Proverbs:Chapter 3


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箴言 Proverbs
1我兒,不要忘了我的法律,該誠心恪守我的誡命, 1My son,do not forget my instruction, my commands; keep them in your heart.
2因為這樣能使你延年益壽,也能增加你的康寧。 2For they will bring you length of days, years of life and peace.
3不要讓慈祥和忠實離棄你,要將她們繫在你的頸上,刻在你的心版上; 3Let loyalty and kindness never leave you; tie them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart,
4這樣,你在天主和世人面前,必獲得寵幸和恩愛。 4that you may find favor and a good name in the eyes of God and man.
5你應全心信賴上主,總不要依賴自己的聰明; 5Trust in Yahweh with all your heart; do not rely on your own insight.
6應步步體會上主,他必修平你的行徑。 6Let his presence pervade all your ways and he will protect your foot from the snare.
7不要自作聰明,應敬畏主,遠避邪惡; 7Do not consider yourself wise, fear God, and turn away from evil.
8如此,你的身體必會康健,你的骨骼也會舒適。 8This will be a medicine to your body and a relief to your bones.
9應以你的財物和一切初熟之物,去尊崇上主; 9Honor Yahweh, giving him from what you have, the first fruits of all your produce.
10這樣,你的倉廩必充滿糧食,你的榨酒池必盈溢新酒。 10Then your barns will be filled to overflowing, your vats will brim over with wine.
11我兒,不要輕視上主的懲戒,也不要厭惡他的譴責, 11My son, do not scorn the discipline of Yahweh; do not ignore his correction.
12因為上主譴責他所愛的,有如父親譴責他的愛子。 12For Yahweh corrects those he loves, as a father does his beloved son.
13尋得智慧和獲取睿智的人是有福的, 13Happy the one who finds wisdom and gains insight.
14因為賺得智慧勝於賺得銀錢;智慧的果實勝於純金。 14For she is of more value than silver and more useful than gold.
15智慧比珍珠還要寶貴;凡你所貪求的,都不足以與她倫比。 15She is more precious than pearls; nothing you could wish for would compare with her.
16在她右邊是延年益壽,在她左邊是富貴榮華。 16With her right hand she offers you length of days, with her left, riches and glory.
17她的道路是康樂之道,她的行徑是一片安寧。 17She leads you through delightful ways; all her roads are peace.
18她為掌握她的人,是一株生命樹;凡堅持她的,必將納福。 18She is a tree of life for those who clasp her; those who possess her are happy.
19上主以智慧奠定了大地,以睿智堅定了高天; 19It is by his wisdom that Yahweh founded the earth; by his understanding that he made firm the heavens.
20賴他的智識,深淵纔裂口噴水,雲彩纔降下甘露。 20By his knowledge the depths were scooped out, and the clouds rained down dew.
21我兒,你應保持明智和慎重,不要讓她們離開你的視線: 21My son, hold on to sound judgment and discretion and do not let them out of your sight.
22二者應是你心靈的生命,是你頸項的華飾; 22They will give life to your inner self, and adorn your neck.
23這樣,你走路必感安全,你的腳不致絆倒。 23Then you can go your way safely and your foot will not stumble.
24你若坐下,必無所恐懼;你若躺下,必睡得甘甜。 24You will have no fear when you lie down and your sleep will be peaceful.
25你決不怕驟然而來的恐怖,也不怕惡人突然而至的摧殘, 25You will not fear sudden terror or the attack of evildoers.
26因為上主將要護佑你,使你的腳遠離陷阱。 26For Yahweh is at your side and he guards your steps from the snare.
27你若有能力作到,不要拒絕向有求於你的人行善; 27Do not hold back from those who ask your help, when it is in your power to do it.
28如果你能即刻作到,不要對你的近人說:「去!明天再來,我纔給你。」 28Do not say to your neighbor, "Go away! Come another time; tomorrow I will give it to you!" when you can help him now.
29幾時你的近人安心與你居住,你不應暗算他。 29Do not plot evil against your neighbor who lives trustingly beside you,
30若他人沒有加害你,你不應與他無端爭辯。 30nor fight a man without cause when he has done you no wrong.
31不要羡慕強暴的人,更不要選擇他的任何行徑, 31Do not envy the man of violence or follow his example.
32因為上主厭惡乖戾的人,摯愛正直的人。 32For Yahweh hates the wicked but guides the honest.
33上主詛咒惡人的住宅,祝福義人的寓所。 33He curses the house of the evildoer but blesses the home of the upright.
34上主嘲弄好愚弄的人,卻寵愛謙卑的人。 34If there are mockers, he mocks them in turn but he shows his favor to the humble. The wise will possess his glory while the foolish will inherit disgrace.
35智慧的人必承受尊榮,愚昧的人必蒙受羞辱。 35




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