Psalms:Chapter 10


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聖詠集 Psalms
1上主,你為什麼站在遠處!在困苦之時竟隱藏不露? 1Why, O Lord, do you stand afar? Why hide from us in times of distress?
2惡人蠻橫地難為弱小的人,叫他陷於預設的陰謀之中。 2The wicked are in power; the weak suffer harassment; the poor become victims of evil schemes.
3惡人因隨心所欲而自慶,匪徒因輕慢上主而自幸; 3Exploiters boast in their power and greed; the covetous blasphemes and defies God.
4惡人心高氣傲說:「他決不會追究!也決沒有天主!」這就是他的企圖。 4In their pride the wicked say, "There is no God." He sees no further.
5他的道路時時彎曲錯謬;常把你的懲罰拋諸腦後,對一切私仇常怒氣詛咒。 5The wicked prosper in their ways, your laws are far from their minds; haughtily they sneer at their rivals,
6心下自語:「我永遠不會動搖!我永永遠遠不會遭受災禍!」 6all of them saying in their heart, "Nothing will trouble me. I am secure, powerful and happy."
7他滿口是欺詐與辱罵,舌下盡是惡毒與謊話。 7Their mouths are filled with cursing, deceit and threats; spite and mischief are under their tongues.
8他在村邊隱密處埋伏,他暗地裡要殺害無辜,他對不幸者窺伺注目, 8They lie in ambush near the villages, murdering the innocent and the unfortunate, spying upon their next victim.
9他在暗處伺伏,有如獅子蹲在洞口,要把貧困的人,伺機刮搜,將貧困者拖入網中劫走。 9The evil one lurks in secret, like a lion in its covert, waiting to seize his prey and drag him off in a net.
10他俯下身子,蹲伏在地下,不幸者便陷入他的爪牙; 10Lying prone or crouching, he waits and the unfortunate falls into his power.
11心下自語:「天主忘了,他掩了面,永不再看。」 11He thinks to himself: "God has forgotten; he has hidden his face and will never see this."
12上主天主,求你起來將手舉起,不要把窮苦人忘記。 12Rise, Lord, O God, raise your hand, do not forget the lowly.
13為何讓惡人們輕慢天主,心下自語,「他決不會追究?」 13Why do the wicked revile God and say, "He cannot make me account"?
14其實你已看見欺壓與暴行,正考慮如何親手加以嚴懲;因此不幸的人向你投奔,唯有你是孤兒們的救星。 14But you see those in misery, O God, and you take it in hand. The unfortunate commits himself to you; the orphan turns to you for help.
15願你打斷罪犯與惡人的臂膊,報復他的罪孽直至不再發作。 15Break the power of the wicked - seek out their wickedness till there is none to be found.
16上主為王,直至於萬世無疆;野蠻人必由他領域中喪亡。 16The Lord is king forever and the pagans have vanished from his land.
17上主,你垂允了謙卑者的心願,堅固他們的心靈,也側耳俯聽。 17For you hear, O Lord, the longings of the lowly, and you strengthen their hearts;
18護衛孤兒和受壓迫者的特權,使塵世的人不再施恐怖手段。 18you give heed to the orphans and the oppressed. Let no human raise from earth and strike terror.




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