Proverbs:Chapter 26


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箴言 Proverbs
1有如夏日下雪,秋收降雨,不合時令;同樣,愚昧的人獲得光榮,亦不適宜。 1Honors do not suit the fool any more than snow in summer and rain at harvest.
2有如麻雀逃走,燕子飛去:無端的咒罵,也一去無蹤。 2The sparrow escapes, the swallow flies off, so the motiveless curse will have no effect.
3馬需要皮鞭,驢需要轡頭,愚昧人的脊背需要棍棒。 3A whip for the horse, a bridle for the donkey, a stick for the backs of fools.
4回答愚昧人,免照樣愚昧,免得你也像他一樣; 4Do not answer the stupidity of fools lest you become like them.
5回答愚昧人,有時應愚昧,免得他自以為聰明。 5Answer the stupidity of the fool lest he consider himself intelligent.
6派遣愚昧人,去作傳話者,是自斷己足,是自尋苦惱。 6He who sends messages by a fool is cutting his own feet.
7猶如跛子的腳虛懸無力,箴言在愚人口中也是如此。 7Like the unsteady legs of a lame man, such is a proverb in the mouth of fools.
8將光榮體面授給愚昧人,無異將寶石投在石堆裡。 8Honoring a fool is like tying a stone in a sling.
9箴言在愚人口中,猶如荊棘在醉漢手中。 9Like a thorn branch in a drunkard's hands, such is a proverb in the mouth of fools.
10雇用愚人或過路人的人,無異射傷眾人的弓箭手。 10Like an archer wounding all passersby, so is he who employs a fool.
11愚人一再重複他的愚行,猶如狗再來吃牠嘔吐之物。 11The fool reverts to his stupidity just as a dog returns to his vomit.
12你是否見過自作聰明的人?寄望於愚人比寄望於他更好。 12See that man who thinks himself wise? There is more hope for a fool!
13懶惰人常說:「路上有猛獅,街市有壯獅。」 13"There's a lion in the street," the lazy man says, "a lion in the square."
14懶人在床榻上輾轉,猶如門扇在樞紐上旋轉。 14The door turns on its hinges and the lazy man, on his bed.
15懶人伸手在盤中取食,送到口邊也感到辛苦。 15The idler dips his hand in the dish but is too tired to lift it to his mouth.
16懶惰人自認為聰明人,遠勝過七個善於應對的人。 16The idler considers himself wiser than many people who answer tactfully.
17干涉與己無關的爭端,有如抓過路狗的尾巴。 17Interfering in the disputes of others is like grabbing a passing dog by the tail.
18誰、 18As a madman hurls flaming, deadly arrows,
19騙了人而後說:「我只開玩笑!」猶如狂人投擲火把、利箭和死亡。 19so does the one who lies to his friend and then says, "It was just a joke."
20沒有木柴,火即熄滅;沒有讒言,爭端即息。 20For lack of wood, the fire goes out; for want of a gossiper, the quarrel dies down.
21誰惹事生非,挑撥爭端,是在火炭上加炭,火上加柴。 21Charcoal on hot coals, wood on a fire, and a quarrelsome man for stirring up disputes.
22進讒者的話,如可口美味,能深深透入肺腑的深處。 22The words of the gossiper are delicious mouthfuls which go right down to the bottom of the stomach.
23口蜜腹劍的人,有如塗上銀的陶器。 23Like silver on earthenware, so are smooth lips with a corrupt heart.
24懷恨他人的,善措詞掩飾;但在他心底,卻藏有陰險。 24The one who hates, disguises his words and keeps his treachery inside;
25誰聲調過柔,你不要相信;因在他心中,藏有七種惡。 25do not trust his sweet language for seven evils fill his heart.
26仇恨雖可以詭計來掩飾,但在集會中險惡必敗露。 26But although he conceals his hatred like a hypocrite, his evil will be revealed in the assembly.
27挖掘陷阱的必自陷其中,滾轉石頭的必為石所壓。 27He who digs a pit falls in it and the rock he rolls away falls back on him.
28撒謊的唇舌,必痛恨真理;諂媚的嘴臉,必製造喪亡。 28The liar hates his victims, the flattering mouth brings destruction.




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