Proverbs:Chapter 7


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箴言 Proverbs
1我兒,你要持守我的訓言,把我的誡命藏在心中; 1My son, keep my words and remain faithful to my commands.
2你要遵守我的誡命,好叫你得以生存;應恪守我的教訓,像保護你眼中的瞳人 2Hold fast to my instruction and you will have life; treasure my teachings as the apple of your eye.
3應將我的誡命繫在指間,刻在心上; 3Bind them on your fingers, write them on the tablets of your heart.
4應對智慧說:「你是我的姊妹,」並應稱睿智為你的女友, 4Let wisdom be your sister and knowledge your friend,
5好能保護你遠避奸婦,即那甜言蜜語的淫婦。 5so that you will be saved from the adulterous woman, from the stranger with her enticing words.
6我曾由我家的窗口,透過窗格往外觀看, 6From my window I was looking out through the lattice and
7分明看見在愚昧人中,在少年人中,有一個無知的少年, 7I saw among the young men, an inexperienced youth
8沿著淫婦屋角的街道經過,向她的住宅走去, 8who walked along the road near her corner, towards the path to her house.
9那時正是黃昏,日已西沉,已入黝黑深夜。 9It was dusk, daylight was fading - the time of darkness and shadow.
10看有一個女人向他迎面而來─她身穿妓裝,存心不軌; 10And look! Out comes this woman to meet him, dressed like a prostitute, covered with a veil.
11她健談好蕩,不能停留家中: 11She is brazen and shameless, unable to remain in the house.
12一會在街頭,一會在市場,在每個角落上兜搭─ 12Now at the corner, now in the square, she is on the lookout.
13她遂上前擁抱那少年,與他接吻,嬉皮笑臉對他說: 13She throws herself at him, kisses him and confidently says,
14「我原許過願,要獻和平祭,今日纔得償還我許的願。 14"I have to offer sacrifices and terminate my vows; because of this
15所以我走了出來,好能與你相遇;我急切尋找你,可好現在我見了你。 15I came out to meet you. I sought and found you.
16我的床榻已舖設了絨毯,放上了埃及的線繡臥單; 16I have spread on my bed quilts and fine Egyptian sheets and
17又用沒藥蘆薈和肉桂薰了我的睡床。 17sprinkled it with myrrh, aloes and cinnamon.
18來讓我們通宵達旦,飽享愛情;讓我們在歡愛中盡情取樂, 18Come, let us abandon ourselves to pleasure and drink our fill of love all night,
19因為我的丈夫現不在家,他已出外遠行, 19for my husband is not at home but away on a long journey.
20隨身帶了錢囊,不到月圓不歸家。」 20He has taken his moneybags and will not return before the full moon."
21淫婦用許多花言巧語籠絡他,以諂言媚語勾引他。 21She led him astray with such smooth and seductive words.
22少年遂跟她去了,好像一隻引入屠場的公牛,又像一隻自陷圈套的牡鹿, 22At once he followed her, as an ox led to slaughter or a deer caught in a snare
23直至箭矢射穿他的心肝;他還像一隻跳入羅網的小鳥,不知這與他的性命有關。 23until its liver is pierced by an arrow; as a bird springs at the snare unaware that its life is at stake.
24現在,孩子!你們應聽從我,留意我口中的訓言: 24Now then, my sons, listen and pay attention to my words.
25不要讓你的心傾向她的道路,不要誤入她的迷途, 25Do not be led astray or lose yourself on her paths.
26因為她使許多人倒地身亡,連最強健的,都作了她的犧牲。 26For she has brought many to their death and the strongest were all her victims.
27她的家是通往陰府的大道,是引入死境的斜坡。 27Her house leads to hell and death.




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