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匝加利亞 Zechariah
1看,屬上主的一日要來到,那時,人們要在你中間分取你的掠物。 1The day of Yahweh will come when people will divide spoils in your midst.
2我要聚集眾異民來與耶路撒冷交戰;城池必被佔領,住宅必遭洗劫,婦女必被強姦,城中半數人要被擄去;但剩下的人民必不會由城中消滅, 2I will let all the nations come against Jerusalem to attack it. The city will be taken and houses pillaged, women violated. Half of the city will be deported but the rest will not be removed.
3那時,上主必要出來,像他昔日在戰爭之日作戰一樣,與這些異民交戰。 3Then Yahweh will go forth and fight against the nations as he does on the day of battle.
4在那一天,他的腳要站在耶路撒冷對面,即東邊的橄欖山上;橄欖山必由中間裂開,由東至西形成一條很大的山谷,其中一半山向北挪移,另一半則向南移動。 4On that day his feet will rest on the mount of Olives, facing Jerusalem on the east and the mount of Olives will be split in two from east to west by a deep valley leaving half of the mountain to the north and half to the south.
5希農山谷從哥亞一直到阿匝耳必要被填平,就如在猶大王烏齊雅的時日,因地震曾被填平一樣;那時上主我的天主以及眾聖者,必與他一同降來。 5You will flee through my mountain valley for it will extend as far as Azel. You will flee as you fled from the earthquake in the days of Uzziah, king of Judah, and Yahweh will come and all his holy ones with him.
6在那一天,沒有炎熱,也沒有寒冷和冰霜。 6On that day there will be no cold or frost.
7那將是獨特的一天,只有上主知道的一天,沒有白天黑夜,夜間仍有光明。 7It will be a unique day, known to Yahweh, without day or night and when evening comes there will still be light.
8在那一天,必有活水從耶路撒冷流出,一半流往東海,一半流往西海;冬夏川流不息。 8On that day living water will flow from Jerusalem, half to the sea in the east, half to the sea in the west; it will never dry up in summer or in winter.
9上主必作普世的君王;在那一天,只有唯一的上主,只有他唯一的聖名。 9Yahweh will be king of all the earth. On that day there will be Yahweh alone and only his Name.
10到那一天,由革巴直到耶路撒冷南部的黎孟,整個地面都要變成平原,而耶路撒冷仍聳立在原處;從本雅明門到舊門,即角門,由哈納乃耳堡到君王的榨酒池, 10All the land will be turned into a plain from Geba to Rimmon in the Negeb, but Jerusalem shall be outstanding on its heights, from the Benjamin Gate to the First Gate, to the Corner Gate and from the tower of Hananel to the royal winepress.
11仍有人居住;其中再沒有毀滅,人們將安居在耶路撒冷。 11Its people shall no longer fear any disaster. Jerusalem shall be inhabited and secure.
12這是上主要用來打擊那些凡進攻耶路撒冷的民族的災難:他們的雙腳還直立時,他們的肉就已經腐爛;他們的眼珠就已經在眼窩裡腐爛;他們的舌頭就已經在口裡腐爛。 12And this is how Yahweh will punish all the nations that made war on Jerusalem: each one's flesh will rot even as he stands, and their eyes will rot in their sockets, their tongue in their mouth.
13到那一天,在他們中必有來自上主的一場大混亂:一人抓住另一人的手,彼此動手打鬥。 13On that day Yahweh will cause great panic among them: they will take hold of one another and attack one another
14連猶大也要在耶路撒冷作戰,四周一切異民的財物都必被聚集起來:金子、銀子、衣服,多得不可勝數。 14while the men of Judah fight in Jerusalem. The wealth of all the neighboring nations will be left in that place, gold, silver and garments in great quantities.
15同樣,戰馬、騾子、駱駝、驢和在營盤內所有的牲畜,都必遭受與這災禍同樣的災禍。 15A similar plague shall strike the horses, mules, camels and donkeys, and all the animals in their camps.
16凡曾來進攻耶路撒冷的民族中尚存的人民,必將年年上來朝拜君王,萬軍的上主,舉行帳棚節。 16The survivors of all the nations that fought against Jerusalem will come, year by year, to worship Yahweh, God of hosts and celebrate the feast of Tabernacles.
17但是,凡地上各民族中,有不上耶路撒冷來朝拜君王,萬軍上主的,為他們就沒有雨露。 17If any peoples of the earth do not go up to Jerusalem to worship the King Yahweh, God of hosts, they will have no rain.
18如果埃及民族不上來參加,那麼上主打擊那不上來舉行帳棚節的民族的災禍,必要落在他們身上: 18If the Egyptian people do not go up and take part, they too will be afflicted with the plague destined for those who do not go up to celebrate the feast of Tabernacles.
19這是埃及和凡不上來舉行帳棚節的民族所要遭受的懲罰。 19That shall be the punishment of Egypt and of all the nations who do not go up to celebrate the feast of Tabernacles.
20在那一天,馬鈴上也要刻著「祝聖與上主」;上主殿裡的鍋,也將像祭壇前灑的血盆那樣神聖; 20On that day, even the bells of the horses shall be inscribed: "Consecrated to Yahweh."
21而且在耶路撒冷和猶大所有的鍋,都是祝聖與萬軍的上主的;凡願獻祭的人,必用這些鍋來煮祭肉。到那一天,在萬軍上主的殿裡,必再沒有一個商人。 21The cooking pots of the Temple will be as sacred as the bowls of offering that are used for the altar, and even the ordinary cooking pots of the people of Jerusalem and Judah will be consecrated to Yahweh, God of hosts. So everyone who offers sacrifice may use them for cooking. Still more: from that day, there will no longer be merchants in the House of Yahweh, God of hosts.




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