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戶籍紀 Numbers
1肋未的兒子刻哈特的後裔依茲哈爾的兒子科辣黑,和勒烏本的後裔厄里雅布的兩個兒子達堂和阿彼蘭,並培肋特的兒子翁, 1Korah, son of Izhar, son of Kohath, from the tribe of Levi - and also Dathan and Abiram, sons of Eliab, son of Peleth, from the tribe of Reuben - rebelled against Moses.
2起來反抗梅瑟。此外,還有二百五十個以色列人,他們都是會眾的領袖,會議的要員,有名望的人。 2Two hundred fifty Israelites followed him; all were well known leaders in the community and members of the council.
3他們團結起來反抗梅瑟和亞郎,對他們說:「你們太過份了!全體會眾都是聖潔的人,上主也在他們中;為什麼你們卻抬舉自己在上主的集會以上?」 3They came together and addressed Moses and Aaron saying, "It is enough! The whole community is consecrated to Yahweh and he lives among them. Why then, do you set yourselves over the community of Yahweh?"
4梅瑟一聽這話,就俯伏在地。 4When Moses, heard this, he threw himself face downward on the ground.
5然後對科辣黑和他同黨的人說:「明天早上,上主會使人知道,誰是他的人,誰是聖者;他使誰親近自己:他許誰親近自己,誰就是他所選的人。 5Then he said to Korah and all his followers, "Tomorrow morning Yahweh will make known who belongs to him, and who is consecrated to him and may approach him. He himself will let the one he has chosen approach."
6你們應這樣做:科辣黑和他同黨的人啊!你們要拿着火盤, 6You Korah with all your followers, take your censers tomorrow.
7明天在盤裏放上火,在上主面前,添上乳香;上主揀選誰,誰就是聖者。肋未的子孫,你們太過份了!」 7Then you will fill them with burning coals and put incense in them before Yahweh, and Yahweh will indicate the one who is holy. Sons of Levi, you have gone too far!"
8梅瑟又對科辣黑說:「肋未的子孫,請聽我說: 8Moses said to Korah, "Listen to me now, you sons of Levi.
9以色列的天主將你們與以色列會眾分開,使你們親近他,在上主帳幕內服務,站在會眾前頭代他們行禮,這為你們還不夠麼? 9Is it not enough for you that the God of Israel has set you apart from the rest of the community of Israel, and called you close to himself for service in the Holy Tent of Yahweh, to stand before this community and perform the sacred service on their behalf?
10他已使你和你所有的兄弟──肋未的子孫,親近他,你們還要貪求司祭之職麼? 10He has called you to be near him, you and all your brother Levites with you, and now you want the office of priesthood as well!
11其實你和你的同黨所共謀反抗的是上主;至於亞郎,他算什麼,你們竟抱怨他?」 11What is the misdeed of Aaron that you complain against him? It is against Yahweh himself that you and your followers have rebelled."
12梅瑟派人去叫厄里雅布的兒子達堂和阿彼蘭來;他們卻答說:「我們不去! 12Moses sent messengers to summon Dathan and Abiram, the sons of Eliab, but they said, "We will not come up.
13你領我們由流奶流蜜的地方上來,叫我們死在曠野,這為你還不夠,你還想作王統治我們麼? 13Is it not enough that you have brought us up out of a land flowing with milk and honey to die in the wilderness? Do you also want to lord it over us?
14你並沒有領我們到了流奶流蜜的地方,也沒有給我們田地和葡萄園當產業啊!你想剜出這些人的眼睛麼?我們不去!」 14You did not bring us into a land flowing with milk and honey, nor give us an inheritance of fields and vineyards. Do you suppose that all these people are blind? We will not come."
15梅瑟遂大怒,對上主說:「你不要垂顧他們的祭獻;我沒有奪過他們一匹驢,也沒有損害過他們任何人。」 15Moses then became angry and said to Yahweh, "Do not look favorably on their offering. I have not taken a single donkey, nor have I harmed any of them."
16梅瑟對科辣黑說:「你和你一切同黨,明日要來到上主面前,就是你和他們,還有亞郎。 16Moses said to Korah, "You and all your company be present before Yahweh tomorrow, you and they, together with Aaron.
17你們各人要拿着自己的火盤,上面放上乳香;各人拿着自己的火盤到上主面前去,共二百五十個火盤;你和亞郎也各自拿着火盤。」 17Each of you take his censer, put incense in it and present it before Yahweh - 250 censers! - and Aaron will do the same."
18他們每人於是都拿了火盤,上面放上火,添上乳香,同梅瑟和亞郎來到會幕門口。 18So every man took his censer and put incense in it and they stood at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting with Moses and Aaron.
19科辣黑召集了全會眾到會幕門口,來反抗梅瑟和亞郎。此時,上主的榮耀就顯現給全會眾。 19Korah assembled all the community against them at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting and the Glory of Yahweh appeared to all the community.
20上主對梅瑟和亞郎說: 20Then Yahweh spoke to Moses and Aaron,
21「你們快離開這會眾,我立刻要消滅他們。」 21"Stand aside from this community so that I may immediately destroy them."
22梅瑟和亞郎就俯伏在地說:「天主,賜給一切血肉生氣的天主!一人犯罪,你就向全體的會眾發怒麼?」 22They fell on their faces and said, "God, God of the spirits of all mortals, for one man's sin will you become angry with the whole congregation?"
23上主回答梅瑟說: 23Yahweh answered Moses,
24「你訓示會眾說:你們離開科辣黑、達堂和阿彼蘭帳幕的四周。」 24"Speak to the community and say this: Move away from the tents of Korah, Dathan and Abiram."
25梅瑟就起來往達堂和阿彼蘭那裏去,以色列的長老也都隨着他去了。 25Moses got up and went towards Dathan and Abiram, and the elders of Israel followed him.
26他遂向會眾說:「你們要遠離這些惡人的帳幕!凡是他們的東西你們不要動,免得你們為了他們的一切罪惡而遭滅絕。」 26He spoke to the community saying, "Move away from the tents of these wicked men and touch nothing that belongs to them lest you perish because of all their sins."
27他們遂離開了科辣黑、達堂、和阿彼蘭帳幕的四周;達堂和阿彼蘭同他們的妻子兒女和嬰孩出來,站在自己的帳幕門口。 27They withdrew from the area near the tents of Korah, Dathan and Abiram; they came out and were standing with their wives, their sons and little ones.
28梅瑟遂說:「因這件事,你們會知道,是上主派遣了我來做這一切,並不是出於我的本意: 28Then Moses said, "By this you shall know that Yahweh sent me to do all these deeds and that it is not my doing.
29如果這些人如其他的人一樣死去,或者他們的遭遇如其他的人所遭遇的一樣,上主就沒有派遣了我; 29If these men die a natural death, merely suffering the fate of all men, then Yahweh has not sent me.
30但是,如果上主作了從未聽見過的事,令地裂開口,將他們和他們的一切都吞下去,使他們活活的下到陰府,你們就知道,這些人拋棄了上主。」 30But if Yahweh works a miracle and the earth, opening its mouth, swallows them, together with all they possess, and they descend alive to Sheol, you will know that these men have rejected Yahweh."
31他一說完這些話,他們腳踏的地就裂開了; 31As Moses finished saying all this, the earth under them split in two,
32地開了口,將他們和他們的家屬,以及凡屬科辣黑的人和所有的財物,都吞了下去。 32opened its mouth and engulfed them with their household and all the men who belonged to Korah with their possessions.
33他們和他們的一切,都活活的下了陰府;地在他們上面閉上口,他們遂由會眾中消滅了。 33They descended alive to Sheol with all that belonged to them; the earth covered them and they perished from the midst of the assembly.
34他們四周所有的以色列人,一聽見他們尖叫聲,就都逃跑說:「怕地也吞沒了我們!」 34On hearing their cries, all the Israelites who were around them fled, for they said, "Let not the earth swallow us as well!"
35那時由上主那裏發出了烈火,吞噬了那二百五十個奉香的人。 35A fire then came forth from Yahweh and consumed the 250 men who were offering incense.




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