Sirach:Chapter 26


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德訓篇 Sirach
1有賢妻的丈夫,是有福的!他的壽數必要增加一倍。 1Happy the husband of a good wife, the number of his days will be doubled.
2有才能的婦人,是丈夫的喜樂,使他在平安中終其天年。 2A woman of character is her husband's joy, he will live in peace all the years of his life.
3有賢婦為妻,是一種福份;但是,只有敬畏上主的人,因自己的善行,纔能得到她。 3A good wife is the best of gifts, reserved for those who fear the Lord;
4她不論是富是貧,心神總是快樂,時常面帶笑容。 4rich or poor, he will have a serene heart and a happy face.
5有三件事,我心中恐懼,對第四件事,我更害怕,那就是: 5Three things disturb me and a fourth frightens me: neighborhood gossip, a rioting mob, a false accusation, all these are worse than death.
6市民的控告,暴徒的集會, 6But the woman jealous of another woman brings heartbreak, her tongue lashes out at everyone.
7誣妄的誹謗:這一切比死亡更為不幸; 7A bad wife is like a badly fixed yoke; taking her is like grasping a scorpion.
8但是,娭妒別的婦女的女人,令人心痛悲傷; 8A drunken wife causes scandal; her disgrace will not remain hidden.
9她向眾人傳話的舌頭,是一條鞭子。 9A licentious woman is noticed by her secretive looks and recognized by her lively eyes.
10惡婦有如擺動的牛軛,誰要管治她,無異是用手去捉蠍子。 10Keep a firm eye on a defiant daughter, so that she may not take advantage of some occasion.
11好醉酒的婦女,是大怒的原因;她的恥辱和醜態,不能隱藏。 11Guard against the provocative woman and do not be surprised if she wishes to drag you into disgrace.
12眼波流動,是婦女淫蕩的表示;從她的眉毛,可以認出。 12She opens her mouth like a thirsty traveler to drink any water coming her way; she sits by any pole and opens her quiver to every arrow.
13對無恥的女兒,你應嚴加管束,怕她有機可乘,就放縱起來。 13A wife's grace gladdens her husband and her prudence refreshes his body.
14你要留心,不要順從無恥的眼睛;否則,她若冒犯你,你就不用驚奇。 14A wife who knows how to be silent is a gift from the Lord; the well-trained wife is invaluable.
15就如渴了的旅客,一到了水旁,不管遇到的是什麼水,就張口去喝;同樣,淫婦坐在任何木樁前,向射來的箭,張開箭袋,直到她疲乏為止。 15A modest wife is a favor among favors; the chaste wife is priceless.
16勤謹婦女的溫柔,使自己的丈夫歡樂;她的明智,使丈夫的骨骼豐滿。 16Like the sun rising over the mountains of the Lord, such is the enchantment of a good wife in a well-kept house.
17沉默寡言而明智的婦女,是上主的恩賜。 17Like the light which shines from the sacred lampstand, such is a beautiful face in a well-shaped body.
18受過好教養的人,是無價之寶。 18Like pillars of gold on a silver base, such are beautiful legs on sturdy feet.
19聖潔而知恥的婦女,乃無上的恩賜。 19There are two things which grieve me and a third which makes me angry: a warrior who suffers want; intelligent men who are treated contemptuously; a man who turns from virtue to sin. The Lord singles this man out to strike him down.
20貞潔的靈魂,實尊貴無比。 20The merchant can barely avoid greed; the shopkeeper cannot remain sinless.
21在秩序井然的家庭裡,賢婦的美麗,有如在上主的至高之天,上升的太陽; 21
22她那健康身材上所襯托的美貌,有如神聖燈台上發光的燈; 22
23她那雙在結實腳跟上的美腿,有如銀座上的金柱。 23
24聖婦心裡的天主誡命,有如堅固磐石上的永久基礎。 24
25有兩件事,我心中憂傷,而對第三件事,我更憤怒,那就是: 25
26戰士為窮苦所困,明智人被人輕視, 26
27離棄正義而偏向罪惡的人,上主為他準備了刀劍。 27
28有兩件事,依我看來,又難又危險,那就是:商人很難不犯罪,店員難免不失言。 28
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