Judith:Chapter 2


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友弟德傳 Judith
1十八年正月二十二日,在亞述王拿步高宮內,舉行會議,商討如何依照王的吩咐,向各國復仇雪恨之事。 1On the twenty-second day of the first month in the eighteenth year of his reign, there was talk in the House of Nebuchadnezzar, king of the Assyrians, of punishing all those who had disobeyed the king's commands.
2君王召集了所有的臣僕和公卿,向他們說明自己暗懷的心願,決意親口下令滅絕那些國家; 2He called together his ministers and his noblemen, and told them his secret plan.
3大家一致表決,凡不聽從君王號召的人,都應剷除。 3He proclaimed publicly the total destruction of the land and the punishment of all those who had disregarded his call.
4開會議決後,亞述王拿步高就將他的總司令,兼居全國次位的敖羅斐乃召來,對他說: 4As soon as Nebuchadnezzar, king of the Assyrians, had made this decision, he summoned Holofernes, the chief general of his army who was second in command, and said to him,
5「大王,全世界之主這樣說:看,你應離我出征,率領驍勇善戰的人,步兵十二萬,一萬二千戰馬及騎士, 5"So says the Great King, Lord of all the earth, you will set out from my presence, taking with you men of true courage, about one hundred and twenty thousand foot soldiers and a great number of horses with about twelve thousand cavalrymen.
6去攻打西方各國,因為他們沒有聽從我的命令; 6You will go to all the countries in the West and punish all the peoples, because they disregarded my orders.
7通知他們準備好山河,因為我要滿懷盛怒來攻打他們,以我軍的腳掌,遮遍他們的地面,使他們遭受浩劫, 7Tell them to submit themselves to me on land and water, lest in my anger I myself march against them. I will cover all the face of the earth with the footprints of my army, and I will give them over to my men to be plundered by them.
8使傷者填滿溝壑,死者充塞江河,致使河水泛濫。 8The ravines will be filled with their wounded, rivers and torrents will be full of their dead.
9將他們的俘虜,放逐到大地四極。 9I will lead away their prisoners as captives to the uttermost parts of the earth.
10今你出征,首先代我佔據那所有的領土;如果人自願向你請降,你就給我保留,等懲治他們的日子來到。 10Go, then, and occupy in my name all their territories; if they surrender to you, keep them for me that I may punish them.
11對不投降的,你的眼不用顧惜,在你佔領區內,任人屠殺搶掠。 11Show no pity to those who resist you. Hand them over to be massacred and plundered throughout all their lands.
12我既以我的性命作擔保,以帝國的權威下令,也必親手執行。 12For, as truly as I live and by the power of my kingdom, I will carry out with my own hands what I have said.
13至於你,不可違犯你主上的任何命令,但應照我吩咐你的,盡心辦理,切勿怠慢!」 13And you, do not disobey the words of your lord nor fail to carry them out exactly as I have instructed you. Do not change any of them."
14敖羅斐乃辭別主上出來,就召集亞述的眾將領、司令和武官, 14Holofernes went out from the presence of his lord and called together all the chiefs of staff, the generals and commanders of the army of Assyria.
15依照主上所命的,數點了出征的精兵,約十二萬人,騎兵射手一萬二千, 15He gathered about a hundred and twenty thousand specially chosen men for the army as his lord had ordered him, and twelve thousand archers.
16將他們分編成為作戰的隊伍。 16He arranged them in battle positions.
17後又牽來許多駱駝驢騾,載運輜重,趕來無數的綿羊、牛和山羊,充當軍需; 17He took along camels, donkeys and mules to carry the baggage, and a great number of sheep, oxen, and goats for their food.
18又給眾人分發了大批給養,再由王庫,支取了大批的金銀, 18He took a sufficient quantity of provisions for each man, and an abundant supply of gold and silver from the king's treasury.
19然後率領大軍出發,作拿步高王的先鋒,以戰車馬隊和精兵,遮蔽西方的地面。 19Then Holofernes set out on the march with all his army, with their chariots, cavalry and picked foot soldiers going ahead of King Nebuchadnezzar to cover all the lands to the West with this army.
20另有很多混合的軍人,多如蝗虫塵沙,也跟隨出征,人數眾多,無法統計。 20They were accompanied by a great crowd of people, so many were they that they were like locusts or the dust of the earth.
21他們出了尼尼微城,行軍三日,到了貝克提肋特平原,便靠近貝克提肋特,在上基里基雅北邊的山嶺安營。 21After marching for three days from Nineveh, Holofernes and his men reached the plain of Bectileth where they encamped before the city, near the mountains to the north of Upper Cilicia.
22敖羅斐乃後又率領大軍:步兵、騎兵、戰車,由那裡往山地進發, 22Then Holofernes took all his army, foot soldiers, cavalry and chariots, and marched into the mountain region.
23擊敗了普特和路得,掠奪了辣息斯的眾子民,以及住在赫肋人以南的曠野對面的依市瑪耳子民。 23He utterly destroyed Put and Lud, and plundered all the land of Rassis and of Ishmael on the border of the desert to the south of the country of the Chaldeans.
24渡過幼發拉的河,穿過美索不達米亞,破壞了沿哈波爾河至海一帶的堅城。 24Then he followed the Euphrates, crossed Mesopotamia and destroyed all the cities high above the torrent of Abron until he reached the sea.
25以後佔領了基里基雅的地方,粉碎一切抵抗,來到位於阿剌伯對面南部的雅敖斐特邊境, 25He took possession of the land of Cilicia, and cut down all who opposed him, and arrived at the land of Japheth in the south toward Arabia.
26圍攻了米德楊的眾子民,焚毀了他們的帳幕,劫奪了他們的羊圈。 26He surrounded all the children of Midian, burned their tents and destroyed their livestock.
27到了收割麥子的時候,便下到大馬士革平原,放火燒田,搜殺牛羊,劫掠城市,破壞莊田,刀斬青年。 27Then descending to the plain of Damascus at the time of the wheat harvest, he burned all their fields, scattered all their animals and killed the young ones, pillaged their villages, devastated their plains, and put all their young men to the sword.
28因此,凡住在海邊、漆冬、提洛、穌爾、敖基納、雅木尼雅的人都戰兢害怕,阿左托及阿市刻隆各地的居民,對他更是萬分恐懼害怕。 28The fear and terror of him fell upon all the inhabitants of the seacoast, those in Tyre and Sidon, in Sur, Ocina and Jamnia. The people of Azotus and Ascalon also feared him.




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