1 Samuel:Chapter 12


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1撒慕爾對全以色列人說:「看,我全聽從了你們向我所說的話,立了一位君王管理你們。 1Samuel spoke to the Israelites, "Listen, I have paid attention to all that you have told me and have given you a king.
2從此以後,有君王領導你們。至於我,我已老了,頭髮也白了;不過我的兒子還同你們在一起。我從小直到今天,常在你們面前往來。」 2From now on, the king is here to lead you. As for me, I am old and my hair gray. My sons are with you. I have led you from my youth, and I have done so until this day.
3看,我在這裏,請你們在上主面前,在他受傅者面前答覆我:我奪過誰的牛,或奪過誰的驢?我壓迫過誰,或虐待過誰?從誰手裏接受過掩人耳目的賄賂?若有,我必歸還你們。」 3Now, I am here. Answer me before Yahweh and his anointed: Whose ox have I taken? Whose ass have I stolen? Whom have I cheated? Whom have I oppressed? Have I taken a bribe from anyone? If so, tell me, and I will restore it to you."
4他們答說:「你總沒有壓迫或虐待過我們,也沒有從任何人手裏接受過什麼。」 4But they said, "You have not cheated or oppressed us; you have not stolen anything from anyone."
5他又對他們說:「上主給你們作證,受傅者今日也作證:你們在我手中沒有找出什麼。」他們答說:「可以作證。」 5Then Samuel said, "Yahweh is witness against you, and his anointed is witness this day, that you have not found anything in my hand." And they answered, "He is witness."
6撒慕爾又對百姓說﹕「作見證的,是興起梅瑟和亞郎,並領你們祖先從埃及地上來的上主。 6Samuel then said to the people, "Yahweh is witness, he who sent Moses and Aaron and brought your ancestors out of the land of Egypt.
7現今你們要前來,我要在上主面前使你們認清,上主向你們和你們祖先所施行的一切恩惠: 7Now, stand still, that I may confront you with all the deeds of Yahweh who saved you and your ancestors.
8當雅各伯和他的兒子來到埃及時,埃及人壓迫他們,你們的祖先就向上主哀號,上主遂派遣梅瑟和亞郎領你們的祖先離開了埃及,使他們住在這個地方。 8Jacob went to Egypt and the Egyptians oppressed your ancestors. Then they cried to Yahweh and he sent Moses and Aaron. They brought your ancestors out of Egypt and brought them to this land.
9但他們忘卻了上主他們的天主,他就將他們交在哈祚爾的元帥息色辣手中、培肋舍特人手中和摩阿布王手中,使這些人攻打他們。 9But they forgot Yahweh, their God, and he delivered them into the hands of Sisera, commander of the army of Jabin, king of Hazor, into the hands of the Philistines, and into the hands of the king of Moab who fought against them.
10他們就呼求上主說:我們犯了罪,離棄了上主,事奉了巴耳和阿市托勒特諸神;如今求你救我們脫離我們敵人的手,我們願事奉你。 10Then your ancestors cried to Yahweh and said: 'We have sinned, forsaking Yahweh and serving the Baals and the Ashteroth. But now, deliver us out of the hands of our enemies and we will serve you.'
11上主就派耶魯巴耳、巴辣克、依弗大和三松,從你們四圍敵人的手中拯救了你們,你們纔得安居。 11And Yahweh sent Jerubbaal and Barak, Jephthah and Samuel, and delivered you out of the hands of your enemies from all sides, so that you lived in safety in your land.
12當你們看見阿孟子民的君王納哈士來攻打你們時,曾對我說:不,我們要有一位君王來管理我們──雖然上主你們的天主原是你們的君王。 12Now, when you saw that Nahash, the king of the Ammonites, attacked you, you said to me: 'No! Let a king rule over us,' although Yahweh your God was your king.
13現今,看,你們所揀選,所要求的君王;看,上主立了一位君王管理你們。 13Yet Yahweh has given you the king whom you have chosen, whom you have asked for.
14若是你們敬畏上主,事奉上主,聽從他的話,不背叛上主的命令;若是你們和管理你們的君王,隨從上主你們的天主,便可生存。 14May you fear Yahweh and serve him! May you listen to him and not go against his commandments! May both you and the king who reigns over you follow Yahweh, your God!
15倘若你們不聽從上主的話,背叛上主的命令,上主的手必要與你們和你們的君王作對。 15But if you will not listen to Yahweh and if you break his commandments, his hand will be against you and your king.
16現今你們前來,看上主在你們眼前要作的這偉大的奇事。 16Now wait awhile that you may see the wonder which Yahweh will do before you.
17現今不是收割麥子的季節嗎?但是我要呼求上主打雷下雨,使你們明白,也看出:你們要求一位君王,是行了上主眼中多麼可惡的事。」 17Is it not wheat harvest today? I will call on Yahweh that he may send thunder and rain. So you shall know and see that you have gone very wrong in asking for another king."
18撒慕爾呼籲了上主,上主就在那天打雷下雨;全民眾對上主和撒慕爾很是害怕, 18So Samuel called on Yahweh who sent thunder and rain on that day. Then all the people greatly feared Yahweh and Samuel.
19都對撒慕爾說:「你為你的僕人們轉求上主你的天主,別使我們死了,因為在我們一切罪惡之上,又加了一個為我們要求君王的罪過。」 19The people said to Samuel, "Pray to Yahweh, your God, for your servants so we may not die. For we have added to our sins this evil of asking for a king."
20撒慕爾對民眾說:「你們不必害怕;你們固然犯了這一切罪過,但決不要遠離上主,反而要全心事奉上主。 20Samuel told the people, "Fear not! You have done evil, but now you must not turn away from Yahweh. Serve him, instead, with all your heart.
21你們不要追求不能援助,也不能施救的虛無邪神,因為他們只是『虛無』而已。 21Do not go after these useless and vain idols that are unable to save.
22上主為了自己的大名,決不拋棄自己的百姓,因為上主喜歡你們作他的百姓。 22Yahweh will not cast away his people because of his great Name, since he has been pleased to make you his people.
23我也決不願得罪上主,停止為你們祈禱,或停止教訓你們行善道,走正路。 23As for me, how can I commit the sin of ceasing to pray for you? I will continue to instruct you in the good and right way.
24你們只該敬畏上主,全心忠誠事奉上主,因為你們看見了,他為你們作的,是何等偉大的事。 24Only fear Yahweh and serve him faithfully with all your heart, for you have seen the wonderful things he has done for you.
25假使你們仍固執於惡,你們和你們的君王都必要喪亡。」 25But if you still persist in wickedness, both you and your king shall be swept away."
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