Sirach:Chapter 21


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德訓篇 Sirach
1我兒,你犯了罪麼?不要再犯;你應為你過去的罪祈禱,以獲得寬赦。 1Have you sinned, my son? Do not do it again and beg forgiveness for your past sins.
2你該躲避罪惡,如同躲避毒蛇一樣;你若親近它,它必會咬傷你。 2Escape from sin as you would from a snake; if you go near, it will bite you. Its teeth are like those of a lion and destroy human lives.
3罪惡的牙有如獅子的牙,能咬死人的靈魂。 3All evil is like a double-edged sword which inflicts wounds past remedy.
4一切邪惡,好像雙刃的利劍;它的創傷,無法醫治。 4Violence and pride bring down the rich; the arrogant man's house will be brought low.
5怒斥與驕傲,能蕩盡財富;傲慢人的家庭,必成為廢墟。驕傲人的財產,也必如此蕩盡。 5The poor man's prayer reaches the ears of the Lord and his judgment will not delay.
6貧窮人的祈禱,從他口中直達上主的耳裡,上主必迅速為他伸冤。 6Whoever hates correction goes the way of sinners; he who fears the Lord turns to him in his heart.
7厭惡懲戒的,正是追隨罪人的足跡;敬畏上主的,是從心裡歸向他。 7The chatterer is known everywhere, but the discreet man recognizes his weakness.
8雄辯的人遠近皆知,但明智人卻知道自己失足的地方。 8Building a house with borrowed money is like collecting stones for your own tomb.
9誰用別人的錢財,建築自己的房屋,就如同堆積石頭,為自己修蓋墳墓。 9The meeting of sinners is like a pile of rope which will go up in fire and flames.
10罪人的集團,有如堆積的麻屑;他們的結局,不外是烈火。 10The path of sinners is well paved but it ends in the fiery abyss.
11罪人的道路,是用石頭舖平的;但道路的末端,卻是陰府的深坑、黑暗與刑罪。 11He who keeps the Law is in control of his thoughts; the fear of the Lord brings wisdom.
12遵守法律的,必能控制自己的傾向。 12The man who is not clever will never be taught; but there is a cleverness which leads to bitterness.
13敬畏上主的最後結果,是智慧與明智。 13The wise man's knowledge spreads out like a flood and his advice is like a spring.
14不聰明的,不易受教; 14The fool's heart is like a broken glass which cannot hold any teaching.
15但有一種聰明,卻是充滿辛苦的,而那裡有辛苦,那裡就沒有真實的明智。 15If an educated man hears a wise saying he values it and adds another. If the good-for-nothing hears it he is annoyed and tosses it over his shoulder.
16賢人的知識,如洪水洋溢;他的計謀,有如活泉。 16The fool's talk weighs like a load while the wise man's words give rest.
17愚人的內心,像一個破碎的器皿,任何知識都保存不住。 17The assembly awaits the wise man's words; each one takes to heart whatever he says.
18賢人聽見一句智慧的話,就一面讚賞,一面從中取益;淫蕩的人聽見,卻不滿意,把它拋在腦後。 18The fool's wisdom is like a house in ruins, the knowledge of the fool amounts to nonsense.
19愚人的敘述,像行路所背的重擔;明智人的談吐,卻優雅中聽。 19As far as the fool is concerned, instruction is no more than handcuffs and fetters.
20在集會中,人都尋求明智人的言論;對他的話,人都用心思維。 20The idiot laughs aloud while the intelligent man merely smiles quietly.
21明智為愚人,就如一座倒塌的房屋;無知之輩的知識,是一團表達不清的言語。 21Instruction is like a golden ornament to the shrewd man, like a bracelet on his right arm.
22紀律為愚昧人,就如腳鐐,和右手上的手銬。 22The fool steps inside the house immediately, the experienced man would not be so bold.
23愚昧人笑,是放聲大笑;聰明人笑,是低聲微笑。 23The fool looks in through the door, the polite man remains outside.
24紀律為明智人,有如金飾品,又如右臂上的手鐲。 24Listening outside doors reveals a bad upbringing, the upright man would be ashamed of doing so.
25愚人的腳,鹵莽闖進人家的房屋;富有經驗的人,卻害羞怕進去。 25Strangers speak thoughtlessly of everything, while wise men's words are carefully weighed.
26愚人從門外窺探室內;有教養的人,卻站在外邊等候。 26The heart of fools is in their mouth, but the mouth of the wise is in their heart.
27一個人在門外偷聽,是未受好教育的憑據;明智人恥於這樣作。 27When the godless man curses his opponent, the curse descends on himself.
28愚人只會信口開河;明智人的話,卻是經過權衡思量的。 28The slanderer taints himself and makes himself hated by all around him.
29愚人的心在口上,明智人的口卻在心裡。 29
30不虔敬的人咒罵對方,實是咒罵自己。 30
31搬弄是非的人,是污辱他自己,為眾人所憎惡,與他相近的人也憎恨他;緘默而明智的人,反要受人尊敬。 31




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