Proverbs:Chapter 25


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箴言 Proverbs
1以下也是撒羅滿的箴言,由猶大王希則克雅的人所蒐集: 1These are also Proverbs of Solomon, recorded in the time of Heze- kiah, king of Judah.
2將事隱蔽,是天主的光榮;清察事實,是君王的光榮。 2The glory of God is in hiding secrets and the glory of the king, in revealing them.
3天有多高,地有多厚,王有何心,不可測量。 3As high as the skies, as deep as the earth, such is the heart of kings.
4若將銀渣除去淨盡,銀匠必會造出銀器; 4Remove the impurity from silver and it will become a vessel in the hands of the silversmith.
5若將君王前的惡人除掉,王座即可因正義而穩立。 5Remove the wicked from the king's presence and he will affirm his power through justice.
6你在君王前不可炫耀,不可佔有權貴的座位; 6Do not boast before the king or put yourself among the great.
7因為人對你說「請上座!」比在貴人前受抑更好。 7It would be better to be invited, "Come up here," than to be humiliated after having seen the prince.
8你眼若有所見,不可冒然訴訟;人若使你難堪,你將何以善後? 8Do not be too hasty in accusing your neighbor for what would happen to you should he confound you?
9與你的近人,可自決爭端;他人的秘密,切不可洩漏; 9Defend your case against your neighbor but do not reveal the secret of another,
10免得人聽見了而譏笑你,使你的聲譽一敗塗地。 10lest he overhear it and despise you and your reputation be lost.
11一句簡單話,若說得適當,有如銀盤中,放上金蘋果。 11An opportune word is like golden apples encased in silver.
12明智的勸戒,對受教的人,無異於金環,或純金美飾。 12A gold ring or an ornament of fine gold, such is the wise man's rebuke to a responsive person.
13忠誠的使者,對遣他的人,有如秋收時,吹來的涼風,使他主人的心感到愉快。 13The trustworthy messenger is like the coolness of snow at harvest time, to him who sends him: he revives the soul of his master.
14許諾而不實踐的人,只好似無雨的風雲。 14Clouds and wind but no rain, such is the one who promises but does not fulfill.
15容忍可以折服公侯,柔語能以粉碎硬骨。 15With a little patience you will persuade the judge; a soft tongue can break bones.
16你能找到蜂蜜,應按食量吃;怕吃的過多,反要吐出來。 16If you find honey, eat enough but not too much, lest you bring it up again.
17鄰舍的住家,你應少踏入;怕他討厭你,反而憎恨你。 17Go rarely to your neighbor's house lest he tire of you and grow to hate you.
18作假見證陷害鄰舍的人,無異是鐵鎚、刀劍和利箭。 18A mace, a sword, a keen arrow: such is the one who lies about his neighbor.
19在患難之日,信賴無信用的人,有如信賴蛀壞的牙,脫節的腳。 19A decaying tooth, a lame foot, such is the trust put in the ungodly on the day of trouble.
20對憂傷的心靈詠唱詩歌,無異在傷口處倒上酸醋。 20Singing songs to a grieving person is like taking off your cloak in frosty weather or pouring vinegar into a wound.
21若仇人餓了,你要給他吃;若是他渴了,應給他水喝: 21If your enemy is hungry give him something to eat, if thirsty, something to drink;
22這是將火炭堆在他頭上,上主也必要因此還報你。 22thus you pile up red-hot coals on his head and Yahweh will reward you.
23北風帶來時雨;讒言易惹怒容。 23As the north wind brings the rain, so the gossiping tongue leaves angry faces.
24寧願住在屋頂的一角,不願與吵婦同居一室。 24Better the corner of a barn to live in than a house shared with a whimsical woman.
25來自遠方的喜信,無異口渴獲清泉。 25Good news from a distant country is like cool water to a dry throat.
26義人如在惡人面前失足,無異弄混的水泉,弄濁的水井。 26A churning river or a polluted spring is like the virtuous man who trembles before the evildoer.
27吃蜂蜜過多,有損無益;過於求光榮,反而受累。 27It is not good to eat too much honey and even less good to be greedy for honors.
28人若不控制自己的脾氣,就如一座無牆無防的城市。 28The man who cannot contain his anger is like an open city, without defenses.




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