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羅馬書 Romans
1所以弟兄們!我以天主的仁慈請求你們,獻上你們的身體當作生活、聖潔和悅樂天主的祭品:這纔是你們合理的敬禮。 1I beg you, dearly beloved, by the mercy of God, to give yourselves as a living and holy sacrifice pleasing to God: such is the worship of a rational being.
2你們不可與此世同化,反而應以更新的心思變化自己,為使你們能辨別什麼是天主的旨意,什麼是善事,什麼是悅樂天主的事,什麼是成全的事。 2Don't let yourselves be shaped by the world where you live, but rather be transformed through the renewal of your mind. You must discern the will of God: what is good, what pleases, what is perfect.
3我因所賜給我的聖寵,告訴你們每一位:不可把自己估計得太高,而過了份;但應按照天主所分與各人的信德尺度,估計得適 中。 3The grace that God has given me allows me to tell each of you: be active, but not indiscreet. Let each one exercise wisely the gifts of faith granted by God.
4就如我們在一個身體上有許多肢體,但每個肢體,都有不同的作用; 4See, the body is one, even if formed by many members, but not all of them with the same function.
5同樣,我們眾人在基督內,也都是一個身體,彼此之間,每個都是肢體。 5The same with us; being many, we are one body in Christ, depending on one another.
6按我們各人所受的聖寵,各有不同的恩賜:如果是說預言,就應與信德相符合; 6Let each one of us, therefore, serve according to our different gifts. Are you a prophet? Then give the insights of faith.
7如果是服務,就應用在服務上;如果是教導,就應用在教導上; 7Let the deacon fulfill his office; let the teacher teach,
8如果是勸勉,就應用在勸勉上;施與的,應該大方;監督的應該殷勤;行慈善的,應該和顏悅色。 8the one who encourages, convince. You must, likewise, give with an open hand, preside with dedication, and be cheerful in your works of charity.
9愛情不可是虛偽的。你們當厭惡惡事,附和善事。 9Let love be sincere. Hate what is evil and hold to whatever is good.
10論兄弟之愛,要彼此相親相愛;論尊敬,要彼此爭先。 10Love one another and be considerate. Outdo one another in mutual respect.
11論關懷,不可疏忽;論心神,要熱切;對於主,要衷心事奉。 11Be zealous in fulfilling your duties. Be fervent in the Spirit and serve God.
12論望德,要喜樂;在困苦中,要忍耐;在祈禱上,要恆心; 12Have hope and be cheerful. Be patient in trials and pray constantly.
13對聖者的急需,要分擔;對客人,要款待。 13Share with other Christians in need. With those passing by, be ready to receive them.
14迫害你們的,要祝福;只可祝福,不可詛咒。 14Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not wish evil on anyone.
15應與喜樂的一同喜樂,與哭泣的一同哭泣。 15Rejoice with those who are joyful, and weep with those who weep.
16彼此要同心合意,不可心高妄想,卻要俯就卑微的人。不可自作聰明。 16Live in peace with one another. Do not dream of extraordinary things; be humble and do not hold yourselves as wise.
17對人不可以惡報惡,對眾人要勉勵行善; 17Do not return evil for evil, but let everyone see your good will.
18如若可能,應盡力與眾人和睦相處。 18Do your best to live in peace with everybody.
19諸位親愛的,你們不可為自己復仇,但應給天主的忿怒留有餘地,因為經上記載:『上主說:復仇是我的事,我必報復。』 19Beloved, do not avenge yourselves, but let God be the one who punishes, as Scripture says: Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.
20所以:『如果你的仇人餓了,你要給他飯吃;渴了,應給他水渴,因為你這樣作,是將炭火堆在他頭上。』 20And it adds: If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him to drink; by doing this you will heap burning coals upon his head.
21你不可為惡所勝,反應以善勝惡。 21Do not let evil defeat you, but conquer evil with goodness.




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