Nahum:Chapter 2


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納鴻 Nahum
1看,那傳報福音,宣佈和平者的腳已站在山上!猶大,舉行你的慶節,償還你的誓願罷!因為那惡者不會再由你中間經過,他已全然消滅。 1See, there on the mountains, the feet of one who brings good news, one who proclaims peace. Judah, celebrate your feasts and carry out your vows. For the wicked have been destroyed, they will not attack you any more.
2因為上主要恢復雅各伯的葡萄園,也要恢復以色列的葡萄園,因為劫掠者搶掠了他們,且破壞了他們的葡萄蔓。 2Against Nineveh a destroyer advances. Watch the road, man the fortress; brace yourselves, muster your forces.
3尼尼微,有個破壞者上來攻擊你,你應把守堡壘,防守要道,束緊你的腰,集中你的全力! 3Yahweh will now restore Jacob's magnificence, like Israel's splendor. For they had been plundered, laid waste as a ravaged vineyard. Nineveh shall fall
4他勇士的盾牌是赤紅的,戰士穿的衣服是深紅的;在他整裝待發之日,戰車閃爍如火,騎士疾馳如飛。 4The shields of his soldiers are red; his warriors are crimson-clad. His chariots gleam as if on fire when mustered in battle array, while prancing horses and frenzied horsemen wait impatiently for bloody action.
5戰車在大路上奔馳,在廣場上疾駛,形狀有如火炬,疾行有如閃電。 5As chariots storm through the streets and dash madly through the squares, they look like flashing torches or darting lightning bolts.
6亞述王召集了他的精銳,而他們卻在行軍時顛仆;急忙跑近城堡,但高楯已豎起。 6The picked troops are called out; ranks break at their charge. Having set up the mantelet they rushed toward the rampart.
7河閘打開了,皇宮大為震驚。 7The river gates are thrown open, and the palace defense collapses.
8漆布裸體被擄去,她的使女們呻吟如鴿,各自搥胸。 8The goddess is taken captive together with all her handmaids, moaning like doves and beating their breasts.
9尼尼微好似一個水池,池水洶湧流出,雖有人喊:「止住!止住!」但無一人回顧。 9Nineveh looks like a pool with its waters running away: All flee: "Stop, stop!" but no one comes back.
10「你們搶奪銀子,搶奪金子!」有無盡的寶藏,有無數的珍器。 10All kinds of wealth, gold and silver - it is an endless treasure, a heap of the most precious things.
11搶掠、洗劫、蹂躪!人心沮喪,兩膝打顫,雙腰發抖,面無血色。 11Waste and ruin, desolation and emptiness, failing hearts and trembling knees, terror and agony on all blanched faces!
12獅子穴,幼獅洞,今在何處?那裡原是雄獅、母獅和幼獅出入之所,無人敢驚擾牠們! 12Where now is the lion's cave, the den of the cubs where the lion would bring his prey, and the cubs lie down undisturbed?
13雄獅曾為幼獅撕裂獵物,為母獅扼死野獸,將獵物塞滿牠的洞穴,將掠物充塞牠的窟穴。 13The lion tore to pieces for his whelps, and strangled for his mates; he filled his caves with prey and his dens with mangled flesh.
14看,我必攻擊你!──萬軍上主的斷語──我要在濃煙中燒毀你的洞穴,使刀劍吞噬你的幼獅,由地上掃除你的掠物,令人再也聽不到你使者的聲音。 14Yahweh Sabaoth speaks: I have come against you. I will send up your chariots in smoke, give your cubs to the sword; wipe the earth clear of your plunder, and your envoys' voices will be heard no more.




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