Zechariah:Chapter 11


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匝加利亞 Zechariah
1黎巴嫩!打開你的門,讓火來吞滅你的香柏! 1Open your gateways, Lebanon, to let fire devour your cedars.
2松樹,哀號罷!因為香柏已被伐倒,高大者已被摧毀;巴商的橡樹,哀號罷!因為不可深入的樹林全已倒下。 2Lament, cypresses, for the cedar has fallen. The majestic ones have been brought low. Wail, oaks of Bashan, for the impenetrable forest has been cut down.
3聽,牧人在哀號,因為他們的光榮巳被破壞;聽!幼獅在咆哮,因為約但的豪華已遭摧殘。 3The sighs of the shepherds reecho because their beautiful plain has been ravaged. The young lions' roar reechoes because the fruitful valley of the Jordan is laid waste.
4上主,我的天主這樣說:「你要牧放這待宰的羊群! 4Yahweh, my God, said to me: "Pasture the sheep to be slaughtered,
5那些購買牠們來宰殺的,以為無過;那賣出牠們的還說:上主應受讚美,因為我成了富翁!那牧放牠們的,毫不憐惜牠們。 5for their buyers slay them and get away with it, whereas those who sell them say: 'Praised be Yahweh! I am rich!' And their shepherds hardly give them a thought.
6我也決不再憐恤這地上的居民──上主的斷語;看,我要將每個人交在他的牧人手中,和他的君王手中,讓他們毀滅這地,我決不由他們手中搶救。 6Yahweh says: I shall no longer give a thought to the inhabitants of this land, and I am handing over each one to the power of his shepherd; although their king may oppress the land, I shall not rescue this people from their power."
7這樣我就代替賣羊的人牧放待宰的羊群。我取了兩根棍杖:一根我稱它為「愛護」,一根我叫它作「聯合」;我這樣牧放了羊群。 7So I became the shepherd of the sheep to be slaughtered and provided myself with two staffs - one I called Favor and the other Bonds. I then pastured my flock,
8在一個月內,我竟廢除了三個牧人;終於我的心神也厭煩羊群,而他們的心也厭惡我。 8doing away with three leaders in one month. I lost patience with them and they, for their part, were disgusted with me.
9我於是說:我不願再牧放你們:那要死的,就讓他死去;那要喪亡的,就讓他喪亡;那剩下的,就讓他們彼此吞食。 9So I said, "No longer shall I shepherd you: whatever is to die, let it die and let what is to perish, perish, and let those who are left devour each other's flesh."
10以後,我就拿起我的棍杖「愛護」,把它折斷,藉以廢除我與眾百姓所結的盟約。 10Then I took and broke my staff Favor to break the covenant I had made with all nations.
11盟約便在那一天廢除了;於是那些注視我的羊販子,便都知道這是上主的話。 11It was broken off that day and the sheep merchants who watched knew it was Yahweh who had spoken.
12以後,我對他們說:如果你們看著好,就給我工資;不然,就算了。他們於是衡量了三十兩銀子作我的工資。 12I then said to them, "If you agree, give me my wages, otherwise let it go." So they weighed out my wages, thirty pieces of silver.
13那時上主對我說:你把他們對我所估計的高價投入寶庫內!我就拿了那三十兩銀子,投入上主殿內寶庫裡。 13And Yahweh said to me, "Throw it into the treasury, this splendid sum at which they valued me!" So I took the thirty pieces of silver and threw them into the treasury in Yahweh's House.
14然後我又折斷了我的另一根棍杖「聯合,」藉以廢除猶大與以色列間的手足情誼。」 14I then snapped in two my second staff Bonds, doing away with the friendship between Judah and Israel.
15上主又對我說:「你再為你取一套愚昧牧人的服裝, 15Then Yahweh said to me, "Take another disguise, one that is fitting for a foolish shepherd
16因為,看,我將在地上興起一個牧人:那喪失的,他不去尋找;那迷途的,他不去搜索;那受傷的,他不去醫治;那病弱的,他不去扶持;卻要擇肥而食,並且剝去牠們的蹄子。 16for I am going to raise up another shepherd who will care nothing for lost sheep nor will he search for strays, or bind up the injured and pasture those that survive. No, but he will eat the fat ones and tear off their hoofs."
17禍哉!那拋棄羊群的愚昧牧人!願刀劍落在他的臂膊和他的右眼上!願他的臂膊枯槁!願他的右眼完全失明! 17Woe to the worthless shepherd who abandons his flock! May the sword strike his arm and his right eye! Let his arm wither and his right eye be blind!




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