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多俾亞傳 Tobit
1少年人出門以後,天使陪伴著他,他的狗也隨著出去,與他們同行;他們二人取道前行,第一夜,宿在底格里斯河畔。 1Anna then stopped crying.
2當少年人下到底格里斯河邊去洗腳時,忽然從水裡跳出一條大魚,要吞噬少年人的腳,他便喊叫起來。 2Raphael and Tobias continued their journey and that evening they reached the River Tigris. They spent the night there.
3天使對少年人說:「用力捉住這條魚罷!」少年人就用力捉住了那條魚,拖到岸上。 3As Tobias went to wash his feet, a big fish rose out of the river and tried to swallow Tobias' foot.
4天使對他說:「剖開這條魚,挖出牠的膽、心和肝來,保存著,把臟腑等都拋掉,因為膽、心和肝能作良好的藥材。」 4Raphael said to Tobias, "Catch that fish!" Tobias seized the fish and drew it to land.
5少年人便把魚剖開、取出膽、心和肝來;然後烤了幾塊魚肉吃了,又腌起幾塊存著。 5Raphael then said to Tobias, "Open the fish. Take out its heart, liver and gall and put them away carefully. Throw away the intestines. The gall, the heart and the liver of this fish are useful remedies."
6二人又一起向前行,直到來近瑪待。 6Tobias did as the angel told him. He opened up the fish, kept the gall, the heart and the liver; then they cooked the fish and ate it.
7少年人問天使說:「阿匝黎雅兄!魚的心、肝和膽,可作什麼藥材?」 7Then the two of them continued their journey until they reached Media. Tobias said to Raphael, "Friend Azarias, what remedy is there in the heart, the liver and the gall of the fish?"
8他回答說:「魚的心肝,若在魔鬼或惡神纏身的男女面前焚化成煙,一切惡魔都要從他身上逃走,永不再住在他內; 8Raphael said to him, "If you burn the heart and the liver in the presence of a man or a woman who is tormented by a devil or an evil spirit, their torments will cease.
9至於魚膽,若敷在患白膜的人的眼上,再向眼上的白膜一吹,眼便會痊愈。」 9As for the gall, if you smear it on a man whose eyes are covered with a white film, his eyes will be cured."
10他們進了瑪待,離厄克巴塔納已近, 10When they had entered Media and were already approaching Ecbatana,
11辣法耳對少年人說:「多俾亞弟弟!」他答說:「我在這裡。」天使對他說:「今夜我們應住在辣古耳的家裡,他是你的親戚,他有一個女兒名叫撒辣。 11Raphael said to Tobias, "Friend, we shall spend the night at the house of Ragouel. He is a relative of yours. He has no son, just an only daughter called Sara.
12除了撒辣獨女外,沒有別的女兒,你與他的親屬關係比別人更近,所以你有權利娶她為妻,並繼承她父親所有的一切。這女孩又明智,又勇敢,又美麗絕倫,她的父親又是好人。 12I will speak to him and ask that he give her to you as your wife.
13他又說:「老弟!你聽我的話罷!娶她是你的權利;今夜我要向她父親提及這女孩,使他們將她許配與你為妻;我們從辣傑斯回來時,你就娶她為妻。我深知辣古耳決不能拒絕你,而許配與別人,因為他知道你比任何人更有權利娶他的女兒;不然,按梅瑟書的規定,他應受死刑。老弟!現今你聽我的話罷!今晚我們就提起這女孩的事,希望能把她許配與你;當我們從辣傑斯回來的時候,我們帶著她,領她與我們一起回到你的家裡去。」 13You are the one who is nearest of kin and free to marry her. You alone are of her tribe and you should inherit her father's goods. The girl is wise, good, courageous and very beautiful and her father is a good man. So listen, friend, tonight we will marry you to her. When we return from Rages, we shall take her with us and introduce her into your home. She belongs to you rather than to any other man according to the Law of Moses, and any trespasser would die. So I know that Ragouel will not give her to any other man.
14那時,多俾亞回答辣法耳說:「阿匝黎雅兄!我聽說她已經嫁過七個丈夫,但是,夜間他們都一一死在洞房裡;當他們正接近她時,便死去了。我還聽見人說:是惡魔殺死了他們。 14Then Tobias said to Raphael, "Friend Azarias, I have heard that this girl has been given in marriage to seven husbands and they all died in the bridal chamber. I am my father's only son and I fear that once I have entered the room I shall die, like all those before me, because a demon loves her, and he harms those who approach her.
15現今我很害怕,因為惡魔並不危害她,只殺害願意接近她的人;而我又是我父親的獨子,我怕我一旦死去,我必使我的父母因哀哭我而進入墳墓裡去,他們也再沒有別的兒子去埋葬他們。」 15Well, I fear death. I also fear causing my father and mother to die of grief on my account, for they have no other son to bury them."
16天使對他說:「你不記得你父親命你從你宗族中娶妻的命令嗎!所以,老弟!如今請你聽從我!不要理會這個惡魔,你娶她罷!我知道,今天晚上她必許配與你為妻。 16The angel said to Tobias, "Do you not remember your father's advice to marry a woman of your own tribe? Well, listen to me, my friend. She will be your wife. Do not worry about the demon as this very night she will become your wife.
17但是,你進入洞房以後,當拿出魚肝和魚心來,放在香爐的火炭上,接著便會發出一種氣味,惡魔一聞到,必定逃走,永不再出現在她左右。 17"When you enter the wedding chamber you will take some glowing embers of incense, and you will put on top of them part of the heart and liver of the fish.
18當你要與她結合時,你們二人先要醒寤祈禱,求天上的大主可憐救助你們。不要害怕,因為從永遠她就命定配與你了;你要救她,她要與你一同生活。並且我預料她將為你生子養女,他們對你就像兄弟一般。所以你不必憂慮!」 18As soon as the fire begins to smoke, the demon will smell it and flee never to return. And when you go to Sara, stand up together and call on the all-merciful God. He will keep you safe because he has compassion. Do not be afraid, because from all eternity Sara has been destined to be your wife. You will save her, and she will go with us. And I am sure that she will bear you children."
19多俾亞聽了辣法耳的話,知道她是出自自己宗族後裔的姊妹,便十分愛她,心裡也起了戀慕之情。 19When Tobias heard Raphael's words, he loved Sara and his heart became strongly attached to her.




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