Sirach:Chapter 35


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德訓篇 Sirach
1遵守法律,便等於獻的祭獻多。 1Keeping the Law is worth many offerings. Being faithful to the commandments is like a peace offering.
2堅守誡命,遠離一切邪惡,便是奉獻和平祭。 2Returning kindness is an offering of fine flour; giving alms is a sacrifice of praise.
3遠離邪惡,就是舉行贖罪祭,和為所犯的罪求赦的祈禱。 3Renouncing sin pleases the Lord, and shunning injustice is a sacrifice of atonement.
4感恩等於奉獻上等麵粉,施捨等於讚美祭。 4Do not appear before the Lord with empty hands. The commandment requires that you bring an offering.
5遠離邪惡,就是悅樂上主;逃避不義,便是贖罪祭。 5When the offering of the righteous is burned on the altar, the fat drips down and a fragrant aroma rises to the Most High.
6不要空手到上主面前去。 6The sacrifice of the just man pleases God and will not be forgotten.
7因為這一切,為了天主的誡命,都應當執行。 7Honor the Lord with a generous heart and do not be stingy with the first fruits of your harvest.
8義人的獻儀,使祭壇豐盈;它的馨香上升到至高者面前。 8Offer your gifts with a smiling face and when you pay your tithes do it gladly.
9義人的祭品,必蒙悅納;上主常記得它,決不會忘記。 9Give to the Most High as he has given to you; give generously to the Lord according to what you have;
10你光榮上主要爽快,不要吝惜你手中所獻的初熟之果。 10the Lord will repay, he will reward you sevenfold.
11在一切祭獻上,要喜形於色;奉獻什一之物時,也要高興。 11If you attempt to bribe him with gifts he will not accept them; do not rely on offerings from dishonest gain.
12按照至高者所賜給你的,奉獻給他;依照你手中所得的,慷慨奉獻給他; 12The Lord is judge and shows no partiality.
13因為報答世人的上主,必要七倍地報答你。 13He will not disadvantage the poor, he who hears the prayer of the oppressed.
14你不要行賄賂,因為他決不會接受的。 14He does not disdain the plea of the orphan, nor the complaint of the widow.
15你不要依靠不義的祭品,因為上主是審判者,決不看情面。 15When tears flow down her cheeks, is she not crying out against the one who caused her to weep?
16他決不偏袒任何人,而加害窮人;他倒樂於俯聽受壓迫者的祈禱。 16The one who serves God wholeheartedly will be heard; his petition will reach the clouds.
17他決不輕視孤兒的哀求,和寡婦訴苦的嘆息。 17The prayer of the humble person pierces the clouds, and he is not consoled until he has been heard.
18寡婦的淚,豈不是沿頰流下來?她的哀號,豈不是控告那使她流淚的人? 18His prayer will not cease until the Most High has looked down, until justice has been done in favor of the righteous.
19她的眼淚,從面頰上達於天,俯聽的上主見了,非常不滿。 19And the Lord will not delay, nor will he be patient with the wicked,
20凡誠心誠意恭敬天主的,必蒙接納;他的祈禱上徹雲霄。 20but he will crush the backbone of the merciless and have vengeance on the nations,
21謙卑人的祈禱,穿雲而上,不達到目的,決不甘休;不等至高者見了,為義人伸冤,執行正義,決不離開。 21until he has completely destroyed the hordes of the violent and broken the power of the wicked,
22上主決不遲延,至剛毅者決不再容忍他們,必要粉碎殘忍人的腰背, 22until he has repaid each one according to his deeds,
23必對異邦人實行報復;直到他將強橫的群眾剷除,將不義者權杖折斷; 23until he has judged his people and made them rejoice because of his mercy.
24直到他按照每人的行為還報他們,依照人們的圖謀,報答他們的工作; 24Blessed is his mercy in the time of adversity! It is like rain clouds during a drought!
25直到他裁判自己百姓的案件,使他們因自己的仁慈得到喜悅。 25
26在患難時,天主的仁慈是甘飴的,有如大旱時的雲雨。 26




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