Psalms:Chapter 39


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聖詠集 Psalms
1達味詩歌,交與樂官耶杜通。 1I said, "I will watch my ways and keep my tongue from sin; I will muzzle my mouth in front of the wicked."
2我已決定:「我要謹遵我的道路,免得我以口舌犯罪,當惡人在我面前時,我以口罩籠住我嘴。」 2So I did. But as I kept silent, their happiness made my anguish grow.
3我默不作聲,以免口出惡語,但我的痛楚,更因此而加劇。 3My heart began to burn within, and finally, I blurted out:
4我的心在我腔內滾滾沸騰,我愈沉思愈覺得烈火如焚;我的舌頭便不耐煩地說: 4"Lord, let me know when my end will come, let me know the number of my days; show me how frail and fleeting is my life."
5「上主,我懇求你明白啟示我:我的終期和壽數究有幾何,好使我知道我是何等脆弱。」 5You allow me to live but a short span; before you, all my years are nothing. Human existence is a mere whiff of breath.
6看,你使我的歲月屈指可數,我的生命在你前算是虛無。世人的生存,只是一口呵噓。(休止) 6Humans are mere shadows that go about relentlessly. Being but a breath they toil and rake in wealth, not knowing who will take it next.
7人生實如泡影,只是白白操勞,他們所有積蓄,不知誰來得到。 7But now, O Lord, what do I await? All my hope rests in you.
8我主,現今我還有什麼希望?我的希望寄托在你的身上! 8Rescue me from all my sins and let me not be derided by fools.
9求你救我脫離我的種種罪愆,不要使我受愚人的恥笑侮慢。 9I shall keep silent and not open my mouth, since this is your work.
10我靜默不言,有口不開,因為這事是由你安排。 10Only remove from me your scourge; for I am done in with your blows.
11求你由我身上除去這場災患,因你手的打擊,我已消瘦不堪。 11When you want to correct the mortals and punish their sin, you eat like moth what they hold dear. Mortals are a mere puff of wind!
12你為了罰罪而把世人懲治,你像蛀蟲將他的珍寶侵蝕;至於人,不過只是一口氣。(休止) 12Hear, O Lord, my supplication, listen to my cry for protection; do not be deaf to my lamentation. For I dwell with you as an alien - a pilgrim, as all my ancestors have been.
13上主,求你俯聽我的祈禱,求你側耳靜聽我的哀告,莫要作聾不聽我的哭號。因為我在你前只是旅客,如我列祖一樣只是路過。 13Turn from me awhile, that I may find relief, before I depart and be no more."
14求你轉移你的目光,不要怒視我,使我一去不返之前,能得享安樂。 14




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