Proverbs:Chapter 18


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箴言 Proverbs
1與眾寡合的,只求私意;對任何指教,都表忿恨。 1He who holds himself aloof follows his own whims and is annoyed at others' advice.
2愚昧的人不喜愛受教,只愛顯露自己的心意。 2The fool does not relish reflection but only the airing of his own views.
3邪惡一來,輕視隨到;侮辱也隨無恥而至。 3When the wicked come, scorn also comes, and offense brings shame.
4哲人口中的言語有如深水,又如洶湧的溪流,生命的泉源。 4Man's words are like deep waters; an overflowing torrent is the fountain of wisdom.
5在判案時,徇惡人之私,加害於義人,實屬不公。 5It is not good to give consideration to the wicked or to harm the virtuous when giving judgment.
6愚人的唇舌,常引起爭端;愚人的口舌,常自招責打。 6The fool's lips cause disputes and his mouth attracts blows.
7愚人的舌,使自己喪亡;他的嘴唇,是害己的陷阱。 7The fool's mouth is his undoing; his lips will ensnare his life.
8進讒者的話,如可口美味,能深深透入肺腑的深處。 8The gossiper's words are tasty mouthfuls which go right to the bottom of the stomach.
9懶於操勞的人,是敗子的弟兄。 9He who dawdles at work is a brother of the destroyer.
10上主的名號,是堅固堡壘;義人投入內,必得享安全。 10Yahweh's name is a strong tower, the virtuous rely on it and are safe.
11富人的財產,是他的堅城;在他意想中,像座高牆垣。 11The rich man's wealth is his fortress; he relies on it as on a high wall.
12心傲是滅亡的前導,心謙是光榮的前驅。 12Before its downfall, the heart is wrapped in pride; while humility goes before honor.
13未聽而先答,實愚昧可恥。 13To argue before listening to the facts shows stupidity which leads to disgrace.
14剛毅的精神,能忍受病苦;若精神萎靡,有誰能支持? 14The spirit of man sustains him when ill but who will lift the one of broken spirit?
15明智人的心,必獲得學問;智慧人的耳,必探求知識。 15The discerning heart obtains wisdom, the ear of the wise searches out knowledge.
16禮物能給人大開門路,引人晉謁權貴。 16A present opens all doors to you and brings you into the company of the powerful.
17先訴理者似有理,對手來時再審斷。 17The first to plead his case seems to be right, but his opponent appears and there is matter for trial.
18抽籤可以使爭端平息,也能調解權貴的糾紛。 18Casting lots terminates disputes and decides between the powerful.
19兄弟若不和,比堅城還難攻克;他們的爭辯,有如碉堡的門閂。 19A brother who is helped is more steadfast than a fortress but quarrels are like the bars of a castle.
20人必以口中果實充滿肚腹,必飽嘗自己唇舌的出產。 20A man is filled with what comes from his mouth and is nourished by what his lips provide.
21死亡和生命,全在乎唇舌;放縱唇舌的,必自食其果。 21The tongue has power over life and death, those who like speaking will eat its fruit.
22誰覓得了賢妻,便覓得了幸福,得了上主恩眷。 22He who finds a wife finds happiness, he has won Yahweh's favor.
23貧窮的人哀懇乞憐;富貴的人厲聲以對。 23The poor man pleads, while the rich man responds harshly.
24交朋友過多,必會有損害;但有些朋友,遠勝親兄弟。 24Some friends only bring ruin, others are closer than a brother.




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