Psalms:Chapter 19


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聖詠集 Psalms
1達味詩歌,交與樂官。 1The heavens declare the glory of God; the firmament proclaims the work of his hands.
2高天陳述天主的光榮,穹蒼宣揚他手的化工; 2Day talks it over with day; night hands on the knowledge to night.
3日與日侃侃而談,夜與夜知識相傳。 3No speech, no words, no voice is heard -
4不是語,也不是言,是聽不到的語言; 4but the call goes on throughout the universe, the message is felt to the ends of the earth.
5它們的聲音傳遍普世,它們的言語達於地極。天主在天為太陽設置了帷帳, 5High above, he pitched a tent for the sun, who comes out as a bridegroom from his pavilion, or like a racer joyfully runs his course.
6它活像新郎一樣走出了洞房,又像壯士一樣欣然就道奔放。 6Rising from one end, it makes its circuit of the heavens, and sets at the other end; and nothing is hidden from its heat.
7由天這邊出現,往天那邊旋轉,沒有一物可以避免它的熱燄。 7The law of the Lord is perfect: it gives life to the soul. The word of the Lord is trustworthy: it gives wisdom to the simple.
8上主的法律是完善的,能暢快人靈;上主的約章是忠誠的,能開啟愚蒙; 8The precepts of the Lord are right: they give joy to the heart. The commandments of the Lord are clear: they enlighten the eyes.
9上主的規誡是正直的,能悅樂心情;上主的命令是光明的,能燭照眼睛; 9The fear of the Lord is pure, it endures forever; the judgments of the Lord are true, all of them just and right.
10上主的訓誨是純潔的,永遠常存;上主的判斷是真實的,無不公允; 10They are more precious than gold - pure gold of a jeweller; they are much sweeter than honey which drops from the honeycomb.
11比黃金,比極純的黃金更可愛戀;比蜂蜜,比蜂巢的流汁更要甘甜。 11They are a light to your servant, in keeping them they win a great reward.
12你僕人雖留心這一切,竭盡全力遵守這一切, 12But who can discern one's own errors? Forgive the failings of which I am unaware.
13但誰能認出自己的一切過犯?求你赦免我未覺察到的罪愆。 13Preserve me from willful sin; do not let it get the better of your servant. Then shall I walk blameless and innocent of serious sin.
14更求你使你僕人免於自負,求你不要讓驕傲把我佔有;如此我將成為完人,重大罪惡免污我身。 14May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart find favor in your sight, O Lord - my redeemer, my rock!
15上主,我的磐石,我的救主!願我口中的話,並願我心中的思慮,常在你前蒙受悅納! 15




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