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1有一天,撒烏耳的兒子約納堂對他執戟的侍衛說:「來,我們到對面,到培肋舍特人的前哨那裏去。」但他沒有通知他父親。 1The same day, Jonathan, son of Saul, said to his armor-bearer, "Let us go over to the Philistine garrison on the other side. Jonathan did not inform his father about this.
2當時撒烏耳正在革巴邊界,坐在禾場旁的石榴樹下,隨從他的部隊約有六百人。 2Saul was at that time on the outskirts of Gibeah, at Migron, under the pomegranate tree with about six hundred men.
3阿希突布的兒子阿希雅帶着「厄弗得」──阿希突布是丕乃哈斯的兒子,依加波得的兄弟,丕乃哈斯是在史羅作上主司祭的厄里的兒子──人都不知道約納堂走了。 3Also with Saul was Ahijah, son of Ahitub, brother of Ichabod, son of Phinehas, son of Eli, priest of Yahweh in Shiloh, and he was wearing the ephod to consult Yahweh. Not even the soldiers knew that Jonathan had left them.
4約納堂打算由隘口過到培肋舍特人的前哨那裏去,在隘口兩面各有一座石峰:一名叫波責茲,一名叫色乃; 4The pass through which Jonathan planned to go to reach the Philistine garrison was flanked on each side by a rocky crag: one called Bozez, the other, Seneh.
5一座朝北,與米革瑪斯相對,一座朝南,與革巴相對。 5One of the crags was to the north in the direction of Michmash; the other to the south, in the direction of Giba.
6約納堂於是對他執戟的侍衛說:「來,我們往這些未受割損者的前哨去,也許上主會幫助我們;上主要叫人得勝,並不在乎人數多少。 6Jonathan said to his shield-bearer, "Let us go over to the garrison of those uncircumcised fellows. It may be that Yahweh will help us, for it is as easy for Yahweh to give victory with a few men as with many."
7那給他執戟的人答說:「你儘可隨意行事,我只跟着你,隨你心意而行。」 7His armor-bearer replied, "Do whatever you think best. As for me, I follow and obey you."
8約納堂說:「來,我們到那邊去,讓他們看見我們。 8Jonathan said, "Look, we will draw near and show ourselves to those men.
9假使他們對我們說:住下!等我們到你們那裏去。我們就站在我們所在的地方,不再上他們那裏去; 9When they see us, if they cry out: 'Stay there and we shall go over to you,' we shall stay quiet and go no further.
10如果他們說:你們上我們這裏來罷!我們就上去,因為上主已把他們交在我們手中了:這為我們是個先兆。」 10But if they say: 'Come up to us,' we shall go up because that will be a sign that Yahweh has delivered them into our hands."
11兩人就突然出現在培肋舍特人的前哨處,培肋舍特人說:「看,這些希伯來人從他們隱藏的山洞中出來了。」 11When the two were seen by the Philistines, the latter exclaimed, "Look! Hebrews coming out of their hiding places!"
12前哨的哨兵就對約納堂和給他執戟的人說:「你們上到我們這裏來罷!我們有事要告訴你們。」約納堂就對給他執戟的人說:「你跟我上來,因為上主已將他們交在以色列人手中了。」 12And they challenged Jonathan and his shield-bearer, "Come over here and we will teach you a lesson!" Jonathan then told his armor-bearer, "Follow me, for Yahweh has delivered them into the hands of Israel."
13約納堂遂用手用腳往上爬,給他執戟的跟在他後面。培肋舍特人忽在約納堂前轉身要走,他就向前擊殺他們,他的執戟者也隨着擊殺。 13Then Jonathan crawled up on his hands and feet, his armor-bearer following him. The Philistines fell before Jonathan, and his armor-bearer finished them off.
14約納堂和他的執戟者第一次殺死了約有二十人,陳屍於半畝田間。 14In that first slaying by Jonathan and his armor-bearer, about twenty men lost their lives within half a furlong.
15當時在營中和陣地上都起了恐慌,全軍──前哨與突擊隊都大為震驚;地也起了震動,到處籠罩着無限的恐怖。 15Panic struck in the camp and in the countryside, sowing terror in the garrison. Even the band of raiders was disturbed. It was like an earthquake and they were filled with a holy terror.
16撒烏耳的哨兵從本雅明的革巴眺望,看見敵營大亂; 16Saul's watchmen in Gibeah of Benjamin saw the commotion in the camp: the Philistines were running and scattering in all directions.
17撒烏耳就對隨從他的人說:「檢查一下,看我們中有誰去了。」他們檢查後,見約納堂和給他執戟的人不在了。 17Saul then told those who were around him, "Count our men and see who is missing." And they discovered that Jonathan and his armor-bearer were not with them.
18撒烏耳遂對阿希雅說:「拿天主的『厄弗得』來!」因為那時正是他在以色列子民前帶着天主的『厄弗得』。 18Saul ordered Ahijah: "Bring the ephod," because Ahijah had taken it with him.
19撒烏耳還同司祭說話時,培肋舍特人營中的混亂愈來愈大,撒烏耳就對司祭說:「收回你的手去!」 19But while Saul was talking to the priest, the confusion in the Philistine camp increased. Saul then told the priest, "Withdraw your hand,"
20撒烏耳和跟隨他的軍民遂集合起來,衝入戰場;看,培肋舍特人竟自相殘殺,陷入混亂。 20and after consulting his men, he went with them to the camp. They saw that there was complete confusion and the soldiers were striking each other with their swords.
21以前服事培肋舍特人,與他們齊來參戰的希伯來人,忽然反正來協助撒烏耳和約納堂一起的以色列人。 21Moreover, the Hebrews who had joined the Philistines turned around and sided with the Israelites under Saul and Jonathan.
22那藏在厄弗辣因山地的以色列人,聽說培肋舍特人潰敗了,也都出來參戰,乘勢追趕。 22When the Israelites who were hiding in the hill country of Ephraim heard that the Philistines were fleeing, they came out from hiding and pursued them.
23這樣上主在那一天拯救了以色列人;戰爭一直蔓延到貝特曷龍。【跟隨撒烏耳的人約有一萬,戰事蔓延到厄弗辣因整個山地。】 23And so Yahweh delivered Israel that day in a battle that extended beyond Beth-horon.
24以色列人那天很是疲乏,因為撒烏耳在那天做了一件糊塗事,要軍民發誓說:「誰直到晚上,在我向敵人復仇以前,吃了什麼東西,是可咒罵的。」所以全軍民都沒有嘗過食物。 24On that day, however, as the Israelites became weary, Saul took an oath putting the people under the ban, "Cursed be the man who takes food before evening, before I have avenged myself on my enemies." Because of this oath, no one dared touch any food.
25那地方到處有蜂巢,地面上到處有蜜。 25As the men wandered into the forest, they saw honey on the ground and
26軍民到了蜂巢旁,見有蜜流出,但卻沒有人敢用手取一點放在嘴裏,因為軍民都怕違犯所起的誓。 26although it was freely dripping from the honeycomb, no one tasted it for fear of the oath.
27可是約納堂沒有聽見他父親要軍民起的誓,所以把他手中所持的棍尖,插入蜂巢內,用手送到自己的嘴裏,他的眼立即明亮了。 27But Jonathan, who had not heard of this oath, dipped the tip of the rod he was holding in the honeycomb and put it to his lips. And he felt fortified.
28軍民中有一個向他說:「你父親要軍民起誓說:今天誰嘗了食物,他是可咒罵的──雖然軍民很是疲乏。」 28At this, someone said, "Though the people were tired, your father bound them with this oath: cursed be the man who takes food today."
29約納堂答說:「我父親使國家受了害;你們看,嘗了一點蜜,我的眼睛是多麼明亮! 29Then Jonathan said, "My father did you wrong. See how I have been fortified by tasting a little of this honey.
30的確,假使今天人能吃飽由敵人奪來的東西,培肋舍特人吃的敗仗,豈不更大嗎?」 30If only our men had freely eaten today of the spoil of their enemies, the Philistines would have suffered an even greater defeat."
31那一天他們擊殺培肋舍特人,從米革瑪斯直到阿雅隆,軍民都很疲乏。 31Nevertheless they pursued the Philistines all the way from Michmash to Aijalon. Then the people, extremely worn out,
32所以人民就急忙搶掠財物,奪取牛羊;牛犢,隨地宰殺,吃了帶血的肉。 32rushed to the spoils and took sheep, oxen, and calves and, after they had slaughtered them on the ground, they ate over the blood.
33有人告訴撒烏耳說:「看,人民吃了帶血的肉,得罪了上主。」撒烏耳一聽這消息便說:「你們把一塊大石頭滾到我這邊來。」 33Saul was told that the people were sinning against Yahweh by eating over the blood. He said, "You have acted like pagan people! Roll a large stone here in front of me."
34又說:「你們散在百姓中,對他們說:你們各人把自己得的牛或羊,牽到我這裏來,在這裏宰殺分食,不要吃帶血的肉,得罪上主。」於是人們當夜將自己得的牛羊牽來,在那裏祭殺了。 34Then he added, "Go around and tell the people to bring their oxen or their sheep to me. Slaughter them here and eat, but do not offend Yahweh by eating over the blood." So that night, everyone brought what he had of the spoils and slaughtered it there.
35撒烏耳給上主建築了一座祭壇,這是他給上主建立的第一座祭壇。 35Then Saul built an altar to Yahweh - the first he ever built to Him.
36以後撒烏耳說:「我們今夜下去追擊培肋舍特人,劫掠他們直到天明,不給他們留下一人。」軍民回答說:「你看着怎樣好,就怎樣作罷!」司祭卻說:「我們先得去天主那裏。」 36Then Saul said, "Let us pursue and spoil the Philistines by night and finish them off by morning without leaving a single man alive." To this the people replied, "Do what you think is best." But the priest said, "We must consult Yahweh."
37撒烏耳遂求問天主說:「我可下去追擊培肋舍特人嗎?你將他們交在以色列手中嗎?」但是天主那天沒有回答他。 37So Saul asked, "Shall I attack the Philistines? Will you deliver them into the hands of Israel?" But God did not answer him that day.
38撒烏耳說:「軍民的將領,你們上前來,查看一下,今天是誰犯了罪? 38Saul said, "Call all the army officers here. We must find out who is responsible for the sin that has been committed today.
39我指拯救以色列的上主起誓,即是罪在我的兒子約納堂,他也該死。」軍民中沒有一人敢回答。 39I swear before Yahweh, who has just saved Israel, that he shall surely die even if it happens to be my son Jonathan." No one answered Saul.
40於是他對全以色列說:「你們站在一邊,我與我兒子約納堂站在一邊。」全軍民對撒烏耳說:「你看怎樣好,就怎樣作罷!」 40He told the people, "Go, stand on one side while I and my son Jonathan, stand on the other." The people answered, "Do what you think is good."
41撒烏耳說:「上主,以色列的天主!為什麼今天你不答覆你的僕人!若是這罪過在我或我兒子約納堂身上,上主,以色列的天主,求你賜給『烏陵』;若是罪過在你百姓以色列身上,求你賜給『突明』。」撒烏耳和約納堂中了,軍民清白無過。 41Then Saul said, "O Yahweh, God of Israel, why did you not answer your servant this time? If it is my son Jonathan or I who have sinned, O Yahweh, God of Israel, let the casting of lots show Urim; if it is your people Israel who have sinned, let it show Thummin." The lot cast pointed to Jonathan and Saul, not to the people.
42撒烏耳下命說:「為我和我的兒子約納堂拈鬮。」約納堂中了。 42Saul then said, "Cast the lot between me and my son Jonathan." The lot singled out Jonathan.
43撒烏耳於是對約納堂說:「告訴我,你作了什麼?」約納堂就告訴他說:「我不過用手持的棍尖,蘸了一點蜂蜜吃,我在這裏,我該死。」 43Saul then said to Jonathan, "Tell me what you have done." And Jonathan replied, "All I did was to taste a little honey from the tip of the rod that I dipped in the honeycomb! Am I to die for this?"
44撒烏耳回答說:「約納堂,你必須死,不然,願天主罰我,且重重罰我!」 44Saul said, "May God strike me down if you are not put to death, Jonathan."
45軍民卻對撒烏耳說:「約納堂在以色列中得了這樣偉大的勝利,豈該死嗎?萬萬不能!我們指着上主起誓:他頭上的一根頭髮,也不應落在地上,因為他今天是倚賴天主行事。」這樣軍民救了約納堂不死, 45But the people protested, "By no means shall Jonathan die, he who has brought this resounding victory to Israel! Not at all! By Yahweh's life not one hair of his head will fall, for he has acted today with God's assistance." So the people rescued Jonathan from certain death.
46撒烏耳遂上去,不再追趕培肋舍特人;培肋舍特人也回了本地。 46After that, Saul ceased to pursue the Philistines, and they withdrew to their own country.
47撒烏耳取得了以色列的王權後,便向四周所有的敵人進攻:他攻打了摩阿布、阿孟子民、厄東、貝特勒曷布、祚巴的君王和培肋舍特人。他不論走到那裏,常獲得勝利。 47When Saul felt secure as king of Israel, he began to fight against all his surrounding enemies: Moab, the Ammonites, Edom, the kings of Zobah and the Philistines, routing his enemies wherever he went.
48他很是英勇,擊敗了阿瑪肋克,拯救以色列人脫離來搶掠的人。 48He crushed the Amalekites, and delivered Israel out of the hands of those who were plundering them.
49撒烏耳的兒子是:約納堂、依市偉和瑪耳基叔亞;他有兩個女兒:長女名叫默辣布,次女名叫米加耳。 49The sons of Saul were Jonathan, Ishvi and Malchishua; his two daughters were Merab, his firstborn, and Michal.
50撒烏耳的妻子名叫阿希諾罕,是阿希瑪茲的女兒。他的元帥名叫阿貝乃爾,是撒烏耳的叔父乃爾的兒子。 50His wife was Ahinoam, daughter of Ahimaaz. The general of his army was Abner, son of Ner who was Saul's uncle.
51撒烏耳的父親克士和阿貝乃爾的父親乃爾是阿彼耳的兒子。 51Kish was the father of Saul and Ner, the father of Abner, was the son of Abiel.
52撒烏耳一生同培肋舍特人常發生激烈戰爭,撒烏耳見到任何勇敢善戰的人,就叫他來跟隨自己。 52Saul struggled fiercely against the Philistines all the days of his life, so whenever he discovered a strong and brave man, he recruited him into his service.
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