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德訓篇 Sirach
1息辣之子耶穌的祈禱:上主,君王,我要感謝你;我要讚美你,天主,我的救主! 1I will give thanks to you, O Lord and King; I praise you, my God and Savior, I give thanks to your Name.
2我要稱揚你的名,因為你是我的保護者,我的救助者; 2For you are my protector and helper, you have delivered my body from destruction, from the snare of the wicked tongue and from lips that speak lies. In the presence of those who stood against me, you were my helper, my deliverer.
3你救了我的肉身,免於喪亡,脫離誣告者唇舌的圈套,和捏造謊言的嘴唇;在圍困我的人前,你作了我的援助,拯救了我; 3In the fullness of mercy and the glory of your Name, you delivered me from the teeth of those ready to devour me, from the hand of those wanting to take my life and from my many trials.
4因你的大慈大悲和大名,你救我脫離了那些向我咆哮,準備吞噬我的人; 4You rescued me from choking fire on every side; you saved me from a fire I had not kindled.
5救我脫離了謀害我生命者的手,和我所受的各種災難; 5You delivered me from the depths of the netherworld, from an impure tongue and lying words,
6使我脫離了環繞我的窒息熱火,我在火中,卻沒有燒傷; 6from vicious slander reported to the king. I was near to death, I was already at the gates of the netherworld.
7使我脫離了陰府的最深處,擺脫不潔的唇舌和謊言,就是使我在君王前,脫離誣告我的不義口舌; 7They surrounded me on every side with no one to help me. I looked for human comfort and there was none.
8我的靈魂已臨近死亡, 8Then, Lord, I remembered your mercy and your deeds from all eternity, knowing that you deliver those who hope in you and save them from the hands of their enemies.
9我的生命已接近地獄的邊緣,但你卻拯救了我。 9I sent up my prayer from the earth, begging to be delivered from death.
10這些困難,從各方面包圍了我,卻沒有一個人前來援助;我期待有人來輔助,卻沒有一個人。 10I called on the Lord, the Father of my Lord: "Do not forsake me in the day of my affliction, when I am helpless against arrogant enemies; I will praise your name continually and sing to you my thanksgiving."
11上主啊!當時我想起了你的仁慈,和你昔日的作為; 11And my prayer was heard, you saved me from destruction and delivered me from an evil plight.
12上主啊!因為你救助期待你的人,救他們擺脫了仇敵的手。 12That is why I will give you thanks and praise and bless the Name of the Lord.
13我從地上高聲懇求,求你救我脫免死亡; 13In my youth, before I set out on my travels, I openly sought wisdom in prayer;
14上主,你是我的父,我呼求了你;求你在我危難之日,不要離棄我;在驕傲人得勢之時,不要使我孤立無援。 14before the Temple I asked for her and I will pursue her to the end of my days.
15我要時常讚美你的名號,我要知恩地歌頌你的名號,因為你俯聽了我的祈禱; 15While she blossomed like a ripening cluster, my heart was delighted in her; my feet followed the right path, because from my youth I searched for her.
16因為你救我免於喪亡,在不幸之時,拯救了我。 16As soon as I began listening to her she was given to me, and with her, much instruction.
17因此,我要感謝你,頌揚你,讚美上主的名號。 17With her help I made progress and I will glorify him who gives me wisdom,
18當我年輕時,在出外旅行以前,我公開以祈禱來尋求智慧。 18for I decided to put it into practice and ardently seek what is good. I shall not regret it.
19我曾在聖殿前,懇求過智慧;對智慧,我要尋求到底。因為她的花,開得有如成熟的葡萄; 19My soul has struggled to possess her. I have been attentive to observe the Law, and after my faults I have stretched out my hands to heaven and lamented my ignorance of her.
20我的心喜悅智慧。我的腳總踏在正直的路上;自我青年時,我就到處追求她。 20My love of her increased and I found her in repentance. It was through her from the beginning that I learned to possess my heart. She will not forsake me.
21我稍微側耳傾聽,就接受了她。 21With my whole being I sought her; that is why I won what is best.
22為我自己找到許多教訓,因了她,我得到許多利益; 22In return for this, the Lord has given me words to praise him.
23對那賜給我智慧的,我要光榮他。 23come near, you who are without understanding and join her school.
24因為我已決定,要實行智慧的事,熱心行善,我決不會蒙羞。 24Why do you say you are deprived of all this and that your souls are thirsty?
25為著她,我的靈魂曾經奮鬥過;我在遵行法律上,無微不至。 25This is what I say: Buy this without money;
26我高舉我的雙手,哀哭我沒有認識她。 26put your neck under her yoke and let your minds receive instruction; it is very near and within your reach.
27我曾使我的心靈嚮往著她,因了純潔,我終於找到了她。 27See for yourselves: my toil has been slight and I found deep rest.
28我從開始,就專心注意她,因此,我決不會被她遺棄。 28Be instructed, whatever the cost, and you will gain what is better than gold.
29為尋求她,我五內不安;我現在得到了她,無異獲得了至寶。 29Let your soul find joy in the mercy of the Lord, and do not be ashamed to praise him.
30上主給了我唇舌,當作我的酬報,我要用它來讚美上主。 30Do your work within the appointed time, and the Lord in his time will give you your reward.
31未受教訓的人,請你們接近我,住宿在我的學校裡。 31
32你們說罷,你們的靈魂既然很渴,為什麼你們還缺少這些知識? 32
33我已開口講學,你們可以學得智慧,而不用花錢。 33
34你們的頸項,要屈伏在她的管轄之下;你們的靈魂,應接受訓練,因為她為尋找她的人,原來很近,心靈嚮往她的人,必能找著她。 34
35你們親眼看一看罷!我勞苦不多,卻獲得了最大的安寧。 35
36為獲得學識,你們固然要花費許多銀錢;但有了學識以後;必獲得更多的金錢。 36
37你們的靈魂,要喜樂於天主的仁慈,你們決不會因讚美他而蒙羞受辱。 37
38你們要及時工作,到了時候,他必要給你們報酬。 38




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