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德訓篇 Sirach
1農的兒子若蘇厄,是一位作戰的英雄,他繼承梅瑟執行先知的任務;聞其名,可知其為人, 1Joshua, son of Nun, was a valiant arrior and as a prophet he was the successor of Moses. He lived up to his name, proving himself to be a savior of God's chosen people, punishing the enemies that attacked them and leading Israel to claim their land.
2即選民偉大的拯救者;他報復了敵抗他的敵人,領以色列人獲得產業。 2How magnificent to see him, arm raised and with sword ready to attack the cities!
3當他舉手向城揮動刀劍時,何其光榮! 3Who before him had such staying power? He was, indeed, Yahweh's warrior.
4因為他是為上主作戰,誰能敵抗他? 4Was it not he who held back the sun, making one day as long as two?
5太陽不是因他一揮手而即刻停住,一天變成兩天嗎? 5He called on the Most High when the enemy pressed on every side, and the Mighty Lord responded with hailstones of exceptional size.
6當敵人四面圍困基貝紅時,他呼求了全能的至高者,偉大神聖的上主就俯聽了他,大降冰雹,猛烈非常; 6He attacked the enemy nation and destroyed the assailants at the pass of Beth-horan, so that the nations might know the strength of Joshua and that they were fighting against the Lord.
7他衝破了敵對的民族,在山的下坡處殲滅了敵人, 7Joshua was loyal and devoted to the Almighty in the time of Moses, he and Caleb, son of Jephunneh. They stood firm against the assembly and tried to keep them from sinning by silencing their wicked murmuring.
8使外邦人知道他的武力,知道他是替上主作戰。他時常順從全能者的旨意, 8Because of this, they were the only two spared out of six hundred thousand people on foot. And they took possession of their inheritance in a land flowing with milk and honey.
9當梅瑟在世時,他就行了濟世的事業:他與耶孚乃的兒子加肋布,反對全會眾,阻止人民犯罪,平息不義的怨聲。 9The Lord gifted Caleb with strength; this he enjoyed to the end of his days, and he went into the hill country that was given to his children in heritage.
10六十萬步兵中,只有他們二人活著,為引領百姓進入為產業的地方,進入流乳流蜜的地方。 10With this it was clear to all Israel that it is good to follow the Lord.
11上主賜給加肋布力量,至老不衰,使他能登上高地,這高地,他的子孫至今仍據為產業, 11After that came the judges. Although each of them won his own renown, all were men of faithful heart who did not turn away from the Lord. Blessed be their memory!
12為使以色列子民知道:隨從聖者上主,何其美善! 12May their bones spring to life from the tomb and the names of these illustrious men live on in their children!
13凡為民長的,若心術不壞,未曾離棄上主,個個都應依照名次受到讚揚。 13Samuel was a prophet and beloved of the Lord. He established the kingdom and anointed rulers to govern his people.
14願他們的記念,常受祝福;願他們的骨骸,從自己的墓穴中,再欣欣向榮; 14He judged the assembly according to the Law of the Lord and the Lord protected Jacob.
15願他們的名聲,再留於子孫之中。聖人們的光榮,存留在子孫身上。 15He was accepted as prophet because of his faithfulness, and proved that his words were of a trustworthy seer.
16撒慕爾是上主他的天主所愛的人,是上主的先知;他建立了王國,以油祝聖了人民的君王; 16He called on the Almighty Lord when the enemy pressed from all directions and he offered a sucking lamb.
17他根據上主的法律,審判了議會,上主遂垂顧了雅各伯。因他的忠信,公認他確是一位先知; 17Then with a mighty roar the Lord thundered from heaven
18由他的言語,得知他是一位信實的先見者,因為他曾見過光明的天主。 18and destroyed all the enemy's leaders and the tyrants of Philistia.
19當敵人四面脅迫他時,他懇求了全能的上主,奉獻了一隻尚未斷乳的羔羊, 19Before his time came for eternal rest, Samuel called men to witness before the Lord and his anointed: "I have not taken anyone's belongings, not even his sandals," and there was no one to accuse him.
20上主就從天上,發出迅雷,一聲巨嚮,使人聽見他的聲音, 20Even after he died, he prophesied and revealed to the king his death. From the grave he spoke as a prophet to blot out the wickedness of his people.
21敵人的首領,遂被征服,培肋舍特人的眾將領,遂被殲滅。 21
22他在長眠以前,在上主和他的受傅者面前,作證說:「我從未拿過任何人的東西,連一雙鞋也沒有拿過;」果然沒有人能控訴他。 22
23他逝世以後,還說了預言,警告君王的死期;他從地下高聲預言,為消除民眾的罪惡。 23




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