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德訓篇 Sirach
1敬畏上主的,決不會遭遇凶惡;受誘惑時,上主必一再保全他,由凶惡中拯救他。 1Evil will not go to meet the one who fears the Lord; if he is in danger he will be rescued.
2明智人不憎惡法律和正義;佯守法律的人,卻像一隻在波濤中飄蕩的船。 2The wise man never departs from the Law; he who only pretends to keep it is like a storm-tossed boat.
3聰明人信賴天主的法律,法律也忠於他,猶如烏陵的神諭。 3An intelligent man has faith in the Law, which for him is as trustworthy as an oracle.
4解答問題時,先要準備應說的話;如此,人纔聽你;先將教訓綜合起來,然後纔可作答。 4If you want people to listen to you, prepare what you have to say; recall what you have learned before you give an answer.
5愚人的心,好像車輪;他的思念,好似旋轉的輪軸。 5A cart wheel! That is what the feelings of a fool are like. His mind resembles a turning axle.
6好嘲弄人的朋友,就如見了牝馬的牡馬,任何人騎牠,牠總是嘶鳴不已。 6A mocking friend is like a wild horse, neighing when anyone rides him.
7為什麼這一天勝過那一天,雖然一年內,每天的光明,都是來自太陽? 7Why is one day holier than another, when the light of the sun shines on every day of the year?
8太陽造成以後,循規蹈矩,因上主的智慧,日子纔有了區別。 8By the Lord's decision they were made different; he arranged the different seasons and feasts.
9他規定了不同的時令和季節,以便在那些時節內,依時慶祝一些節日。 9Some of these he chose to make holy, others he made ordinary days.
10他將一些日子,提高列為聖日;將其餘的日子,則列為平日。眾人都是從土來的,因為,亞當就是用土造成的。 10All men come from clay just as Adam himself was formed.
11上主以自己的絕大智慧,使眾人各有分別,使他們的道路各有不同。 11In the fullness of his wisdom the Lord made each one unique and diversified his conditions.
12他們中有被他祝福而抬舉的,有被他祝聖,然後引他們親近自己的;但也有被他詛咒和貶抑,從本位上被推翻的。 12Some he made holy, keeping them near to himself. Others he cursed and humiliated, removing them from where they were.
13有如泥土在陶工手裡,可以任意捏造處置。 13As clay in the hand of the potter to be molded as he pleases, so are all in the hands of the Creator to be dealt with as he sees fit.
14要做什麼樣式,都繫於陶工的意思;同樣,人在創造者手裡,上主照自己的決定,來處理他們。 14Good is the opposite of evil, and life, of death, and the sinner is the opposite of the upright.
15善與惡相對,生與死相峙,罪人也與虔敬人敵對:請看至高者的一切化工:無不兩兩相對,一一對立。 15Consider all the works of the Most High and you will see how they go in pairs, by opposites.
16最後我也醒悟了,來搜集箴言,如同在收穫葡萄的人後面,拾取殘餘的人。 16As for me I have been the last to keep watch, like a gleaner following the grape-pickers.
17蒙上主的祝福,我預先著手工作,也像收穫葡萄的人一樣,填滿了我的榨酒池。 17By the blessing of the Lord I have taken the lead and like the grape-picker I have filled the winepress.
18請注意!我不是單為我自己勞苦,也是為一切尋求教導的人。 18Note that not only for myself have I toiled, but for all who seek instruction.
19你們為民眾官長的,請聽我的話;你們為集會首領的,請側耳靜聽。 19Hear me, rulers of the people, leaders of the assembly hear!
20幾時你還在世上,不要將你的權柄,交給兒子、妻子、兄弟和朋友,也不要將你的產業,交與別人,怕你將來後悔,而有求於他們。 20Neither to son, wife, brother nor friend give power over yourself during your life. Do not give your property to another in case you regret it and have to beg them to return it.
21當你還活著,氣息尚存的時候,不要讓任何人支配你。 21As long as you live and there is breath in you, do not give power over yourself to anyone.
22你的子女有求於你,勝於你望著你子女的手。 22It is preferable for your children to be dependent on you, than that you be obliged to depend on them.
23在你所行的一切事上,你應作主。 23Be master of all that you do; let not others stain your reputation.
24不要污辱你的榮譽。在你壽命結束之日,在你快要去世之時,應分清你的遺產。 24Wait until the end of your days, until death is near, to distribute your inheritance.
25草料、棍杖、馱重,是屬於驢的;麵包、訓戒、勞作,是屬於僕人的。 25Fodder, stick and burdens are for the donkey; bread, correction and work are for the slave.
26你要吩咐他工作,這樣你就可以放心;若你放任他,他就要找尋自由自在。 26Put your slave to work and you will have peace. Let him take it easy and he will want to be free.
27軛與皮鞭,可以屈服強硬的頸項;不斷的工作,可以使僕人柔順。 27Yoke and harness will bow the neck. For a criminal slave there are torture and the stocks.
28對待惡僕只有鞭打和刑罰;要使他們操作,不得空閒。 28Send him to work or he will be idle, and idleness teaches much evil.
29因為,空閒教給人許多壞事。 29Give him work that is appropriate for him; if he does not obey, put his feet in chains.
30要給他指定與他相宜的工作;若他不服從,就叫他帶腳鐐;但對於任何人不要過分。未審度以先,什麼重大的事也不要做。 30But do not be over-demanding with anyone and do nothing without discernment.
31你若有一個忠信的僕人,對待他要如同對待你自己一樣,因為他是你用血汗換來的;要待他如同兄弟,因為你需要他,正如需要你自己一樣。 31You have a slave? Let him be like you; for you bought him through blood.
32若你待他不好,他必要逃跑。 32You have a slave? Treat him like a brother. You need him as you need yourself.
33若他傲然離去,你向誰去追問;你不知道,你在那條路上去尋找他。 33If you ill-treat him and he escapes, where will you go to look for him?




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