Proverbs:Chapter 23


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箴言 Proverbs
1幾時你與首長坐席,應記著,在你面前的是誰。 1If you sit at a table with a great man, beware of what is in front of you;
2你若過於貪食,應在咽喉上,放上一把刀。 2if your appetite is too great, put a knife to your throat.
3休要羨慕他的珍饈,因那是騙人的食品。 3Do not greedily desire his fine food for it is deceptive nourishment.
4不要辛苦企求致富,反應放棄這種企圖。 4Do not wear yourself out trying to be rich, do not dwell on it.
5你向之一注目,即不再存在了:它會生出翅膀,如鷹向天飛去。 5Set your eyes on wealth and it no longer exists; it sprouts wings and flies into the sky like an eagle.
6不要與虎視眈眈的人進食,也不要羨慕他的山珍海味, 6Do not eat with the wicked man or be greedy for his choice food.
7因為他原是只顧自己的人,他口頭雖對你說「請吃請喝!」但他的心中並不與你友善; 7All is appearance, for he plots in his heart. "Eat and drink," he says but he is not to be trusted.
8你吃下的那口食物,還得吐出;你婉轉悅耳的言辭,盡屬枉費。 8You will spit it out as soon as it is tasted and your words of praise will be wasted.
9不要與愚人交耳接談,因他必輕視你的高見。 9Do not speak with a fool; he will not be able to appreciate your remarks.
10不要移動孀婦的地界,不要侵佔孤兒的田地; 10Do not move the ancient boundaries or take possession of the orphan's land because his Avenger is powerful;
11因為他們的辯護者是大能的,他必為他們的案件與你爭辯。 11he will take sides against you.
12你應專心接受教訓,傾耳細聽益智之言。 12Apply your heart to instruction and your ears to words of wisdom.
13對孩童不可忽略懲戒;用棍打他,他不致死去。 13Do not hold back from correcting a youth; the rod will not kill him.
14你用棍杖打他,是救他的靈魂免下陰府。 14With several strokes, you save him from death.
15我兒,你若心懷智慧,我也誠心喜樂; 15My son, if your heart is wise, then my own heart is glad,
16你的唇舌若談吐正義的事,我的五衷也必會踴躍歡欣。 16and my whole being will rejoice when you speak the truth.
17心裡不要羨慕罪人,欲要日日敬畏上主; 17Do not envy sinners but, each day, fear Yahweh; then you will have a future and
18這樣,你的將來必然順利,你的希望絕不落空。 18your hope will not be in vain.
19我兒,你要聽話,作個明智人;且要引領你的心走上正道。 19Listen, my son, and you will be wise and you will make your heart go straight on its way.
20貪嗜酒肉的人,不可與之來往; 20Do not be one of those who get drunk with wine or who stuff themselves with meat,
21因為嗜酒貪食的人,必陷於窮困;貪懶好睡的人,必衣著襤褸。 21since the drunkard and the glutton impoverish themselves and the sleepyhead is clothed in rags.
22對生養你的父親,應當聽從;對你年邁的母親,不可輕視。 22Listen to your father who begot you; do not despise your mother in her old age.
23應獲取真理,不可出賣,還有智慧、訓誨和見識。 23Acquire truth and never sell it; gain wisdom, discipline and discernment.
24義人的父親,必欣然喜樂;生育慧子的,必為此歡騰。 24Happy the father of a virtuous man! How he will rejoice,
25應使你的父親因你而喜悅,應使你的生母因你而快樂。 25he who fathers a wise man! May your father and mother rejoice and may she who bore you be glad.
26我兒,將你的心交給我,注目於我的道路: 26My son, give me your heart, that your eyes may delight in my ways.
27妓女是一個深坑,淫婦是一個陷阱; 27You should know that the prostitute is a deep abyss and the unknown woman a narrow well.
28她潛伏著,實如強盜,使人世間,增添奸夫。 28Like a thief she lies in wait and she increases the sinners among men.
29是誰將哀鳴,是誰將悲嘆?是誰將爭吵,是誰將抱怨?是誰將無故受傷,是誰將赤紅? 29For whom are the cries and laments? For whom the complaints and sighs? For whom the blows without reason? For whom the eyes which see double?
30是那流連於醉鄉,去搜求醇酒的人。 30For those who abandon themselves to wine and go in search of the well-blended wine.
31你不要注視酒色怎樣紅,在杯中怎樣閃耀,飲下去怎樣痛快! 31Do not consider the wine: how red it is and how sparkling the glass! How smoothly it flows!
32終究它要咬人如蛇,刺人如虺。 32In the end, it bites like a snake and stings like a viper.
33那時,你的眼要見到奇景,你的心要吐出狂語。 33Your eyes will see strange things and you will end up speaking nonsense.
34你宛如躺在海中心,睡在桅杆頂。 34You will be like a man asleep on the high seas or at the rudder: "They hit me but I am not hurt.
35「人打我,我不痛,人捶我,我不覺;我何時甦醒,好再去尋醉!」 35They beat me but I feel nothing. When will I wake up? I will go in search of more."




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