Lamentations:Chapter 4


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哀歌 Lamentations
1怎麼!黃金竟暗淡無光,純金竟變了色!聖所的石頭都散亂在街頭! 1How tarnished the gold has become. The fine gold has lost its luster. Why, the sacred stones lie strewn at every street corner!
2熙雍的子女,原比純金尊貴,怎麼現在竟被看作瓦器,被看作陶人的出品! 2Oh, the precious sons of Zion, once worth their weight in gold - but now reckoned no more than earthen jars from a potter's mold!
3豺狼尚且露出乳房,哺養自己的幼兒;我的女兒──人民,竟然殘暴不仁,好似曠野中的鴕鳥! 3Even jackals bare their breasts to suckle their young, but my people have become heartless, like ostriches in the desert land.
4嬰兒的舌頭,乾渴得緊貼上顎;幼童飢餓求食,卻無人分給他們。 4In thirst the infant's tongue cleaves to the roof of its mouth. Children are begging for alms, but there is no one to help them.
5昔日飽享山珍海錯,今日竟餓死街頭;一向衣飾華麗,而今卻滿身糞土。 5Those accustomed to fine food now lie dying in the streets. Those accustomed to wear purple now lie destitute upon the ash heaps.
6我的女兒──人民的罪罰,比索多瑪的還重,索多瑪頃刻間傾覆了,並非假手於人。 6The punishment of my people is greater than that of Sodom, which was overthrown in an instant, without a helping hand.
7昔日,她的少年,比雪還潔白,比乳還皎潔;他們的皮膚,比珊瑚還紅潤,他們的身體好似一片青玉。 7Brighter than snow were their rulers, even whiter than milk; their bodies rosier than coral, their beauty as radiant as sapphires.
8而今,他們的容貌,比炭還黑,在街上已辨認不出,皮包骨頭,枯瘦如柴; 8Now they look blacker than soot, unrecognized in the streets. Their emaciated form shows lack of food, their skin shriveled and dry as wood.
9死於刀下的,比死於饑餓的,即因缺乏田產,日漸衰弱而死的,更為幸運。 9Better to have died by the sword than to have perished in hunger. The famine-stricken people perish, and slowly, wretchedly, pass away.
10柔情的婦女竟要親手烹食自己的子女;在我的女兒──人民遭受浩劫時,子女竟成了母親的食物。 10Once loving mothers, our women have cooked their own children and made them their food: such has been the crash of my people!
11上主大發震怒,傾洩了他的怒火,火燒熙雍,焚毀了他的基礎。 11Yahweh has given full vent to his wrath; pouring out his fierce anger. He has kindled a fire in Zion, which has consumed her foundation.
12地上的君王和世上的居民,誰也不相信:仇敵能進入耶路撒冷的城門。 12Never had kings believed nor the world thought possible that the enemy could break through the gates of Jerusalem.
13這是由於她先知們的罪惡,和她司祭們的過犯:他們在城中心,傾流了義人的血; 13But this happened because of the priests, who sinned, because of the prophets who transgressed, shedding in her midst the blood of the just.
14他們身染血污,像瞎子一樣,徘徊街頭,叫人不能觸摸他們的衣服。 14They wandered like blind men, groping through the streets, so defiled with blood that none could touch their garments.
15「不潔!退避!」人們喊說:「退避!不可接近!」如果他們逃亡,漂流異邦,異邦人又說:「不要讓他們留居此地。」 15"Go away!" people cried at them. "Do not touch us! You are unclean!" They became fugitives wandering about, but even the nations would drive them out.
16上主的怒容驅散他們,不再垂顧他們;人也不再尊敬司祭,不再敬重長老。 16Yahweh himself has dispersed them; no longer does he watch over them. The priests are shown no honor; the elders are given no favor.
17我們還在望眼欲穿,幻想著我們的救援;我們仍在瞭望台上,期望著那不能施救的異邦。 17Our watchmen strained their eyes, looking for help in vain. We anxiously waited for an ally, who failed to save us.
18敵人正在追蹤我們的足跡,阻止我們在街上行走;我們的結局已近,我們的日子已滿;的確,我們的終期已到。 18Like dogs our enemies hounded us and kept us off the streets. As our end drew near, we knew our days were numbered.
19追捕我們的人,比凌空的飛鳥還要快速;他們在山上搜索我們,在曠野裡窺伺我們。 19Swifter were our pursuers, than the eagles in the sky. Over the hills they chased us, they waylaid us in the wilderness.
20連我們的氣息──上主的受傅者,也落在他們的陷阱中:我們原希望在他的福蔭下,生活在異邦人中。 20Our life's breath, Yahweh's anointed, was taken captive in their pit - he of whom we said, "In his protection we shall live among the nations."
21住在胡茲地的厄東女郎!你歡欣喜樂罷!苦爵也要輪到你喝;你將要醉倒,而赤身裸體。 21Rejoice and be glad, O daughter of Edom, you who dwell in the land of Uz. But you shall be drunk and stripped bare, for to you also the cup will pass.
22熙雍女郎!你的罪債已經償還,上主不再使你流徙;厄東女郎!他必要懲罰你的過犯,揭露你的罪惡。 22Your ordeal, daughter of Zion, will end; for your exile will not be prolonged. But Edom's daughter will be chastised, and her wickedness will be exposed.




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