耶路撒冷。」 17"Proclaim this as well: 'My towns will once more overflow with prosperity; Yahweh will again comfort Zion and make Jerusalem his favorite.'"




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