Wisdom:Chapter 6


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智慧篇 Wisdom
1【智慧勝於體力,智者勝於勇士。】 1Listen, O kings, and understand; rulers of the most distant lands, take warning.
2所以,列王!你們要聽,且要明白;世上的判官!你們應受教; 2Pay attention, you who rule multitudes and boast of the numerous subjects in your pagan nations.
3統治群眾多而自負者!你們應當傾聽: 3For authority was given you by the Lord, your kingship is from the Most High who will examine your works and scrutinize your intentions.
4你們的權威,是由上主賜予的,高位是來自至高者,他要檢查你們的作為,查究你們的心意。 4If, as officials of his kingdom, you have not judged justly or observed his law or walked the way God pointed out,
5因為,你們是他王國的公僕,如果你們判案不公,不守法律,不按天主的旨意行事, 5he will oppose you swiftly and terribly; his sentence strikes the mighty suddenly.
6天主必要可怕而迅速地臨於你們,對身居高位的,執行嚴厲的審判。 6For the lowly there may be excuses and pardon, but the great will be severely punished.
7因為,卑微的人,還堪憐可恕;有權勢的,必受嚴厲的拷問。 7For the Lord of all makes no distinction, nor does he take account of greatness. Both great and lowly are his work and he watches over all,
8萬有的主宰決不顧情面,也不畏懼權勢,因為無論大小,都是他造的;他對一切,都一律加以照顧; 8but the powerful are to be judged more strictly.
9但對有權勢的人必嚴加審訊。 9It is to you then, sovereigns, that I speak, that you may learn Wisdom and not stumble.
10所以,各位君侯!我的話是對你們說的,要你們學習智慧,不再失職。 10For those who keep the holy laws in a holy way will be acknowledged holy, and those who accept the teaching will find in it their defense.
11誰聖善地持守聖善的法律,便是聖善的人;誰學習這些法律,必會尋得辯護。 11Welcome my words, desire them and they will instruct you.
12所以你們應思慕我的話,珍愛我的話,如此,你們必深受教益。 12Wisdom is luminous and never tarnished; she willingly lets herself be seen by those who love her, and known by those who look for her.
13智慧是光明的,從不暗淡;愛慕她的,很容易看見她;尋覓她的,就可找到她; 13She hastens to meet those who long for her.
14一有追求她的志願,她必預先顯示給他們。 14Seek her in the morning and you will not be disappointed; you will find her sitting at your door.
15早起尋求她的,不必費勞,因為必發現她坐在門前。 15To meditate on Wisdom is understanding fully grown; whoever is on the watch for her will be free of anxiety.
16思念智慧,是齊全的明哲;為她守夜不寐的,很快就必無顧慮。 16She goes in search of those who are worthy of her, graciously meets them on the way and is present in their every thought.
17因為,智慧到處尋找配得上自己的人,她在路上親切地把自己顯示出來,很關心地迎接他們。 17The beginning of Wisdom is a sincere desire for discipline; concern for discipline is love of her,
18智慧的真起點,是切願受教; 18and loving her means keeping her laws;
19切願受教就是愛;愛即在於遵守法律;遵守法律,便是不朽的保證; 19the observance of her laws assures one of immortality, and immortality brings us close to God.
20不朽使人親近天主; 20In this way the desire for Wisdom leads to kingship.
21所以,慕求智慧引人高登王位。 21So then, sovereigns of nations, you who are fond of thrones and scepters, honor Wisdom if you wish to reign forever.
22萬民的君侯!你們若喜愛王位與王權,就應尊重智慧,好能永居王位。 22What Wisdom is and how she came to be, I will tell you. I shall hide nothing from you, but trace her from the beginning and clearly make her known.
23【萬民的統治者,你們應愛慕智慧的光明!】 23I will not mislead you and hide the truth, for I am free of gnawing envy which has nothing in common with Wisdom.
24我要陳述,什麼是智慧,她是怎樣有的;我決不向你們隱瞞她的妙理,反而探源索本,將對她的認識公開陳述,決不歪曲真理。 24A great number of wise men could bring about the salvation of the world and a sensible king makes for the stability of his people;
25我決不與使人消沉的嫉妒同行,因為,它與智慧絕無共同之處。 25so learn from what I say and profit from it.
26智慧人眾多,世界纔有救;君王明達,民生纔安定。 26
27所以,你們應接受我的訓言;如此,你們必受教益。 27




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