Proverbs:Chapter 11


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箴言 Proverbs
1上主深惡假秤,卻喜愛法碼準確。 1Yahweh detests a false scale but a just weight pleases him.
2傲慢來到,恥辱隨後而至;智慧只與謙遜人相處。 2Disgrace always accompanies pride; wisdom resides with the humble.
3正直的人,以正義為領導;背義的人,必為邪惡所毀滅。 3Honesty illumines the path of the upright; but the corrupt are confounded by their own evil.
4在上主盛怒之日,財富毫無用途;只有正義,能救人免於死亡。 4On the day of vengeance riches will prove useless but honest living will save from death.
5完人的正義,為他修平道路;惡人必因自己的邪惡而顛仆。 5The virtuous man's integrity smooths his way, while the wicked man falls by his own evil.
6正直的人,將因自己的正義而獲救;奸詐的人,反為自己的惡計所連累。 6Upright living saves the virtuous while evildoers are caught in their own greed.
7惡人一死,他的希望盡成泡影;同樣,奸匪的期待也全然消失。 7The hope of the wicked is buried with them and their trust in riches is of no avail.
8義人得免患難,惡人反來頂替。 8The upright will escape from distress; a wicked man will take his place.
9假善人以口舌,傷害自己的近人;義人因有知識,卻得以保全。 9The godless man uses his mouth to destroy his neighbor but the virtuous use their wisdom to save themselves.
10幾時義人幸運,全城歡騰;幾時惡人滅亡,歡聲四起。 10The city rejoices in the good fortune of the upright and delights in the ruin of the wicked.
11義人的祝福,使城市興隆;惡人的口舌,使城市傾覆。 11A city is raised on the blessing of honest men and destroyed by the mouth of the wicked.
12嘲弄自己朋友的人,毫無識趣;有見識的人,必沉默寡言。 12Whoever mocks his neighbor is a fool; the wise man chooses silence.
13往來傳話的人,必洩漏秘密;心地誠樸的人,方能不露實情。 13The gossip reveals secrets, but the trustworthy man keeps a secret.
14人民缺乏領導,勢必衰弱,人民的得救,正在於謀士眾多。 14Lack of guidance leads to a nation's decline whereas numerous counselors bring success.
15為外人作保的,必自討苦吃;厭惡作保的,必自享安全。 15He who stands bail for a stranger harms himself; he who avoids going bail will be safe.
16淑德的婦女,必為丈夫取得光榮;惱恨正義的婦女,正是一恥辱的寶座;懶散的人失落自己的財物,勤謹的人反取得財富。 16A gracious woman wins renown, and bold men acquire riches.
17為人慈善,是造福己身;殘酷的人,反自傷己命。 17The generous man does himself a favor while a cruel man wounds his own flesh.
18惡人所賺得的工資,是空虛的;播種正義者的報酬,纔是真實的。 18The pay of the wicked is an illusion; while the upright man reaps a sure reward.
19恒行正義,必走向生命;追求邪惡,必自趨喪亡。 19Upright living leads to life but the way of evil leads to death.
20上主憎惡心邪的人,喜悅舉止無瑕的人。 20Yahweh detests the corrupt of heart but loves those whose life is upright.
21惡人始終不能逃避懲罰,義人的後裔必獲得拯救。 21Be assured that the wicked will not go unpunished, and the sons of the virtuous will be saved.
22女人美麗而不精明,猶如套在豬鼻上的金環。 22The pretty woman without discretion is like a gold ring in the snout of a pig.
23義人的心願必獲善報;惡人的希望終歸破滅。 23The upright desire nothing but good; the desires of the wicked are in vain.
24有人慷慨好施,反更富有;有人過於吝嗇,反更貧窮。 24Those who are generous increase their riches; others are misers and impoverish themselves.
25慈善為懷的人,必得富裕;施惠於人的人,必蒙施惠。 25The warmhearted soul will prosper; he who waters will himself be watered.
26屯積糧食的人,必受人民咀咒;祝福卻降在賣糧食者的頭上。 26He who hoards wheat is cursed by the people; blessed is he who sells his seeds.
27慕求美善的,必求得恩寵;追求邪惡的,邪惡必臨其身。 27Yahweh rewards the one who seeks good; but he who pursues evil will be caught by it.
28信賴自己財富的人,必至衰落;義人卻茂盛有如綠葉。 28He who trusts in riches will stumble; while the upright will flourish like leaves.
29危害自己家庭的,必承受虛幻;愚昧的人,必作心智者的奴隸。 29Whoever mismanages his house will inherit only wind; the fool will end up a slave of the wise.
30義人的果實是生命樹,智慧的人能奪取人心。 30The fruit of the upright is a tree of life while the wicked are uprooted before their time.
31看義人在地上還遭受報復,惡人和罪人更將如何? 31If here on earth the upright get their due, how much more the wicked and the sinner!




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