Tobit:Chapter 13


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多俾亞傳 Tobit
1托彼特為表達自己的歡樂,寫了一篇禱文說: 1Tobit, in an ecstasy of joy, composed a prayer: "Blessed be God, living and reigning for all ages.
2「永生的天主應受讚頌,他的王權永遠常存,因為他懲罰而又憐憫,把人拋在陰府的深處,而又把他從悽慘的禍患中救出,沒有誰能逃出他的掌握。 2It is he who punishes and he who has mercy; who makes people go down to hell and rise up again. No one can escape his hand.
3以色列子民!你們當在外邦人的面前頌揚他,因為他使你們流徙到他們之中, 3Give him thanks, sons of Israel, before all the nations. Though he has dispersed you among them
4是為叫你們在那裡顯揚他的偉大。你們該在眾生之前歌頌他,因為只有他是我們的上主,只有他是我們的天主,只有他是我們的父親,只有他永遠是天主。 4he now shows you his greatness. Exalt him before all the living, because he is our God and Lord, our Father forever.
5他懲罰你們,是為了你們的不義;但他要憐恤你們眾人,把你們這些分散於各民族中的人聚集起來。 5He punishes us for our wrongdoing but again he will forgive us. He will bring us together again from amongst all the nations among whom we have been dispersed.
6若是你們全心全靈歸向他,在他面前履行正道,他也必轉向你們,不再掩面不顧。 6If you turn back to him with all your heart and soul, and live justly before him, then he will turn back to you and will no longer hide his face from you.
7所以你們如今應默觀他向你們所作的一切,然後高聲感謝他;該讚美公義的上主,該頌揚永世的君王。 7See what he has done for you and return him thanks aloud. Bless the Lord who alone is just and praise the King of ages.
8我要在被擄充軍之地讚美他,向犯罪的國民宣揚他的威能和偉大。罪人啊!你們悔改罷!你們在他面前行義罷!誰知道,或者他會寬待你們而憐憫你們! 8I, in the land of my captivity, will return him thanks and show his strength and greatness to my sinful people. Be converted, you sinners, and live justly before him, certain that he will be pleased with you and show you mercy.
9我頌揚我的天主,我的靈魂欣悅於天上的君王。 9I will praise my God the King of heaven; my soul, radiant with happiness, will proclaim his greatness.
10願眾人頌揚他的偉大,在耶路撒冷讚美他。耶路撒冷聖城!因你子女的惡行,他必施行懲罰,但他還要憐憫義人的子孫。 10May all in Jerusalem give thanks to him.
11你該適當地讚美上主,稱頌萬代的君王,因為他的會幕在你內,將再歡欣地建築起來, 11Jerusalem, holy city, God will punish you because of the sins of your children, but he will have pity once more on the children of the just. Jerusalem, return thanks to the Lord in a worthy manner and bless the King of the ages, in order that his Temple may be rebuilt in your midst with joy;
12為使眾俘虜在你內喜樂,為使一切不幸的人,在你內永遠獲得慈愛。 12that, there, God will gladden your exiles and show love to the unfortunate.
13那時,燦爛的光輝,將照耀大地四極;無數的外方人,將從遠方到你這裡來;大地四極的居民,將要歸屬於上主天主的聖名之下,雙手帶著禮物獻給天上的君王;萬世萬代必將因你而喜樂,被選者的名號必永垂不朽。 13Many nations will come from afar to celebrate the Name of the Lord God. They will carry gifts in their hands, gifts for the King of heaven. Generation after generation will manifest their joy, and your name will be glorified forever.
14凡出言開罪你的人,必受詛咒;凡毀滅你,破壞你的墻垣,打倒你的堡壘,焚燒你房屋的人,必受詛咒;但興建你的人,必永遠受祝福。 14Jerusalem, cursed be all who hate you. Blessed forever be those who love you.
15那時,你為義人的子孫歡欣喜樂罷!因為他們都要再聚在一處,讚美永遠的上主。愛你的人是有福的,為你的福利而喜樂的人是有福的, 15You will rejoice and be glad because the children of the just will be gathered again to praise the Lord of all ages.
16因你種種困苦而為你憂傷的人是有福的,因為他們要因你而歡樂,並且要得見你永遠的喜樂。我的靈魂,請你讚頌上主大君! 16Blessed those who love you, Jerusalem, and rejoice in your peace. Blessed also those who have sorrowed because of your calamities; they will rejoice again on seeing your glory and they will share your happiness forever. May my soul bless God, the great King,
17因為耶路撒冷必要重建,永遠為他的居所。若我後裔的遺民,能看見你的榮耀,而稱謝天上的君王,那我多麼有福啊!耶路撒冷的城門,將是用藍寶石和翡翠建造的;周圍的城墻,將是用寶石砌成的;耶路撒冷的守望台將是用金子築成的,堡壘將是用純金造成的;耶路撒冷的街道將是用紅寶石和敖非爾石鋪成的。 17because Jerusalem will be rebuilt. Her gates will be built of sapphires and emeralds, her walls of precious stones, her towers and ramparts of pure gold, her squares will be paved with mosaics of beryl, ruby, and stone of Ophir.
18耶路撒冷的城門都要高唱快樂的詩歌,家家戶戶都要歡呼:亞肋路亞,以色列的天主應受頌揚!蒙福的人要讚美為聖的名號,至於無窮之世。」 18All her streets will cry out with joy and her inhabitants will shout, "Alleluia." They will praise God saying, "Blessed be God who has glorified you forever."




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