Judith:Chapter 10


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友弟德傳 Judith
1友弟德呼籲以色列的天主,祝告了這一切話以後, 1When Judith had finished her prayer to the God of Israel,
2就由地上起來,叫來自己的使女,一同下到她安息日及慶節日所常住的屋裡, 2she rose from the ground, and after calling her maidservant, she went down into the house where she usually spent the sabbath days and the feasts.
3除去所穿的苦衣,脫下寡婦的衣服,洗了澡,塗上貴重的香水,梳好頭髮,蒙上手帕,穿上丈夫默納舍在世時自己喜愛穿的錦衣, 3She took off the sackcloth and her widow's clothes in which she was dressed. She washed her whole body with water, anointed it with rich perfume, combed her hair and placed a jewelled band around it. She dressed herself in the beautiful garments she had been accustomed to wear when her husband, Manasseh, was living.
4腳穿涼鞋,掛上項鍊、帶上手鐲、指環、耳環,以及各種裝飾品;打扮得花枝招展,令男人見了,無不注目而視。 4She put sandals on her feet, put on her anklets, bracelets and rings, her earrings and all her jewels. She made herself extremely beautiful in order to attract the attention of the men who would see her.
5然後拿了一皮囊酒,一瓶油,交給自己的使女;又在一布袋內裝滿了烘焙的大麥,無花果糕,淨麵包;將一切物品包在一起,放在使女肩上背著。 5She gave the servant a skin of wine and a jar of oil, she filled a bag with flour made from barley and some small cakes made from dried figs and fine flour. She wrapped up all these things and put the maid in charge of them.
6於是二人出發,走向拜突里雅城門,正遇見敖齊雅及城中長老加布黎和加爾米在那裡等候。 6Then they set out in the direction of the gate of the town of Bethulia where they found stationed Uzziah and the elders of the town, Chabris and Charmis.
7他們見她容貌大變,服裝特異,讚歎她的美麗,對她說: 7As soon as the men saw her, her face so transformed and her clothes so different, they were full of admiration for her beauty and said to her,
8「願我們祖先的天主,使你蒙恩,使以色列子民歡樂,使耶路撒冷顯揚!願他完成你的計劃!」 8"May the God of our fathers grant that you may find favor and that your undertakings may be successful for the glory of the sons of Israel and the exaltation of Jerusalem." She adored God and said to them,
9友弟德遂朝拜了天主,以後向他們說:「請你們下令給我開城門,我要出去,完成你們對我說的事。」長老遂吩咐少年人,照她說的為她開門。 9"Command that the gate of the town be opened for me and I will go forth in order to accomplish what you have just said." They ordered the young men to open the gate as she had asked.
10他們開了城門,友弟德和她的婢女就出去了;城裡的人目送她下山;等她轉過了山谷,就看不見她了。 10They carried out the command and Judith went out with her maidservant. The townsmen watched her until she reached the foot of the mountain and crossed the valley, then they lost sight of her.
11她二人在山谷內一直前行,迎面來了一個亞述的哨兵, 11Judith and the maid walked straight through the valley and a sentry for the Assyrians came to meet them.
12就捉住她,盤問說:「你是是那國人,從那裡來,往那裡去?」她答說:「我是希伯來人。我從他們那裡偷跑出來,因為他們快要落在你們口裡。 12He stopped them and asked, "Who are you? Where have you come from? Where are you going?" She replied, "I am a daughter of the Hebrews; I am fleeing far from them because they are on the point of handing themselves over to be despoiled by you.
13我來見你們軍隊的統帥敖羅斐乃,我帶有真實情報,要指給他一條路,從這條路進攻,不損一兵一卒,就能佔領這山地。」 13I have come to present myself to Holofernes, the general-in-chief of your army, to speak to him in all sincerity. I will show him a way by which he can advance and become master of the whole mountain without losing a single man either from injury or loss of life."
14那些人聽她說話時,都目不轉睛的看著她,見了這樣美麗的女人,都驚訝稱奇,對她說: 14As soon as the men had heard her words and noticed her face (for she was strikingly beautiful) they said to her,
15「你救了命,因你迅速下來,投奔我們的主帥;如今你到他帳幕裡去,我們必有人送你,將你交在他手裡。 15"You have saved your life by hurrying to present yourself before our lord. Approach his tent; certain men from among us will accompany you until they have handed you over safely into his hands.
16若你站在他面前時,你心裡不要害怕,只要你按你的話報告,他必定會優待你。」 16When you stand before him, do not have any fear in your heart, but tell him what you have to say and he will treat you well."
17人就從隊裡,挑選了一百人,護送她和她的使女,到敖羅斐乃的帳幕前。 17They chose one hundred men from their number; these men accompanied Judith and the maid and led them to the tent of Holofernes.
18一時全營齊集,因為她前來的消息已傳遍了各帳幕;人出來將她圍住。那時她正站在敖羅斐乃的帳幕外,等著往上傳稟她的事。 18In the whole camp the news of her arrival spread from tent to tent, and throughout the whole camp men came running. They made a circle round her as she stood waiting outside Holofernes' tent while someone informed him of her arrival.
19人對她的花容玉貌,無不讚歎,也因她而讚歎以色列子民,彼此相告說:「這民族既有這樣的美人,誰還能輕視?他們中即便只讓一個男人生存,也不是好事;任他們自由,他們必能智取全世界。」 19They were captivated by her beauty and, on seeing her, they praised the sons of Israel and said to one another, "Who can look down on the people who have such women? It would be a mistake to leave one man alive; they would be able to deceive the whole world."
20敖羅斐乃的護衛和眾僕從出來,領她進入營幕。 20Those who were sleeping near Holofernes and all his officers came out and led her into the tent.
21那時敖羅斐乃,正在金玉珠寶裝飾的紫帳內的床上休息。 21Holofernes was lying on his bed under hangings of purple and gold set with emerald and precious stones.
22人們將她的事向他稟告之後,他遂由銀燈引導,來到帳幕門口。 22Having been informed about her, he moved towards the entrance of the tent, with silver lamps carried before him.
23友弟德一來到他和他的侍從面前,他們無不讚賞她的花容玉貌。友弟德遂俯伏在地,向他致敬,侍役們即將她扶起。 23As Judith came before him and his officers, they all admired the beauty of her face. Throwing herself face downwards to the ground, she bowed before him; the servants of Holofernes raised her up.




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