Psalms:Chapter 35


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聖詠集 Psalms
1達味作。上主,求你鬥爭那鬥爭我的人,求你攻擊那攻擊我的人; 1O Lord, attack those who attack me; fight against those who fight against me.
2求你手持籐牌盾櫓,振奮起來予我救助; 2Come to my aid with armour and shield;
3揮舞長矛,阻止追逐我的人,願你向我說:「我是你的救星!」 3stand with your spear and war ax, halt my pursuers. Say to my soul, "I am your deliverer."
4願謀害我生命的人蒙受恥辱,願企圖磨難我的人含羞退走! 4Let them be shamed and dishonored, those who seek my life. Let them be routed and destroyed, those who plot my ruin.
5願上主的天使迫他們逃跑,有如隨風飄零的糠秕禾草! 5Let them be like chaff before the wind, when the Lord's angel drives them away.
6當上主的天使追逐他們時,願他們的路,又漆黑又滑漓! 6Let their escape path be dark and precipitous, with the Lord's angel always at their heels.
7因為他們無故為我暗設網羅,他們無故為我挖掘坑窖。 7They set their net against me for no cause, they dug a pit for me without reason.
8願不可預料的滅亡突然降臨,使他們暗佈的網羅纏住他們,使他們挖掘的坑窖陷害他們。 8Let ruin come upon them unexpectedly, let them be entangled in their own snare; let them fall into the trap of their own making.
9如此我的心靈要欣悅於上主,要因獲得上主的救助而歡舞。 9Then will my soul rejoice in the Lord and exult in his salvation.
10我每根骨骸要說:「上主!誰能和你相比?是你拯救弱小於強權,挽救貧困於盜匪。」 10My whole being will exclaim, "O Lord, who is like you? You who deliver the oppressed from those too strong for them, you who rescue the poor and the afflicted from their oppressors."
11蠻橫的證人紛紛立起,質問與我無關的事宜。 11False witnesses take the stand, accusing me of crimes of which I am innocent.
12他們對我是以怨報德,這正是我心靈的創痍。 12For my kindness they return evil, bringing my life to despair.
13他們患病時,我身着苦衣,不斷虔心祈禱,守齋克己; 13When they were sick, I wore sackcloth and fasted; I prayed hard with head bowed,
14我待他們,有如自己的親友骨肉,苦悶憂慮,有如哀悼自己的慈母。 14as if I were bereft of a friend or brother; I shed tears in grief, as one mourning the death of his mother.
15但我一遇難,他們即群集相慶,突然來攻擊欺凌我,肆虐不停。 15But when I stumbled they gathered in glee and, began to strike me; like strangers they disowned me and accused me falsely.
16他們戲弄我,並向我狂喜,他們朝着我咬牙又切齒。 16Like an ungodly circle of mockers, they gnashed their teeth and made me the butt of all their ridicule.
17上主,你坐視這一切要到何時?求你救我身免受他們的凌欺,求你救我命脫離少壯的猛獅; 17How long, O Lord, will you look on? Deliver my life, my only one, from these lions.
18使我在盛大的集會中歌頌你,使我在眾多的民族中稱揚你。 18Then I will thank you in the great assembly; I will praise you in the mighty throng.
19不要讓那無理敵對我的人沾沾自喜,不要讓那無故仇恨我的人揚眉吐氣。 19Do not let them gloat over me - those who, unprovoked, have become my foes. Do not let them wink maliciously - those who hate me without cause.
20因為他們從不談論和平,捏造謊言欺壓地上良民。 20Sowing discontent with their tongue and mind, they devise false accusations against the peace-loving people of the land.
21他們對我張開大口說:「哈哈!我們親眼看見了!」 21They open wide their mouths against me: "Aha, aha!" they say, "We have seen it with our own eyes!"
22上主你看見了,不要緘口不言,上主,求你千萬不要離我太遠。 22But you, O Lord, who have seen, do not keep silent. Do not stand far from me.
23我上主,求你醒來為我辯護;我天主,求你起身為我伸屈。 23Stir yourself up, stand up for my rights and my cause, my God and my Lord!
24上主,求你審斷我要照你的公義,我主,不要讓他們對我洋洋得意。 24Declare me innocent, O Lord, my God, according to your justice. Let them not gloat over me.
25不要讓他們心中想:「哈哈!這正是我們的意願!」也決不要讓他們說:「我們已經將他活活吞嚥。」 25Never give them reason to say, "We have trampled him down!"
26願慶幸我遭難的人,都面紅慚愧,願高傲攻擊我的人,都蒙受羞恥! 26Let them be utterly disgraced and confounded, who exult over my calamity. Let them be ashamed and dishonored, who rejoice at my distress.
27願愛護我正義的人,時常高興歡呼說:「願愛護自己僕人安寧的上主受讚美!」 27But let them be glad and rejoice, who are in sympathy with my cause. And may they ever say, "Great is the Lord, who has justified his servant."
28我的口舌將歌頌你的正義,我的唇舌必將終日讚美你。 28Then will my tongue proclaim your righteousness, and sing your praises all day long.




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