Psalms:Chapter 73


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聖詠集 Psalms
1阿撒夫的詩歌。天主待正直的人多麼美善,上主對心裡潔淨的人亦然! 1Surely God is good to Israel, I mean, to the clean of heart.
2我的腳幾乎要跌跤,我的腳險些要滑倒, 2But, as for me, I almost stumbled, I nearly lost my foothold,
3因我看見惡人安寧幸福,就對驕橫的人心生嫉妒。 3for I was envious of the arrogant, when I saw the wicked prosper.
4原來他們總沒有受過重創,所以他們的身體健康肥胖; 4For they suffer no pain; they are strong and sound of body,
5他們沒有別人所受的憂傷,也沒有常人所遭遇的災殃。 5free from troubles common to mortals; they are not stricken by human ills.
6故此,驕傲纏繞他們相似項鍊,殘暴遮蔽他們有如衣衫。 6That is why pride becomes their necklace, and violence the robe that covers them.
7他們的邪惡,出自肥胖的心田,讓他們自己的惡念,肆意氾濫。 7Evil comes from their callous hearts, boundless evil from their corrupt minds.
8他們譏諷嘲弄,言惡語狂,他們欺壓恐嚇蠻橫倔強; 8They scoff and speak with malice, and they threaten arrogantly.
9用自己的口褻瀆上天,以自己的舌詆毀塵寰。 9Their mouths defy the heavens and their tongues dictate on earth.
10因此我的百姓向他們依歸,滿口啜飲由他們供給的水, 10People, therefore, look up to them because they are well-watered.
11且說:天主豈能知悉,難道至高者能理會? 11"Does God see?" they say. "Has the Most High some knowledge of this?
12看,這些人為非作歹,常享平安,積存錢財, 12Such are the wicked - always carefree while they rake in riches.
13的確,我白白清心寡欲,我徒然洗手表白無辜。 13In vain have I kept my heart clean and washed my hands in innocence
14我時時遭受鞭擊,也天天遇到責斥。 14if all day long I am stricken and punished every morning."
15我若想:我說話若與他們相同,就等於放棄與你子民為同宗。 15Had I spoken like this, I would not be acting as one of your children.
16我愈設法了解這事,我愈覺得神妙莫測。 16Although I tried to understand this, it was difficult for me,
17直到我接近天主的奧妙,直到我注意他們的結果。 17until I entered the secrets of God. Then I perceived their approaching doom.
18你的確將他們置於坡路,讓他們滑倒於消滅之途。 18You place them on slippery ground and make them fall into the pit.
19他們瞬息之間變得如此悽涼,他們因受驚過度而從此滅亡。 19How suddenly they are destroyed, completely swept away in terror!
20上主,世人睡醒,怎樣了解夢境;你醒時,也怎樣看他們的幻影。 20As one awakes from a nightmare, so when you arise, O Lord, you shake them off like a dream.
21幾時我的心靈遭受酸苦,刺痛也會進入我的肺腑。 21When my heart was embittered, and my spirit distraught
22原來是我愚昧毫無理性,在你面前竟然好像畜牲。 22it was folly, not wisdom; I did not know you better than the beasts.
23但以後,我要常與你同處,你已經握住了我的右手。 23Yet I am always with you; you hold my right hand,
24你要以你的聖訓來領導我,最後引我進入你的榮耀。 24you guide me on the way you chose and your Glory brings me along.
25在天上除你以外,為我還能有誰?在地上除你以外,為我一無所喜。 25I have no one in heaven but you; on earth I desire nothing but you.
26我的肉身和我的心靈,雖巳憔瘁;天主卻永是我心的福分和磐石。 26My flesh and my heart waste away for you, O God, O my rock, you are mine forever.
27看,遠離你的人必將趨於沉淪。你必消滅一切背棄你的人民。 27Those who abandon you will perish; you destroy all who are unfaithful to you.
28親近天主對我是多麼的美好:只有上主天主是我的避難所。 28But as for me, my joy is to be near God; I have made the Lord my refuge, and I will proclaim all his works.
29我要在熙雍女子門前,把你一切的工程宣傳。 29




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