Proverbs:Chapter 10


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箴言 Proverbs
1智慧的兒子使父親喜樂;愚昧的兒子,使母親憂愁。 1A wise son is his father's joy, a foolish one his mother's heartbreak.
2不義之財,毫無益處;惟有正義,救人脫免死亡。 2Treasures wrongfully acquired are of no value but upright living saves from death.
3上主不忍義人受飢,卻使惡人大失所望。 3Yahweh does not let the upright man go hungry but he denies satisfaction to the evildoers.
4游手好閒,使人貧窮;勤奮工作,使人富有。 4The lazy hand brings poverty; the diligent hand brings wealth.
5夏季貯蓄的,是明智的孩童;秋收酣睡的是無恥的兒子。 5The prudent man reaps in summer; the one who sleeps at harvest time deserves scorn.
6上主的祝福在義人頭上,災禍卻使惡人啞口無言。 6Blessings on the head of the upright man! Violence silences the cry of the wicked.
7義人受人懷念祝福,惡人卻必身敗名裂。 7The upright man will be remembered with blessings, the name of the wicked will rot away.
8心靈智慧的人,必接受命令;饒舌的愚的人,必自招喪亡。 8The sensible man is open to instruction, the chattering fool speeds towards ruin.
9走正路的,行路穩妥;走邪路的,終必敗露。 9He who behaves honorably will walk safely, but the follower of crooked ways will be punished.
10暗中擠眼的人,必引人煩惱;坦然規勸的人,必促進和平。 10The wink of an eye brings trouble; but a rebuke wins peace.
11義人的口,是生命的泉源;惡人的口,是殘暴的淵藪。 11The mouth of an upright man is a source of life, but violence is concealed in the mouths of evildoers.
12仇恨引起爭端,愛情遮掩一切過失。 12Hatred enkindles disputes, love covers over all offenses.
13有見識的口唇上,可找著智慧;棍杖只是為打缺乏智慧者脊背。 13Wisdom is to be found on the lips of the discerning man; the stick is for the fool's back.
14智慧的人,隱諱自己學問;昧人的口,招致逼近的喪亡。 14The wise man stores up learning but the mouth of the fool makes way for ruin.
15富人的財富,是他自己的堅城;窮人的零落,卻是他們的貧乏。 15The rich man's fortune is his fortress, the poverty of the poor is their undoing.
16義人的薪金,用以維持生活;惡人的收入,卻只用來犯罪。 16The virtuous man's toil brings him life, while the sins of the evil man destroy him.
17誰遵守勸告,必走向生命之路;誰輕視規勸,必自誤入迷途。 17Respect for discipline is the path of life; he who ignores correction is doomed.
18撒謊的唇舌,必暗藏仇恨;散播謠言的,必是愚昧人。 18Hypocritical is he who tolerates hatred; he who slanders is a fool.
19多言難免無過,明智的人必約束自己的唇舌。 19Sin will not be lacking where too many words are spoken; the prudent man controls his tongue.
20義人的舌,貴若純金;惡人的心,賤似草芥。 20The upright man's tongue is pure silver, but the hearts of evildoers have little value.
21義人的唇舌教育群眾,愚人必因缺乏心智而死亡。 21The lips of one upright man feed many people while fools die for lack of sense.
22使人致富的,是上主的祝福;營營的辛勞,卻無補於事。 22The blessing of Yahweh brings riches, no effort can replace it.
23愚昧人樂於作惡,明哲人樂於求智。 23The fool delights in doing evil and the wise man in acquiring wisdom.
24惡人畏懼的,反向他侵襲;義人的希望,終獲得應允。 24The evildoer will encounter the evil he dreaded whereas the upright man will receive what he looked forward to.
25暴風雨一過,惡人不復存在;義人卻根深蒂固。 25After the storm the wicked man is seen no more, but the upright man remains forever.
26懶漢之於派遣他的人,就如醋之於牙,煙之於目。 26The lazy man is like vinegar to the teeth and smoke to the eyes of his master.
27敬畏上主,將延年壽;惡人的歲月,必要短縮。 27Fear of Yahweh lengthens one's life, but the years of the wicked will be cut short.
28義人的期待,終歸是喜樂;惡人的希望,終歸是失望。 28The hope of the upright ends in happiness but the expectations of the wicked come to nothing.
29上主的道路,是正人君子的保障;為作惡的人,卻是滅亡。 29The ways of Yahweh are a fortress for the upright but for evildoers only ruin.
30義人永不會動搖,惡人決不會久留地上。 30The virtuous man will never be disturbed but evildoers will not survive on the land.
31義人的口,散播智慧;邪惡的舌,必被剷除。 31Wisdom springs forth from the mouth of the virtuous but the corrupt tongue will be torn out.
32義人的唇,常吐雅言,惡人的口,只說邪惡。 32Goodness dwells on the lips of the upright, corruption in the mouth of the wicked.




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