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若望默示錄 Revelation
1第五位天使一吹號角,我看見有一顆星從天上落到地上;並給了他深淵洞穴的鑰匙。 1And the fifth angel blew his trumpet. I then saw a star fall from heaven to earth. The star was given the key to the depths of the abyss.
2他一開了深淵的洞穴,就有煙從洞穴裡冒上來,像大火窟裡的煙,太陽和天空都因那洞穴裡的煙昏暗了, 2He opened the abyss, and a cloud of smoke rose as if from a great furnace which darkened the sun and the air.
3遂有蝗蟲從煙裡,來到地上;又賦給了牠們,好似地上的蠍子具有的權柄。 3Locusts came from this smoke and spread throughout the earth. They were given the same harmful power as the scorpions of the earth.
4且吩咐牠們不可傷害地上的草:凡青物,凡樹木都不可傷害,只可傷害那些在額上沒有天主印號的人; 4Then they were told not to harm the meadows, the green grass or the trees, but only the people who do not bear the seal of God upon their foreheads.
5並且吩咐蝗蟲不可殺死他們,但要使他們受痛苦五個月,他們所受的痛苦,就如人被蠍子螫著時所受的痛苦。 5They were not to kill them, but only torture them for five months. This pain is like the sting of scorpions.
6在那日期內,人求死而不得;渴望死,死卻離開他們。 6In those days, people will look for death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them.
7蝗蟲的形狀彷彿準備上陣的戰馬,牠們的頭上好似有像黃金的榮冠,面貌有如人的面貌; 7These locusts look like horses equipped for battle; they wear golden crowns on their heads, and their faces are like those of human beings.
8牠們的頭髮好似女人的頭髮,牙好似獅子的牙; 8Their hair is like women's hair, and their teeth like lion's teeth;
9牠們的胸甲有如鐵甲,牠們翅膀的響聲,有如許多馬車奔馳上陣的響聲; 9their chests are like iron breastplates; and the noise of their wings like the roar of an army of chariots and horses rushing for battle.
10牠們有相似蠍子的尾和刺;牠們的尾能傷害世人,五個月之久。 10Their tails are like those of scorpions and have stings; the power they have to torture people for five months is in their tails.
11牠們以深淵的使者為牠們的王子,他的名字,希伯來文叫「阿巴冬」,希臘文叫「阿頗隆」。 11These locusts have a king, who is the angel of the abyss whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon or Apollyon in Greek (Destruction in English).
12第一種災禍過去了,看,還有兩種災禍隨後而來。 12The first woe has passed. Two others are to come.
13第六位天使一吹了號角,我聽見有一種聲音,由天主前的金祭壇四角發出, 13The sixth angel blew his trumpet. Then I heard a voice calling from the corners of the golden altar before God.
14向那持有號角的第六位天使說:「放開那在幼發拉的大河所捆著的四位天使罷!」 14It said to the sixth angel who had just sounded the trumpet, "Release the four angels chained at the banks of the great river Euphrates."
15於是那四位天使被放開了;他們已準備於某年、某月、某日、某時,把世人殺死三分之一。 15And the four angels were released who had been waiting for this year, this month, this day and this hour, ready to utterly destroy a third of humankind.
16那馬隊的數目共有兩萬萬;我也聽見了他們的這個數目。 16The number of the soldiers on horses was two hundred million; this is the number I heard.
17我在異像中看見的馬和騎馬的是這樣:他們穿著火紅、紫青和硫磺色的鎧甲;馬頭像獅子頭,從牠們的口中射出火、煙和硫磺。 17In my vision, I saw those horses and their riders: they wear breastplates the color of fire, hyacinth and sulfur. The heads of the horses look like lions' heads, and fire, smoke and sulfur come out of their mouths.
18由於從牠們口中所射出的火、煙和硫磺這三種災害,世人被殺死了三分之一。 18Then a third of humankind was killed by these three plagues: fire, smoke and sulfur which the horses released through their mouths,
19馬的能力就在牠們的口和牠們的尾上;牠們的尾相似蛇,並且有害人的頭。 19for the power of the horses was both in their mouths and in their tails. Their tails, in fact, look like serpents, and their heads are able to inflict injury as well.
20可是,其餘沒有被這災害殺死的人,仍然沒有悔改,離開他們手所作的,仍舊去崇拜邪魔和那看不見,聽不見,走不動的金、銀、銅、石、木神像; 20However, the rest of humankind who were not killed by these plagues did not renounce their way of life: they went on worshiping the demons, keeping those idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood that cannot see, hear or walk.
21他們也沒有悔改,放棄各種兇殺、邪術、姦淫和偷竊。 21No, they did not repent of their crimes, or their sorcery, or their sexual immorality or their theft.




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