Proverbs:Chapter 12


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箴言 Proverbs
1喜愛受教的人,必喜愛智慧;憎恨規勸的人,真是糊塗。 1He who loves discipline, loves knowledge; foolish is he who rejects correction.
2善心的人,必得上主喜悅;心術邪惡的人,必受降罰。 2The good man wins the favor of Yahweh who condemns the one of evil schemes.
3沒有人作惡而能穩立,唯有義人的根基永不動搖。 3No man is made secure by evil but nothing undermines the roots of the upright.
4賢能的妻子,是她丈夫的冠冕;無恥的妻子,宛如丈夫骨中的腐蝕。 4A good wife is her husband's crown while the shameless woman is like a cancer in his bones.
5義人思念公正,惡人計劃詭譎。 5The plans of the upright are honest and the plottings of the wicked deceitful.
6惡人的言談,是流血的陷阱;義人的口舌,設法搭救他人。 6The words of the wicked are mortal snares but the virtuous refute and elude them.
7惡人一旦傾覆,便不復存在;義人的家室,卻得以久存。 7The evildoers are thrown down and are no more; but the house of the virtuous will never crumble.
8人憑自己的識見,獲得讚美;但心地邪僻的人,必受輕視。 8Everyone is praised in proportion to his prudence; while the corrupt of heart will be met with contempt.
9一個自給自足的平民,比愛排場而缺食的人,更為可貴。 9Better to be a common man and have a servant than to feel oneself great and run short of bread.
10義人珍惜禽獸的生命,惡人的心腸殘忍刻薄。 10The upright man looks after his animals but the wicked are heartless.
11自耕其地的人,必得飽食;追求虛幻的人,實屬愚昧。 11He who cultivates the earth will have his fill of bread, while the fool chases after illusions.
12邪惡的想望,是惡人的羅網;義人的根基,卻永不動搖。 12The desires of the wicked produce evil, but the roots of the virtuous produce fruit.
13惡人失口,自尋苦惱;義人卻能幸免受累。 13The wicked man is entangled in his own lies, but the virtuous man will be saved from misfortune.
14人必飽嘗自己口舌的果實,必按自己的行為獲得報應。 14Those who meditates on wisdom will attain all that is good; each one is rewarded according to the works of his hands.
15愚昧的人,常以為自己的道路正直;但明智的人,卻常聽從勸告。 15The fool considers his way right while the wise man listens to advice.
16愚昧的人,立時顯出自己的憤怒;機智的人,卻忍辱而不外露。 16The fool shows his annoyance immediately, but the discreet man overlooks an insult.
17吐露真情,是彰顯正義;作假見證,是自欺欺人。 17The trustworthy witness leads to the truth, and the liar to confusion.
18出言不慎,有如利刃傷人;智者的口,卻常療愈他人。 18The one who speaks thoughtlessly pierces like a sword; but the words of the wise bring healing.
19講實話的唇舌,永垂不朽;說謊話的舌頭,瞬息即逝。 19Truthful words endure forever but lies, for only a moment.
20圖謀惡事的,心懷欺詐;策劃和平的,必得喜樂, 20Deceit dwells in the heart of the schemer, happiness in those who pursue peace.
21義人常無往不利,惡人卻備受災殃。 21No misfortune will befall the virtuous but the wicked will have their fill of troubles.
22欺詐的唇舌,為上主所深惡;行事誠實的,纔為他所中悅。 22Yahweh hates the lips of liars and loves those who speak the truth.
23機智的人,使自己的才學深藏不露;心中愚昧的人,只會彰顯自己的愚蠢。 23The discreet man conceals his wisdom while fools make public their nonsense.
24勤勞的手,必要掌權;懶慢的手,只有服役。 24The hardworking hand will rule; and the lazy will have to obey.
25憂鬱使人心消沉,良言使人心快活。 25Intense grief depresses the heart while a friendly word makes it glad.
26義人給自己的友伴指示道路,惡人的行動卻引人誤入歧途。 26The just man guides his neighbor while the way of the wicked leads them astray.
27懶惰的人,無米為炊;勤勞的人,腰纏萬貫。 27The lazy hand will have no game to cook: being industrious is the secret of wealth.
28正義的路,導向生命;邪惡的路,引人喪亡。 28Life is to be found on the path of virtue, the way of the wicked leads to death.




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