1 Samuel:Chapter 20


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撒慕爾紀上 1 Samuel
1達味由辣瑪納約特逃走,去見約納堂說:「我作了什麼事,有什麼過錯,那裏得罪了你父親,他竟要害我的性命?」 1David fled from Naioth in Ramah and went to Jonathan to ask him, "What have I done? What am I guilty of? What sin have I committed against your father that he wants to kill me?"
2約納堂回答他說:「決沒有這回事,你決死不了。看,我父親不論作什麼大事小事,沒有不告訴我的;為什麼我父親偏要對我隱瞞這事呢?決不會的!」 2Jonathan, however, assured him, "No! You shall not die. My father does nothing small or great without informing me. Why should he hide this from me? No, this cannot be."
3達味卻對他說:「你父親明知我在你眼裏得寵,所以他想:不要讓約納堂知道這事,免得他悲傷。總之,我指着永生的上主敢在你前發誓﹕我與死之間只差一步!」 3But David replied, "Your father knows very well that you are pleased with me, so he thinks it is better not to tell you and grieve you. But I swear there is but one step between death and me!"
4約納堂對達味說:「你願意我為你作什麼?」 4Then Jonathan told David, "What can I do for you?"
5達味回答約納堂說:「看,明日是月朔,我原該和君王同席吃飯,但你讓我走,藏在田野間,直到第三天晚上。 5David answered, "Tomorrow is the new moon and I should be dining with the king. But let me hide myself in the open country until the evening of the third day.
6如果你父親發覺我不在,你應說:達味懇切求我,讓他速回白冷本城,因為在那裏全族舉行年祭。 6If your father looks for me, say to him: 'David asked me to let him go over to Bethlehem because they have their yearly sacrifice there with the entire family.'
7他若說:好!你的僕人就平安無事,他若勃然大怒,你就知道:他已決意行惡。 7If he says, 'Good' then I am in no danger. But if he gets angry, then you can be certain that he wants to harm me.
8望你仁慈對待你僕人!因你使你僕人因上主的名與你訂立了盟約;假若我有罪惡,你可殺我,為何偏要將我交給你父親呢?」 8Do this for me according to our agreement. But if I am guilty, kill me yourself. Why hand me over to your father to be killed?"
9約納堂答說:「千萬別這樣想!如果我確實知道,我父親決意要加害你,我豈有不告訴你的嗎?」 9Jonathan answered, "Nonsense! If I knew that my father wanted to harm you, would I not warn you?"
10達味就問約納堂說:「若你父親嚴厲答覆你,誰來通知我?」 10David then asked him, "Who will tell me if your father answers you angrily?"
11約納堂對達味說:「來,我們往田間去。」二人就往田間去了。 11Jonathan said, "Come, let us go into the open country." So they both left for the open country.
12約納堂對達味說:「上主,以色列的天主作證:明天或後天這時候,我探得了我父親的意思,對達味有利與否,我必派人來告訴你。 12Then Jonathan said to David, "Yahweh, the God of Israel, be our witness. About this time tomorrow or the following day, I shall be sounding out my father. If he is well-disposed toward you, I shall send you word.
13倘若我父親願意加害你,我若不通知你,不放你走,使你平安離去,願上主這樣這樣加倍罰我約納堂!願上主與你同在,有如曾與我父親同在一樣! 13But if my father intends to do you harm, may Yahweh punish me if I do not warn you that you may escape safely. Surely Yahweh will be with you as he has been with my father.
14若我那時尚在人世,願你對我表示上主的仁慈;設若我死了, 14If I live, always be kind to me. But if I die,
15望你不要由我家永遠撤消你的仁慈!連當上主由地面上一一剷除達味的敵人時; 15never cut off your friendship with my family even when Yahweh takes vengeance on David's enemies and wipes them out from the face of the earth." So Jonathan made a covenant with the family of David.
16若約納堂的名字被達味家族消滅了,願上主藉達味的仇人的手追究此案!」 16And he made David swear once more because of the affection he felt for him for he loved David as himself.
17約納堂由於愛達味,再向他起了誓,因為他愛達味如愛自己的性命。 17Then Jonathan said, "Tomorrow is the new moon. Your absence will be noticed because your seat will be vacant.
18約納堂又對他說﹕「明日是月朔,因為你的座位空着,人必注意你不在, 18On the third day it will be noticed all the more. So go and hide yourself where you hid before and stay beside the heap of stones there.
19到第三天,人必更注意你不在;那麼,你要到你曾出事那日藏身的地方去,坐在那石堆旁邊。 19I will shoot three arrows near the stones as if I were aiming at a target.
20到第三天,我要向石堆射箭,彷彿射靶。 20I will then send a lad with this instruction: 'Go, look for the arrows.' If I say to the lad: 'The arrows are on this side, pick them up,' then you may come out for, I swear, you are not in danger.
21看,我必打發一僮僕去找箭,假如我對僮僕說:看,箭在你後面,拾回來罷!你就可以出來,我指永生的上主起誓:你必平安無事。 21But if I say to the lad: 'The arrows are beyond you,' leave, for Yahweh is sending you away.
22倘若我對僮僕說:看,箭在你前面。你就走罷!因為上主打發你走。 22But as to our covenant, Yahweh is our witness forever."
23至於我和你現今所說的這話,有上主在我和你中間,永遠作證。」 23So David hid himself in the open country. On the day of the new moon the king came to dine.
24於是達味就去藏在田野間;到了月朔,君王入席吃飯。 24He took his usual place on the seat against the wall while Jonathan sat facing him and Abner was beside him. David's seat remained vacant.
25君王照例靠着牆坐在自己的位上,約納堂坐在他對面,阿貝乃爾坐在撒烏耳旁邊,達味的地方空着。 25Saul did not say anything on that day, thinking that something may have happened and David was unclean.
26撒烏耳那天沒有說什麼,因為他想事情出於偶然,或許他染了不潔,還沒有自潔。 26On the second day of the new moon, David's seat was still vacant and Saul asked his son Jonathan, "Why has the son of Jesse not come to table yesterday and today?"
27次日,即初二日,達味的座位仍空着,撒烏耳就對兒子約納堂說:「為什麼葉瑟的兒子昨日沒有來赴宴,今日又沒有來?」 27Jonathan answered, "David asked leave to go over to Bethlehem for he said,
28約納堂答覆撒烏耳說:「達味懇切求我許他往白冷去。 28'Our family is offering a sacrifice in the city and my brothers insisted that I be present. So please allow me to go and visit my brothers.' This is why he has not come to the king's table."
29他說:求你讓我去,因為在城裏我們要舉行族祭,我的兄弟定要我去:所以,假若我在你眼中獲寵,求你讓我去,容我得見我的兄弟﹔為此,他沒有來赴君王的筵席。」 29Saul became very angry at Jonathan and told him, "You son of a perverse and rebellious woman! Do I not know that you prefer the son of Jesse to your shame and your mother's shame?
30撒烏耳對約納堂勃然大怒,對他說:「娼婦的兒子!難道我不知道你同葉瑟的兒子一夥,甚至羞辱你自己,又羞辱你母親的私處嗎? 30For as long as the son of Jesse lives, neither you nor your Kingdom can stand. Send for him and bring him to me for he is doomed to die!"
31你要知道葉瑟的兒子活在世上一天,你連你的王位都不得穩當!如今你差人去,把他給我抓來,因為他是該死的人。」 31Then Jonathan asked his father, "Why should he die? What has he done?"
32約納堂回答他父親撒烏耳說:「為什麼他該死?他作了什麼事?」 32At this, Saul pointed his spear at him and Jonathan understood that his father intended to kill David.
33撒烏耳就朝着他舉起槍來要刺殺他,約納堂便明白他父親已決意要殺達味。 33Jonathan rose angrily from the table and did not eat that second day of the month, grieving for David, because of what his father said against him.
34約納堂就起來,氣憤憤地離開了筵席;初二那天,也沒有吃飯,因為他為達味擔憂,又因為他父親辱罵了自己。 34The next morning, Jonathan went to the open country with a young man, according to what he and David had agreed on.
35次日清早,約納堂按照他與達味的約會,往田間去了;有個僮僕跟隨着他。 35He told the lad, "Run, fetch the arrows." While the lad was running, Jonathan shot an arrow that flew beyond the lad.
36他對那僮僕說:「跑去,找我所放的箭!」僮僕往前跑時,他又向前射了一箭。 36When the lad reached the spot where Jonathan had shot the arrow, Jonathan called after him and said, "The arrow is beyond you!
37當僮僕來到約納堂的箭所射到的地方時,約納堂就在僮僕後面喊說:「箭不是在你前面嗎?」 37Run quickly and do not waste time!" The lad picked up the arrow and ran back to his master.
38約納堂又在僮僕後面喊說:「趕快跑去,不要站住!」約納堂的僮僕就拾了箭,給主人拿來。 38The lad knew nothing of Jonathan and David's agreement.
39那僮僕卻不知道是什麼意思,只有約納堂和達味知道。 39After that, Jonathan gave his weapons to the lad and commanded him to take them to the city.
40然後約納堂把自己的武器交給跟隨他的僮僕,向他說:「帶回城去罷!」 40When the lad had gone, David came out from behind the mound and lay on the ground. The two embraced each other and wept with one another until David was through.
41僮僕走後,達味就從石堆旁起來,俯伏在地,拜了三拜;以後他們彼此相吻,二人相抱對泣,達味哭得更甚。 41Then Jonathan said to David, "Go in peace, for we have made an oath to one another in Yahweh's name when we said: Yahweh shall be between you and me and between your descendants and mine forever."
42最後,約納堂對達味說:「你平安去罷!照我們兩人以上主的名所起的誓:願上主永遠在我與你之間,在我的後代與你的後代之間!」 42
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