Psalms:Chapter 120


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聖詠集 Psalms
1登聖殿歌。我蒙難時一呼求上主,他就俯聽了我的呼求。 1I called to the Lord in my distress, and he answered me.
2上主,求你救我脫離說謊的口唇,上主,求你救我擺脫詭詐的舌根。 2Deliver me, O Lord, from lying lips and from deceitful tongues.
3你這詭詐的口舌,究竟怎樣對付你?究竟怎樣懲治你? 3How shall he pay you back, O deceitful and lying tongue?
4只有勇士的矢箭,還有杜松的火炭! 4He will punish you with arrows hardened over the glowing coals!
5我真不幸!因為要在默舍客居住,要在刻達爾的帳幕寄宿。 5Woe is me who live with barbarians, and dwell amid plunders.
6因與憎惡和平的人相處,我的靈魂已經感到太久。 6My soul is sick of dwelling among those who hate peace;
7我言談無非和平,他們卻鼓勵戰爭。 7I want peace, but they only think of quarrels.




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