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多俾亞傳 Tobit
1托彼特天天計算日期:需要多少天前去,多少天回來。但是,當日期滿了,他的兒子還未回來時, 1Each morning Tobit counted how many days it would be before Tobias would return from his journey. When the time was up and his son, Tobias, and his companion, Raphael, had not yet returned,
2便說:「莫非他在那邊被人留住了?或是加貝羅死了,沒有人把銀子還給他?」 2he thought, "Maybe he has received a refusal, or perhaps Gabael is dead and there is no one to hand over the money."
3便憂悶起來。 3He became very sad.
4他的妻子亞納說:「我的孩子已死了,已不在人間了!」於是哭了起來,哀悼兒子說: 4Anna his wife said, "My son is dead or he would not delay so long." She began to lament over him saying,
5「兒啊!可苦了我!你是我眼中的光,我竟把你放走了!」 5"why did I let you go, light of my eyes!"
6托彼特對他說:「妹妹,住聲,不要憂慮!他必定平安。他們在那裡一定有了什麼不湊巧的事!但是,與他同去的人,是個忠實的人,又是我們的同族。妹妹,你不必為他憂傷,他快回來了!」 6Tobit said to her, "Calm yourself, my sister. Do not worry. He is well."
7她答說:「給我住嘴!別騙我啦!我的孩子已經死了!」她每天出去向她兒子去的路上四處觀望,也不吃飯,太陽落了,她才回家;終夜飲泣痛哭,不能入睡。 7She replied, "Keep quiet, do not try to deceive me, my child is dead." Every day she went out along the road which her son had taken. By day, she took no food; by night, she never ceased crying, unable to sleep. When the fourteen days of festivities were over during which Ragouel had sworn that Tobias should stay with him, Tobias went to Ragouel and said, "Let me return home because my parents will certainly be despairing that they will never see me again."
8辣古耳誓許為自己的女兒所設的十四天婚筵日期滿了,多俾亞便進去對他說:「讓我回去罷!因為我知道,我的父母一定不相信再能見我了。所以,岳父!如今我求你讓我回去,到我父親那裡去,我已經給你說了,我是怎樣離開了他的。」 8Ragouel replied, "Stay with me and I will send messengers to your father to give him news of you."
9但是辣古耳向多俾亞說:「住下罷!孩子!住在我這裡罷!我打發送信的到你父親托彼特那裡,把你的消息告訴他。」多俾亞回答說:「不必!還是讓我離開這裡,回到我父親那裡去罷!」 9Tobias said, "No, let me go to them."
10辣古耳遂起來,把多俾亞的妻子撒辣交給他,又把他所有的家產:僕人、婢女、牛羊、驢、駱駝、衣服、金錢和傢具,送給他一半。 10Then Ragouel handed over to him his wife Sara and half of all his goods: servants, oxen, sheep, donkeys, camels, clothes, silver and various other things. Ragouel blessed them and allowed them to set out.
11然後遣送他們平安離去,辭別他說:「孩子,祝你平安!祝你一路平安!願天上的大主降福你和你的妻子撒辣!希望我未死之前,能看見你們的子女!」 11Bidding farewell to Tobias he said to him, "Goodbye, my son, safe journey! May the Lord of Heaven bless you and make you fruitful and may I see your children before I die."
12又對他的女兒撒辣說:「你到你公公的家去,要孝順你的公婆,因為從今以後,他們便是你的父母,就如他們生了你一般。女兒,你平安去罷!盼望我活著的時候,常能聽到你的好消息。」他遂口親了他們,送他們離去。 12To his daughter, Sara, he said, "Honor your parents-in-law, since from now on they are your parents just as we are who gave you life. Go in peace, my daughter, and may we always hear good things of you." He embraced her and let them depart.
13厄得納又向多俾亞說:「親愛的孩子和兄弟!願上主護送你回去!巴不得我生時,在未死之前能看見你和我女兒撒辣的子女,好使我在上主面前得到慰藉。我把我的女兒託付給你,你一生不要使她難受。孩子,平安去罷!從今以後,我是你的母親,撒辣是你的妹妹,盼望我們一生一世,都一樣順利才好!」她口親了他們二人,便送他們平安離去。 13Edna, in her turn, said to Tobias, "My dear son, may the Lord bring you back one day so that I may see your children and be happy before the Lord. I entrust my daughter to your care. Do not cause her any sadness."
14多俾亞便平安喜歡地,讚美著使他一路順遂的天地的主宰,萬有的君王,離開了辣古耳;他也祝福辣古耳和他的妻子厄得納說:「願上主賜我一生能幸福地孝敬你們。」 14After that Tobias left Ragouel's house. He praised God who had brought his journey to such a happy conclusion, and he blessed Ragouel and his wife, Edna.




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