Proverbs:Chapter 17


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箴言 Proverbs
1乾餅一張而平安共食,勝於滿屋佳肴而互相爭吵。 1Better a crust of dry bread in peace than the discord of a house full of feasting.
2聰明的僕人必能管治任性的兒子,且可與弟兄們共分產業。 2A shrewd servant will replace the foolish son of the master and will share the inheritance as one of the brothers.
3鍋煉銀,爐煉金,上主煉人心。 3A crucible for silver and a furnace for gold but Yahweh is the tester of hearts.
4奸詐的人,愛聽胡言亂語;說謊的人,輕信是非長短。 4The evil plotter listens to the lips of liars; and the liar gives an ear to the corrupt tongue.
5嘲笑窮人的,是凌辱他的造主;幸災樂禍的,必不能脫免懲罰。 5He who mocks the poor insults their Creator, he who laughs at the deprived will not go unpunished.
6孫兒是老人的冠冕,父親是兒女的光榮。 6The crown of the aged is their children's children, the children's glory is their father.
7優雅的言詞,不適宜於愚人;虛偽的狂語,更不宜於君王。 7Noble language does not suit the fool and even less do lies suit a prince.
8賄賂在饋贈者眼中,有如寶石;不論他要轉向何方,無往不利。 8The giver of gifts possesses a treasure, wherever he goes he will succeed.
9掩飾他人的過錯,可獲得友愛;屢念舊日的過惡,則離間友誼。 9Whoever covers over a fault promotes friendships, but he who reveals a word divides friends.
10對明智人一句指責,勝過對愚昧人百次杖擊。 10A discerning man is more impressed by a reprimand than a fool is by a hundred lashes.
11暴徒只求叛亂,但有殘酷使者,奉命前來對付。 11The wicked man seeks nothing but rebellion; a cruel messenger will be sent against him.
12寧願遇見失掉幼子的母熊,不願逢著正在發狂的愚人。 12It is better to meet with a bear deprived of her cubs than with a fool in his foolishness.
13誰以怨報德,災禍必不離開他的家。 13He who repays good with evil will not rid his house of evil.
14爭論的開端,如水之破堤;在激辯之前,應極加制止。 14To begin legal proceedings is like opening a dam; withdraw before the dispute erupts.
15宣判罪人無罪,判定義人有罪:二者同為上主所憎惡。 15To excuse the guilty and condemn the just: both are detestable to Yahweh.
16愚昧的人,既沒有頭腦,手執金錢買智慧,又何益之有? 16What good is money in a fool's hand? How can he buy wisdom? He has no sense.
17朋友平時常相愛,唯在難中見兄弟。 17A friend will love you at all times, a brother has been born to you for times of adversity.
18常為人擊掌作保,實是個無知之徒。 18He who is full of promises and goes bail for his neighbor has no sense.
19好爭辯的人,實喜愛罪過;高舉門戶的,必自趨滅亡。 19The sinner loves disputes, the man of arrogant words hastens his own ruin.
20誰存心欺詐,不會得幸福;誰搬弄是非,必陷於災禍。 20The man of double-dealing does not find happiness, the sly tongue falls into disgrace.
21生糊塗孩子的,只有悲哀;糊塗人的父親,毫無樂趣。 21He who fathers a fool has acquired misery, there is no joy for a fool's father.
22愉快的心,是良好的治療;神志憂鬱,能使筋骨枯萎。 22A joyful heart gives health to the body, while a sad spirit dries up the bones.
23惡人在大衣下受賄賂,是為顛倒正義的判詞。 23The corrupt man takes bribes to pervert the course of justice.
24精明的人,常面向智慧;愚者的眼,向地極呆望, 24The discerning man keeps wisdom before his eyes; the fool's eyes are on every corner of the world.
25愚昧的兒子,是他父親的痛苦,是他生母的憂傷。 25The foolish son is a worry to his father and distress to her who gave him birth.
26科罰無辜,已屬不當;杖責君子,更屬不義。 26It is not right to fine the upright; the noble ought not to be beaten.
27智者必沉默寡言,達人必心神鎮定。 27The prudent of speech are wise; he who keeps his temper is an educated man.
28愚人不發言,亦可充作智者;若謹口慎言,亦可視為哲人。 28Then the fool, if silent, can pass as wise; the clever man keeps his lips sealed.




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