Psalms:Chapter 24


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聖詠集 Psalms
1達味詩歌。大地和其中的萬物,屬於上主,世界和其間的居民,屬於上主。 1The earth and its fullness belong to the Lord, the world and all that dwell in it.
2是他在海洋上奠定了大地,是他在江河上建立了全世。 2He has founded it upon the ocean and set it firmly upon the waters.
3誰能登上上主的聖山?誰能居留在他的聖殿? 3Who will ascend the mountain of the Lord? Who will stand in his holy place?
4是那手潔心清,不慕虛幻的人,是那不發假誓,不行欺騙的人。 4Those with clean hands and pure heart, who desire not what is vain, and never swear to a lie.
5他必獲得上主的祝福;和拯救者天主的報酬。 5They will receive blessings from the Lord, a reward from God, their savior.
6這樣的人是尋求上主的苖裔,追求雅各伯天主儀容的子息。(休止) 6Such are the people who seek him, who seek the face of Jacob's God.
7城門,請提高你們的門楣,古老的門戶,請加大門扉,因為要歡迎光榮的君王。 7Lift up, O gateways, your lintels, open up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may enter!
8誰是這位光榮的君主?就是英勇大能的上主,是那有力作戰的天主。 8Who is the King of glory? The Lord, the strong, the mighty, the Lord, valiant in battle.
9城門,請提高你們的門楣,古老的門戶,請加大門扉,因為要歡迎光榮的君主, 9Lift up your lintels, O gateways, open up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may enter!
10誰是這位光榮的君主?其實這位光榮的君主,就是萬軍之軍的上主。(休止) 10Who is the King of glory? The Lord of Hosts, he is the King of glory!




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