Proverbs:Chapter 4


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箴言 Proverbs
1孩子們,要聽父親的教訓,專心學習明智, 1Listen, my sons, to a father's instruction and pay attention so that you may gain insight.
2因為我把好教訓授給你們,你們不要拋棄我的規勸。 2For I have given you good principles; do not discard my teaching!
3我也曾在父親面前作過孝子,在我母親膝下是唯一的嬌兒。 3For when I, too, was a young boy, and my mother fondly looked on me as special,
4我父曾訓誨我說:你應留心牢記我的話,遵守我的命令,好使你生存; 4my father taught me and said to me: Treasure my words in your heart; listen to my directions and you will live.
5你應緊握智慧,握住明智,不要忘記,也不要離棄我口中的教訓: 5Acquire wisdom and insight and do not forget or reject the words of my mouth.
6你若不捨棄她,她必護佑你;你若喜愛她,她必看顧你﹖ 6Do not abandon wisdom for she will protect you. Love her and she will be your salvation.
7首先應爭取的是智慧,因此你應尋求智慧,應犧牲一切去爭取明智。 7The beginning of wisdom is to work to acquire it. At the cost of all you possess, strive to gain insight.
8你若顯揚智慧,智慧也必顯揚你;你若懷抱她,她也必光榮你: 8Hold her close, for she will exalt you and bring you honor if you embrace her.
9將華冠加在你的頭上,將榮冕賜給你。 9She will crown you with grace and put a diadem of splendor on your head.
10我兒,你若聽取我的訓言,你必延年益壽。 10Listen, my son, and take my words to heart; then the years of your life will be multiplied.
11我要教給你智慧的道路,引你走上正直的途徑: 11Because I have taught you the way of wisdom and have guided you along honest ways,
12這樣,你若行走,你的腳決不會受阻礙;即使你奔馳,也決不致顛仆。 12you will walk with ease and run without falling.
13你要堅持教訓,切勿把她拋棄;你應保存她,因為她是你的生命。 13Hold firm to discipline; never let her go. Guard her well for she is your salvation.
14惡人的道路,你不要進去;壞人的途徑,你不要踏入; 14Do not follow the way of the wicked nor walk with evildoers.
15反應躲避,不經其上;遠遠離去,繞道他往。 15Avoid them, turn your back on them and pass on.
16因為他們不作惡,不能入睡;不使人跌倒,就要失眠。 16For they do not sleep unless they have done evil; they cannot rest unless they have caused someone's downfall.
17他們吃的是邪惡的餅,飲的是暴虐的酒。 17Wickedness is their bread and violence their wine.
18但是,義人的途徑,像黎明的曙光,越來越明亮,直至成日中; 18The way of the upright is like the dawn that becomes brighter until the fullness of day.
19惡人的道路,卻宛如幽暗,他們不知道,要跌在何處。 19The way of the wicked is total darkness and they do not notice that which will make them fall.
20我兒,你要注意我的訓言,側耳傾聽我的教導; 20My son, be attentive and listen carefully to my words.
21不要讓她離開你的視線,卻要牢記在心中﹖ 21Never let them out of your sight but guard them in the bottom of your heart.
22因為,凡找著她的,必獲得生命;他整個身軀,必獲得健康。 22For they are life to those who cling to them and healing for the inner spirit.
23在一切之上,你要謹守你的心,因為命是由此而生。 23Above all else, guard your heart, for therein is the source of life.
24你應摒絕口舌的欺詐,遠避唇舌的乖謬。 24Keep your mouth from lies and let not deceit come from your lips.
25你的眼睛應向前直視,你的視線應向前集中。 25Keep your sight on what is ahead and your eyes directed straight in front of you.
26你要修平你腳下的行徑,要鞏固你一切的路途。 26Test the ground under your feet and all your ways will be secure.
27你斷不可左傾右依,務使你的腳遠離邪惡。 27Turn neither to left nor to right and keep your path from evil.




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