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多俾亞傳 Tobit
1婚筵完畢,托彼特叫了他的兒子多俾亞來,對他說:「孩子,你去把工資交給與你同行的人罷!並且要多給他些作酬報。」 1When the wedding feast was over, Tobit called Tobias, his son, and said to him, "Be sure you give the wages to the man who accompanied you, and we should add something extra."
2他回答說:「父親,我該給他多少工資呢?即便把他與我帶回來的財產一半送給他,我也不吃虧。 2Tobias said, "What shall I give him? It would not be too much if I were to give him half of what I have brought back since
3他領我平安回來,治好了我的妻子,給我索回了銀子來,又醫好了你。我應該給他多少工資呢?」 3he has brought me home again safe and sound. He has taken care of my wife and he helped me to get back the money. He has also cured your blindness."
4托彼特對他說:「孩子,他實在堪當收下他回來時,所帶來的一切的一半。」 4The old man said, "That amount would be well justified in his case."
5多俾亞於是叫了他來,對他說:「請你收下你回來時,所帶來的財產的一半,作你的工資,然後平安回去罷!」 5Then Tobias called the angel and said to him, "Please take half of all that you have brought."
6那時,他暗地裡叫了他們二人來,對他們說:「你們該讚美天主,感謝他,顯揚他!該在眾人前把他為你們所做的一切好事歸功於他,為讚美歌頌他的聖名;該向眾人隆重地宣示天主的工程,不要遲緩感謝他! 6The angel took Tobit and Tobias to one side and said to them, "Bless God, return thanks to him, proclaim his glory and render him thanks before all the living for all he has done for you. It is good to praise God and to exalt his Name, by making known in a worthy manner the story of God's deeds. Do not be slow in giving him thanks.
7隱藏君王的秘密固然是好,但對天主的工程,卻應該隆重地宣示和公認。你們行善,凶禍便不會臨於你們。 7It is good to hide the secrets of kings but to make known publicly the works of God. Do the works of God. Do good, and evil will not harm you.
8祈禱與齋戒固然是善功,但秉義施捨卻超過前二者;秉義而少有,勝於不義而多有;施捨救濟,勝於儲蓄黃金, 8It is a good thing to accompany prayer with fasting, almsgiving and justice. It is better to do a little with honor than much with injustice. It is better to give alms than to treasure up gold.
9因為施捨救人脫免死亡,且滌除一切罪惡。施捨行義的人必享高壽; 9Almsgiving preserves from death; it purifies from all sin. Those people who give alms and act justly will have a long life,
10犯罪與行不義的人,便是仇視自己的生命。 10but sinners only harm themselves.
11我要向你們說出全部真情,決不向你們隱藏什麼。我已經向你們說過:隱藏君王的秘密固然是好,但傳揚天主的工程卻是應當的。 11I will hide nothing from you. Yes, I have said that it is good to keep the secrets of kings but to make known publicly the glorious works of God.
12當你和撒辣祈禱時,我便把你們的懇求呈到上主的榮耀前;當你埋葬死者時,我也同樣地在你左右。 12Tobit, when you and your daughter-in-law Sara prayed, I kept the remembrance of your prayer before the Holy One; when you, Tobit, buried the dead,
13當你毫不躊躇地起來,放下你的飲食,去埋葬那死者的時候,我便被差遣來試探你, 13I was with you in the same way; and when you did not hesitate to rise up and leave your meal in order to hide the dead man, your good deed did not go unnoticed because I was with you.
14同時天主也派遣我來醫治你和你的兒媳撒辣。 14Well, God sent me to cure you and also to cure Sara, your daughter-in-law.
15我是辣法耳,是在上主的榮耀前,侍立往來的七位天使之一。 15I am Raphael, one of the seven holy angels who present the prayers of holy people and who stand before the glory of God."
16二人便驚慌起來,匍匐在地,害怕得很。 16They both trembled with fear. They threw themselves face downwards on the ground because they were seized with terror.
17天使對他們說:「不必害怕,願你們平安!你們該永遠讚美天主。 17But Raphael said to them, "Do not be afraid; be at peace! Bless God always,
18我與你們在一起,並不是出於我的好心,而是出於天主的聖意。因此,你們該天天讚美他,歌頌他。 18for I did not come on my own account but because God willed it. Bless him forever.
19你們雖然天天見我吃喝,其實我並沒有吃喝什麼;你們看見的,只是個現象而已。 19All the time that I was visible to you I neither ate nor drank anything. I only appeared to do so.
20你們現在該在世上讚美上主,感謝天主。看,我要升到遣發我來者那裡去;你們該把所遇到的一切事寫下來。」說完這話,便升天去了。 20Now bless and give thanks to God, because I am returning to the One who sent me. Write down in a book all that has happened."
21當他們起來時,已經再看不見他了。 21Then he rose up and disappeared. Tobit and Tobias got up, but Raphael was no longer visible.
22他們便讚美歌頌天主,並且感謝他行了這一切偉大的事業,因為天主的天使顯現給他們。 22They made known the great and wonderful works of God and how an angel of the Lord had appeared to them.




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