Psalms:Chapter 88


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聖詠集 Psalms
1科辣黑子孫的詩歌,交與樂官,悲調歌唱。則辣黑人赫曼的訓誨詩。 1O Lord, my God, I call for help by day; before you I cry out by night.
2上主,我的天主,我白天禱告,我黑夜在你的面前哀號。 2May my prayer come to you; incline your ear to my cry for help.
3願我的祈禱上達你前,求你側耳聽我的呼喊。 3My soul is deeply troubled; my life draws near to the grave.
4因我的心靈飽受災難,我的性命已臨近陰間; 4I am like those without strength. Counted among those going down into the pit -
5我已被列在進入墳墓的人中,我已變成與無氣力的人相同。 5I lie forsaken among the dead, like those lying in the grave, like those you remember no more, cut off from your care.
6我的床榻舖在死人的中間,與葬於墳墓者的屍身作伴,你已不再記念他們,你已不再照顧他們。 6You have plunged me into the darkest depths of the pit.
7你把我放在極深的坑間,你把我置於黑暗和深淵。 7With your wrath heavy upon me, you have battered me with all your waves.
8你的忿怒氣燄重壓著我,你的大浪巨濤苦害著我。(休止) 8You have taken away my closest friends; you have made me repulsive to them. I cannot escape from my confinement.
9你叫我的知己棄我遠去,你使我被他們痛恨厭惡;我受他們拘留不得外出。 9My eyes have grown dim with grief; spreading out my hands to you, I call upon you every day, O Lord.
10我的眼睛因痛苦而憔悴,上主,我天天在呼號著你,也把我的雙手向你舉起。 10Are your wonders meant for the dead? Will ghosts rise to give you thanks?
11難道你還要給死人發顯奇跡,或者去世的人會起來稱謝你?(休止) 11Is your love and faithfulness remembered among those gone to the netherworld?
12難道在墳墓裡還有人稱述你的仁慈,或者在陰府內還有人宣揚你的信義? 12Are your wonders known in the dark, your salvation in the land of oblivion?
13難道在幽暗處能有人明瞭你的奇蹟﹖或者在遺忘區還有人曉得你的正義? 13But to you, O Lord, I cry for help; every morning I pray to you.
14但是上主,我現今呼號你,我的祈禱早晨上達於你; 14O Lord, why do you reject me, why do you hide your face?
15上主,你為什麼捨棄了我的靈魂﹖又為什麼向我掩起了你的慈容? 15Afflicted and close to death from youth, I have suffered terrors and helplessness.
16我自幼受苦,幾乎死去,受你的威嚇,萬分恐懼; 16Your wrath has swept over me; your assaults have destroyed me.
17你的盛怒將我淹沒,你的威嚇使我死掉, 17Now they surround me like a flood; and completely engulf me.
18像水一樣常環繞著我,由四周齊來緊圍著我。 18Bereft of loved ones and now alone, only darkness is my companion.
19你使親友同伴將我離棄,黑暗成了我的家人知己。 19




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