Wisdom:Chapter 5


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智慧篇 Wisdom
1那時,義人有恃無恐,站在那些曾經壓迫他,輕視他受苦的人面前; 1Then the just man will stand with confidence facing those who oppressed him, making light of his labors.
2他們一見,不勝驚恐,驚奇他竟也意外獲得了救恩。 2Seeing him they will be seized with a terrible fear, amazed to find him unexpectedly saved. Stricken with remorse and distress,
3他們必將懊悔心傷地彼此嘆息說:「這就是我們曾一度譏笑侮辱過的那人! 3they will groan and say,
4我們真糊塗,曾將他的生活視為愚狂,曾將他的死亡視為恥辱。 4"He is the one we mocked, the one we reproached, fools that we were! We considered his life foolishness, and his death, the supreme humiliation,
5他怎麼也被列在天主的兒子中?怎麼在聖人中也有他的分子? 5but see: he is counted among the sons of God and is given his lot with the holy angels!
6顯然是我們偏離了真理的道路,正義的光沒有燭照過我們,智慧的太陽也沒有為我們昇起。 6How far have we wandered from the truth! The light of the upright did not enlighten us nor did its sun rise for us.
7我們走遍了邪惡與滅亡的行徑,穿過了無路的曠野,唯有上主的道路,我們卻沒有認識。 7We trod the paths of injustice and death, traveling, more than enough, through trackless deserts, but we were unable to know the Lord's ways.
8傲慢為我們有什麼用處?財富與虛榮為我們又有什麼利益? 8What good has our pride been? What profit in the wealth we boasted about?
9這一切都過去了,像陰影,像疾逝的流言; 9All that has passed away like a shadow, like a fleeting rumor.
10像在波濤起伏的水面上航行的船隻,駛過之後,無跡可尋,波濤裡也沒有留下船行的蹤跡; 10Like a ship cutting the sea, leaving no trace of its course, and the mark of its keel - not seen in its wake;
11或如空中飛過的鳥,一去無蹤;牠鼓翼而飛,用力衝擊,一路穿破輕微的空氣,振翼飛過之後,也不見飛過的痕跡; 11like a bird flying across the sky leaving no trace of its flight; it beats the light air with its pinions, cleaving a way by the force of its wings but without a sign of its passing;
12或如射向靶子的箭,穿破的空氣立即復原,認不出它經過的路徑; 12or like an arrow shot at a target, with the displaced air closing in on itself and no one knowing what way it passed.
13我們也是這樣,剛一出生,即不存在,沒有表現一點功德的痕跡,只在邪惡中消耗了我們的一生。 13It is the same for us; scarcely born we have disappeared. What sign of virtue are we able to show, spent as we are in our own wickedness?"
14【罪人在地獄中說了這些話。】 14The hope of the godless is like chaff blown in the wind, like a light frost melted in the storm, like smoke dispersed by the wind; it fades like the memory of a guest of a single day.
15的確,惡人的希望,像被風吹去的糠秕,像被暴風颳去的薄霜,像被風飄散的雲煙,像投宿一日即行消逝的旅客記念。 15But the upright live forever, their reward is with the Lord, and the Most High has them in his care.
16至於義人卻永遠生存;在上主那裡,有他們的酬報;在至高者那裡,有他們的照顧。 16This is why they receive, from the hands of the Lord, a royal crown, a splendid diadem. He will shelter them with his hand and his arm will be their shield.
17因此,他們要從上主手中,得到榮耀的王位,華麗的冠冕,因為上主要用右手庇護他們,以自己的手臂保衛他們。 17God's jealous love will display his weapon; he will arm all creation to punish his enemies.
18上主必以嫉憤作武器,武裝受造之物來報復仇敵; 18He will put on justice as his breastplate and right judgment as his helmet,
19必披上正義,當作胸甲:戴上了正直的判斷,當作鋼盔, 19invincible holiness will be his shield,
20拿上無敵的聖潔,當作盾牌, 20implacable anger his sword, and the universe will march with him against the foolish.
21磨尖盛怒有如利刃;整個世界都要跟隨他來攻擊愚頑的人。 21Well-aimed bolts of lightning will strike the target; the clouds will be a curved bow shooting arrows.
22閃電的火箭,必由張開的雲弓射出,奔向靶子; 22The hailstones of his fury will rain on them, the ocean will rage against them and the rivers engulf them without mercy.
23由雲架中,將射出含怒的冰雹;海水必怒號衝擊他們,江河必氾濫淹滅他們; 23A powerful wind will rise against them and blow them away like straw. In this way lawlessness will bring the whole earth to ruin, and evildoing topple the thrones of the mighty.
24全能者向他們一吹氣,他們即如為旋風所吹散。不法的事要使全球變成荒域,邪惡要傾覆有權勢的座位。 24




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