Psalms:Chapter 58


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聖詠集 Psalms
1達味金詩,交與樂官。調寄「莫要毀壞」。 1You gods, are your decrees just, and are your judgments upright?
2判官們!你們是否真正出言公平?世人們!你們是否照理審斷案情﹖ 2No, you willfully commit crimes; you deal in violence and corruption.
3可惜你們一心只想為非作惡,在地上你們的雙手只行宰割。 3Even from the womb the wicked go astray; from birth they are wayward liars.
4作惡者一離母胎,即背離正路;說謊者一出母腹,即走入歧途。 4They are poisonous like deadly snakes, deaf as the adder
5他們滿懷的毒素有如蛇毒;他們又像塞住耳朵的聾蝮, 5that blocks its ears so as not to hear the charmer's voice casting spells.
6不聽巫士的音語,不隨靈妙的妖術。 6Break the teeth in their mouths, O God; tear out the fangs of the lions, O Lord.
7天主,求你把他們口中的牙齒搗爛,上主,求你把少壯獅子的牙床打斷。 7Let them vanish like spilled water; let them be trodden down like grass that withers.
8願他們有如奔湍的急水流去,願他們有如被踏的青草枯萎; 8Let them be like snails that sink into slime, like untimely births that never see the sun.
9願他們有如蝸牛爬過溶化消失,又如流產的胎兒不得親見天日! 9Like green grass that is burned before the thorns are dry, let them be swept away!
10他們的鍋在未覺到荊火以前,願狂怒的烈風將他們全吹散! 10The upright will rejoice when they are avenged; they will bathe their feet in the blood of the wicked.
11義人看見大仇巳報時,必然喜樂,他要在惡人的血中洗自己的腳。 11Then will people say, "Surely the righteous are rewarded; surely there is a God who gives judgment on earth."
12如此,眾人都說:「義人果然獲得了好的報酬,世上確有執行審判的天主!」 12




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