Sirach:Chapter 44


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德訓篇 Sirach
1現在讓我們來讚揚那些著名的偉人,和我們歷代的祖先: 1Let us now glorify illustrious men, the ancestors of our people.
2上主在他們身上,作出許多光耀的事,自太古就對他們,顯示了自己的偉大。 2The Lord gave them great glory according to his own greatness from the beginning.
3他們中,有在自己國內為王的,有因自己的能幹而名聞天下的;有因自己的明智而作參議的,有因自己的先知任務而明察一切的; 3Some ruled kingdoms and were renowned for their achievements, others were wise and able to counsel, or spoke as prophets.
4有因自己的決策和明智,而作當時民眾領袖的;有以自己賢明的訓言,教導民眾的學者; 4They led the people with their warnings or with their knowledge of the popular writings.
5有因其所長,創作樂曲的,有寫作敘事詩的; 5Some cultivated music and poetry,
6有的是富而有權勢的人,有的愛好美術,在自己家中,過著安靜的生活。 6others were rich and powerful men living peacefully in their homes.
7這一切人,在自己的民族中,歷代受人尊敬,他們在世時就被人誇讚。 7All were highly respected in their days and honored by the people they lived with.
8他們中,有的已留名於後世,使人讚頌不已; 8The names of some lived on and people still praise them today;
9有的卻沒有留下紀念,他們死了,好像他們沒有存在過;他們生了,好像沒有生過;他們的子孫也同他們一樣。 9others are not remembered and have disappeared as if they never existed. It is the same for their children.
10但我所要稱揚的人,都是寬大為懷的人,他們的義舉,不會被人遺忘; 10But now consider the godly men whose good deeds have not been forgotten.
11他們的善行與子孫同存, 11Those who came after them benefited from the rich legacy they left;
12他們的後裔,保有這善行的產業;他們的子孫履行盟約, 12their race remained faithful to the Covenant, their children followed their example.
13他們的子女,因了他們,也是如此:子子孫孫,永世常存;他們的光榮,決不會泯滅; 13Their family will endure forever and never will its glory be tarnished.
14他們的遺體必被人安葬,名譽必留於永世; 14Their bodies were buried in peace but their memory lives through generations.
15民眾必稱述他們的智慧,集會必傳揚他們的美德。 15Peoples will speak of their wisdom and the assembly will celebrate their praise.
16哈諾客悅樂了上主,故此被提升天,成為後世悔改的模範。 16Enoch pleased the Lord and was taken up, calling future generations to repentance.
17諾厄被共認是齊全正義的人,而在義怒時,成了人類的繼承人; 17Noah was found to be perfectly just; at the time of divine anger he was the ransom; through him a remnant was left on earth after the flood.
18當洪水來臨時,因了他,為世界保存了餘生; 18Eternal covenants were made with him to ensure that never again would life be destroyed by flood.
19天主與他立定了一個永久的盟約:一切有肉軀的生物,再不遭受洪水的摧殘。 19No one has been found to equal Abraham in glory, the great ancestor of many nations.
20亞巴郎是萬民的大父,對於光榮,沒有人比得上他。他遵守了至高者的法律,又同他訂立了盟約。 20He was faithful to the Law of the Most High who made a covenant with him, a covenant that was marked on his flesh, and on the day he was tested he was found faithful.
21他在自己身上堅定了盟約,在受試探時,證明自己是忠誠的, 21That is why God promised by oath to bless all the nations through his descendants, that he would make them as numerous as the dust of the earth and exalt his posterity like the stars. He promised that their land would stretch from sea to sea, from the River to the ends of the earth.
22因此,天主起誓許下:要在他的民族中光榮他;要使萬民因他的苗裔而蒙受祝福;要使他的子孫多得像地上的塵土; 22The Lord renewed his Covenant with Isaac for the sake of his father, Abraham.
23要提拔他的後裔,如天上的繁星;要把從這海到那海,從大河直到地極之間的土地,賜給他們當作產業。 23This Covenant and the blessing of all mankind he made to rest on the head of Jacob. He assured Jacob of his blessing, giving him the land that would be his and determining the portions to be shared among the twelve tribes.
24至於依撒格,因他父親亞巴郎的緣故,天主也向他確定了同樣的事。 24
25上主將萬人的祝福與盟約,寄托在雅各伯頭上; 25
26上主藉自己的祝福,承認他為長子;賜給他產業,將他的產業分給十二支派。 26
27上主使雅各伯的後裔中,出現了一位慈善的人,他在眾人眼前,甚為得寵; 27




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