Daniel:Chapter 13


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達尼爾 Daniel
1從前有一個人住在巴比倫,名叫約雅金, 1There lived in Babylon a man named Joakim,
2他娶了一個妻子名叫蘇撒納,是希耳克雅的女兒;這女子非常美麗,而且敬畏上主, 2who was married to a very beautiful God-fearing woman, Susanna, Hilkiah's daughter,
3原來她的父母都是義人,常按照梅瑟的法律教育了自己的女兒。 3whose pious parents had trained her in the law of Moses.
4約雅金是個很富有的人;靠近他的住宅有一個果園;由於他比眾人更有聲望,猶太人經常到他那裡集會。 4A very rich man and greatly respected by his countrymen, Joakim was frequently visited by the Jews in his house adjoining a garden.
5那一年,有兩個長老由人民選為民長,上主曾論及這類人說:「邪惡充塞巴比倫,是由於只在表面上治理人民的長老和民長。」 5That year, two elders of the people were appointed judges, in whom this word of the Lord became true, "Wickedness has come forth from Babylon, through the elders appointed judges, who were supposed to govern the people."
6這兩個人經常到約雅金的家裡來;凡有訴訟的,都到這裡來見他們。 6These men frequented Joakim's house, and all who had legal disputes used to come to them.
7中午時,人民離去以後,蘇撒納常走進她丈夫的果園裡散步。 7After the people had left at noon, Susanna would go into her husband's garden for a walk.
8那兩個長老每天見她進去散步,遂對她起了邪念。 8The two old men began to lust for her as they watched her enter the garden every day.
9他們昧著良心,轉眼不看上天,全不思念正義的裁判。 9Forgetting the demands of justice and virtue, their lust grew all the more as they made no effort to turn their eyes to heaven.
10他們二人雖然都為了暗戀她而傷感,卻不敢彼此披露自己的隱情, 10Although both were possessed of the same passion for her, they concealed that from each other,
11因為他們都羞於說明自己希望與她交合的慾念。 11for they were ashamed to reveal their lustful desire.
12但他們二人仍然天天爭著去窺看她。 12But they continued watching her day after day.
13一天,這人對那人說:「我們現在回家罷,因為已到午飯的時候了。」他們出去以後,便各自走了。 13One day before lunch, they parted, saying to each other, "Let us go home for it is meal time. So off they went in different directions.
14接著又都走回原來的地方,他們互問走回來的原因之後,便都承認了自己的慾念;於是他們二人同謀,尋找一個能遇到蘇撒納一人獨處的時機。 14but both turned back, and coming face to face again, each was obliged to explain his action and admit his lust. They agreed to wait for an opportunity to meet her alone.
15他們在等待一個適當的機會時,有一天蘇撒納像往日一樣,只帶著兩個婢女進了果園,由於天熱,她想在園中沐浴。 15One day, as they were waiting for an opportune time, Susanna entered the garden as usual with only two maids. She decided to bathe, for it was a hot day.
16那時園中除了這兩個藏著窺看她的長老外,沒有別人。 16Nobody else was there ex-cept the two elders watching her from where they had hidden themselves.
17蘇撒納對婢女說:「將油和香皂給我拿來,關上園門,我要沐浴。」 17She said to the maids, "Bring me oil and ointments, and shut the garden doors while I bathe."
18她們便遵命去作,關上園門,從側門出去,去取她吩咐她們的東西,全不知道這兩個長老隱藏在那裡。 18Unaware of the elders hidden inside the garden, the two maids did as ordered, shutting the doors and leaving by the side entrance to the house to fetch what she had asked for.
19婢女們一走出去,這兩個長老便起來,跑到她面前, 19When the maids had left, the two elders hurried to her and said,
20對她說:「看,園門關了,沒有人能看見我們,我們早就愛上了你,你要答應我們,與我們交合罷! 20"Look, the garden doors are shut and no one sees us. We desire to possess you.
21不然,我們就要作證控告你,說有一個青年人同你在一起,所以你纔打發婢女們離開你。」 21If you refuse to give in, we will testify that you sent your maids away for there was a young man here with you."
22蘇撒納歎息說:「我真是左右為難!因為我若作了這事,我是必死無疑;我若不作這事,我也難逃你們的手。 22Susanna moaned, "Whatever I do, I am trapped. If I give in to your desire, it will be death for me; if I refuse, I won't escape your persecution.
23我不如不作,寧可落在你們手裡,也不願在上主面前犯罪。 23I would rather be persecuted than sin in the eyes of the Lord."
24蘇撒納遂高聲喊叫,這兩個長老為對付她也喊叫起來, 24Susanna shrieked, but the old men shouted, putting the blame on her.
25其中一個跑去開了園門。 25One of them ran and opened the garden doors.
26家人一聽見園中的喊聲,就急忙從側門跑進來,要看看她遭遇了什麼事。 26Hearing the noise in the garden, the household servants rushed in by the side entrance to see what was happening.
27但是當長老們說出這段話以後,僕人們都感覺羞慚,因為從來沒有人說蘇撒納有過這樣的事。 27They were taken aback when they heard the elders' accusation, for never had anything like this been said of Susanna.
28第二天,人民聚集到她丈夫約雅金那裡的時候,那兩個長老也來了,滿懷惡意,一心要將蘇撒納置於死地。 28The next day a meeting was held at Joakim's house. The two elders arrived, vindictively determined to have Susanna sentenced to death.
29他們在人民面前說:「派人將希耳克雅的女兒,約雅金的妻子,蘇撒納帶上來!」差人便去了。 29They ordered before all the people, "Send for Susanna, Hilkiah's daughter and Joakim's wife."
30蘇撒納同他的父母,她的孩子和她所有的親戚都來了。 30They sent for her, and she came with her parents, children and all her relatives.
31蘇撒納長得體態輕盈,相貌美麗。 31Susanna was a very refined and beautiful woman.
32這兩個壞人命她除去面紗──因為她原是帶著面紗的──好讓自己飽覽她的美色。 32She had her veil on, but the wicked elders ordered her to uncover her face for them to feast on her beauty.
33她的親友和看見她的人都在哭泣。 33Her family and friends and all who saw her wept.
34那兩個長老遂在人民中站起來,把手按在蘇撒納的頭上。 34The two elders stood up and laid their hands upon her head.
35她哭著仰視上天,衷心依賴上主。 35Completely trusting in the Lord, she raised her tearful eyes to heaven.
36兩個長老說:「當時只有我們兩人在園中散步,她同兩個婢女進來,隨即關了園門,並辭退了兩個婢女。 36The elders started making their accusation, "We were taking a walk in the garden when this woman came in with two maids. She ordered them to shut the garden doors and dismissed them.
37一個預先藏在園中的青年人,走到她面前,與她睡在一起。 37Then a young man came out of hiding and lay with her.
38我們在園中的角落裡看見這種醜事,便跑到他們那裡。 38We were in a corner of the garden, and we saw this crime from there. We ran to them,
39我們雖然看見他們二人在一起,但我們卻不能捉住那個青年,因為他比我們有力,他便開門逃走了。 39and caught them in the act of embracing. We were unable to take hold of the man. He was too strong for us. He made a dash for the door, opened it and ran off.
40我們捉住這女人以後,問她那個青年是誰, 40But we were able to seize this woman. We asked her who the young man was,
41她卻不肯告訴我們:對於這些事,我們是見證。」會眾相信了他們,因為他們是人民的長老和民長,於是便定了蘇撒納的死罪。 41but she refused to tell us. This is our statement, and we testify to its truth." The assembly took their word, since they were elders and judges of the people. Susanna was condemned to death.
42蘇撒納遂大聲呼號說:「永生的天主!你洞察隱秘的事,凡事在發生以前,你已知道了; 42She cried aloud, "Eternal God, nothing is hidden from you; you know all things before they come to be.
43你知道他們對我所作的是假見證;看,現在我要死了,然而我並沒有作過,他們惡意對我所捏造的事。」 43You know that these men have testified falsely against me. Would you let me die, though I am not guilty of all their malicious charges?"
44上主俯聽了她的呼聲; 44The Lord heard her,
45當她被押赴刑場的時候,天主感動了一個青年人的聖善心靈,這青年名叫達尼爾, 45and as she was being led to her execution, God aroused the holy spirit residing in a young lad named Daniel.
46他便高聲呼喊說:「對於流這女人的血,我是沒有罪的!」 46He shouted, "I will have no part in the death of this woman!"
47民眾轉過身來問他說:「你說這話有什麼意思呢?」 47Those present turned to him, "What did you say?" they all asked.
48達尼爾立在民眾中間說:「以色列子民!你們怎麼這樣糊塗?未經審問,不查實情,就定一個以色列女子的罪案嗎? 48Standing in their midst, he said to them, "Have you become fools, you Israelites, to condemn a daughter of Israel without due process and in the absence of clear evidence?
49你們再回審判廳!因為他們二人作了假見證,誣陷了她。」 49Return to court, for those men have testified falsely against her."
50於是民眾急忙回去,眾長老對達尼爾說:「請你來,坐在我們中間,明白地告訴我們,因為天主把長老的智慧賜給了你。」 50Hurriedly they returned, and the elders said to Daniel, "Come and sit with us, for you also possess the gifts bestowed by God upon the elders."
51達尼爾對他們說:「將這兩個長老隔離開,讓我來審問他們。」 51Daniel said to the people, "Separate these two from one another and I will examine each of them."
52把他們二人隔開以後,達尼爾叫過其中的一個來,對他說:「你這個一生作惡的老妖,你以前犯的罪,現在已臨到你身上了! 52When the two elders were separated from each other, Daniel called one of them and said, "How wicked you have grown with age. Your sins of earlier days have piled up against you, and now is the time of reckoning.
53你宣布不義的裁判,判定無辜者有罪,釋放有罪的人,雖然上主曾說:不可殺害無辜和正義的人。 53Remember how you have passed unjust sentences, condemning the innocent and freeing the guilty, although the Lord has said 'The innocent and the just should not be put to death.'
54如果你真看見了她,現在你告訴我:你看見他們在一起是在什麼樹下?」他回答說:「是在乳香樹下。」 54Now, if you really witnessed the crime, under what tree did you see them do it?"
55達尼爾說:「夠了!你在說謊,應砍你的頭,因為天主的天使已奉天主的命,要把你斬為兩段。」 55The elder answered, "Under a mastic tree." Daniel said, "Your lie will cost you your head. You will be cut in two, as soon as the Lord's angel receives your sentence from God."
56達尼爾叫他退下,命將另一個帶上來,對他說:「客納罕的苗裔而非猶大的苗裔啊!美色迷惑了你,淫慾顛倒了你的心。 56Putting the first one aside, Daniel called the other elder and said to him, "You offspring of Canaan and not of Judah, you have long allowed yourself to be perverted by lust.
57你們一向這樣對待了以色列的女子們,她們由於害怕而與你們交往,但是這個猶大女子,卻不能忍受你們的邪惡! 57This is how you have dealt with the daughters of Israel, who out of fear have yielded to you. But here is a daughter of Judah who would not tolerate your wickedness.
58現在你告訴我:你發現他們在一起,是在什麼樹下?」他回答說:「是在樟樹下。」 58Tell me then, under what tree did you catch them committing the crime?" The answer came, "Under an oak."
59達尼爾對他說:「的確,你也一樣在說謊話,也必要砍下你的頭!天主的天使手中已拿了利劍在等待著,要將你斬為兩段,消滅你們。」 59"Your lie has also cost you your head," Daniel said. "God's angel waits to cut you both in two."
60全會眾遂大聲吶喊,讚美天主,因為他拯救了那些仰望他的人。 60The whole assembly shouted and blessed God for helping those who hope in him.
61眾人都起來攻擊那兩個長老,因為達尼爾按照他們二人的口供,證實了他們作假見證;他們怎樣惡意對待了自己的近人,民眾也怎樣對待了他們。 61They turned against the two elders who, through Daniel's efforts, had been convicted by their own mouths. In accordance with Moses' law, the penalty the two elders had intended to impose upon their neighbor was inflicted upon them.
62於是眾人按照梅瑟的法律將他們處死;這樣,那一天救了無辜者的血。 62They were sentenced to death. Thus was the life of an innocent woman spared that day.
63為此,希耳克雅和他的妻子為女兒蘇撒納,同蘇撒納的丈夫約雅金和自己全體親友,一起稱謝了天主,因為在蘇撒納身上沒有找到什麼敗德的事。 63Hilkiah and his wife praised God for the justice given Susanna, and so did Joakim her husband and all her relatives, for she was not found guilty of any shameful deed.
64從那一天以後,達尼爾在人民面前大受尊重。 64Daniel was greatly esteemed by the people from that day onward.




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