Psalms:Chapter 145


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聖詠集 Psalms
1達味的讚美歌。我的天主,君王,我要頌揚你,歌頌你的名,世世代代不止。 1I will extol you, my God and King; I will bless your name forever.
2我要每日不斷讚美你,頌揚你的名,永遠不止。 2I will praise you day after day and exalt your name forever.
3偉大的上主,實在應受讚美,上主的偉大,高深不可推測; 3Great is the Lord, most worthy of praise; and his deeds are beyond measure.
4世世代代應宣揚你的工程,世世代代應傳述你的大能: 4Parents commend your works to their children and tell them your feats.
5講述你的威嚴尊榮,彰明你的奇異化工, 5They proclaim the splendor of your majesty and recall your wondrous works.
6述說你驚天動地的威能,不斷宣揚你的偉大無朋; 6People will proclaim your mighty deeds, and I will declare your greatness.
7廣傳你無窮慈愛的記念,歡呼歌唱你的公義無限。 7They will celebrate your abundant kindness, and rejoice in singing of your justice.
8上主慈悲為懷,寬宏大方,他常緩於發怒,仁愛無量。 8Compassionate and gracious is the Lord, slow to anger and abounding in love.
9上主對待萬有,溫和善良,對他的受造物,仁愛慈祥。 9The Lord is good to everyone; his mercy embraces all his creation.
10上主,願你的一切受造物稱謝你,上主,願你的一切聖徒們讚美你, 10All your works will give you thanks; all your saints, O Lord, will praise you.
11宣傳你王國的光榮,講述你的威力大能, 11They will tell of the glory of your kingdom and speak of your power,
12讓世人盡知你的威能,和你王國的偉大光榮。 12that all may know of your mighty deeds, your reign and its glorious splendor.
13你的王國,是萬代的王國,你的王權,存留於無窮世;上主對自己的一切諾言,忠信不欺,上主對自己的一切受造,聖善無比。 13Your reign is from age to age; your dominion endures from generation to generation. The Lord is true to his promises and lets his mercy show in all he does.
14凡跌倒的,上主必要扶持,凡被壓抑的,使他們起立。 14The Lord lifts up those who are falling and raises those who are beaten down.
15眾生的眼睛都仰望你,你準時賞給他們糧食。 15All creatures look to you to be fed in due season;
16你伸出了你的雙手,滿足了眾生的需求。 16with open hand you satisfy the living according to their needs.
17上主在他的一切路徑上,至公至義,上主在他的一切化工上,聖善無比。 17Righteous is the Lord in all his ways, his mercy shows in all his deeds.
18上主接近一切呼號他的人,就是一切誠心呼號他的人。 18He is near those who call on him, who call trustfully upon his name.
19他必成全敬畏自己者的心願,聽到他們的呼號,必施以救援。 19He fulfills the wish of those who fear him; he hears their cry and saves them.
20凡愛慕上主的,上主必保護他們,凡作惡犯罪的,上主必消除他們。 20For those who love him, the Lord has compassion; but the wicked, he will destroy.
21願我的口舌稱述上主的光榮,願眾生讚美他的聖名於無窮! 21Let my mouth speak in praise of the Lord, let every creature bless his holy name, for ever and ever.




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